“Adzo” (The Untamed) Season 2 – Episode 12



She went to meet this beautiful dark lady singing, her name was Mansa. She was the general overseer of the Church.

Back at Baaba’s house, Fred stood there in shock not knowing what to do upon seeing Baaba with some other guy. Baaba quickly dressed up when she noticed that Fred had seen them. The Guy on the other just left them went into the bedroom.

“What are you doing here” Baaba asked.

“Are you asking me that question Babs, who the hell is that guy” Fred asked.

“Oh, I didn’t tell you, well he is my boyfriend” Baaba bodily said without any form of regret.

“What? Baaba your boyfriend” Fred asked.

“Look, you were almost getting married to someone, I couldn’t count on you anymore Fred and you even left here this morning because of her. I have to get my options Fred.” Baaba said.

Fred couldn’t believe what Baaba was actually driving at. Baaba was indirectly trying to tell him that she was done with him.

“Fred, I don’t think you even coming back into my life was a good idea. This whole thing was not meant to be.” Baaba said.

Fred broke down, Ruby was not giving him the attention that he wanted and now, Baaba is actually breaking up with him. Surprisingly, Fred went on his knees and began pleading with Baaba to consider her decision.

“Babs, Please, I’m totally done with Ruby, she is out of my life now, I’m here. Please” Fred begged.

Baaba laughed upon seeing how pitiful Fred looked when he knelt down to beg her.

“Look Freed, It’s too late now, you know your way out already, now if you would excuse me, I need to attend to my man” Baaba said and left him.

Fred was still on his knees even after Baaba had left. He thought that it was a dream. He never ever in his entire life thought that Baaba would actually do that to him. That was when he realized how Ruby loved him. He never appreciated it when Ruby loved him unconditionally.

Like the saying goes, there is a thin line between love and hatred. Within just this few hours he has known two different ladies with different character all together. Ruby had showed him unconditional love and was at the verge of losing her.

The only thing he could possibly do now was to talk to Ruby’s mother to convince her daughter in giving him another chance.

God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes blessing from him comes along with misfortunes. Ruby was still with Nana alone at his bedroom as he was just praying that Nhyira gets better.

That moment was a new era for both Ruby and Nana. That was the moment of transformation. During this time, Ruby began to see Nana differently. She saw how Nana loved Nhyira and how deeply he was affected by her condition. All her life she has known Nana to be very honest and transparent. Even the one who she almost married (Fred), didn’t tell her anything about her ex Baaba. She used her own means to find out.

But Nana on the other was able to tell her about Nhyira even before he proposed to her. Right there and then She knew Nana was the right person for her. But her only problem was the fact that she wasn’t in love with him.

Ruby’s mother was bonding with Mr. Abdul and Aziz.

“What happened back there with your daughter” Mr.Abdul asked.

“My dear, I have everything under control, my only problem is that she knows about the autopsy” Ruby’s mother said.

“We need to do something. You can’t keep us away like that. We need to move in now. Even your son is finding it difficult in staying at the village” Mr.Abdul said.

Ruby’s mother quickly turned to Aziz and said.

“Aww my son, don’t worry ok, very soon you will have your own room to yourself and I and your father will be re-united again.” Ruby’s mother said to Aziz.

Apparently, Ruby’s mother was actually the first wife of Mr. Abdul. Right after the birth of Aziz, She came to the city to look for greener pasture. That was where she met Ruby’s father and eventually got married to him.

She had a purpose for marrying Ruby’s father and that was to acquire wealth and power so that she will be re united with her family again. It was only after her relocation to the city that Mr.Abdul got enough money to marry other wives without the knowledge of Ruby’s mother. This however justify why Mr.Abdul treated Aziz very special because he was his only son.

All the wealth that Mr. Abdul had was funded by Ruby’s mother who will always send money to the village just to cater for her family there. Adzo was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. She was just a young girl who was sold by her own father in order to use the proceeds to pay off his depts.

Adzo on the other saw Mansa singing and sat down on one of the pews just to listen to her melodious voice. She wondered why Mansa sang with passion and to whom she was singing to.

Mansa had already seen Adzo sitting there and instantly knew she was a new person at the church. After she had finished singing, She came towards her and greeted her.

“Young girl, how are you doing” Mansa answered.

“I’m doing well madam. I’m sorry I was on my way back, sorry for the interruption” Adzo said.

“Don’t worry young girl, you are welcome here anytime. What is your name by the way? Mansa asked.

“I’m Adzo” She said.

“Do you live anywhere around? Mansa asked.

“Erm No, I …i….” Adzo didn’t know what to say than to fumble with her words.

Mansa noticed from the way she looked piled that she might be probably pregnant. Something however prompted that, Adzo needed help.

Without thinking twice about it, she just asked her.

“Adzo, are you pregnant? Mansa asked.

Adzo stood there without knowing what to say. She didn’t need help from Mansa or anyone. She knew that, anyone who tried to help her will actually face more obstacles than she had even faced.
To Be continued.




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