Mistaken Identity Episode 8


Alan’s breathing normalized as he listened attentively to his business partner. He realized he was speaking truth. “You are right, Eugene. You have prevailed. I will leave here in peace and return later,” Alan said. “Eat all the food for all I care,” Alan exclaimed as he sat in his car and drove off. He was still angry at his wife for denying him.

After Alan of Sierra Leone was gone, Lucy came down with her brother-in-law- as she believes him to be. She saw that Caroline’s countenance had fallen.

“Caroline, what is wrong with you?” Lucy asked, still holding the hands of Alan of Gambia.

“Someone has annoyed me this afternoon. I don’t want to talk anymore. I will be in my room,” Caroline said and stormed into the mansion.

Lucy realized that Alan was still standing aloof. “What is wrong with you, brother-in-law? Should I teach you how to manage your office as a husband? Can’t you see that my sister is very angry? Please go and calm her. Even if you married my sister for her fame, let her not see this in your eyes. Show her you love her,” Lucy said as she watched Alan leave her presence into the mansion.

Alan was truly lost and confused. “What kind of situation have I gotten myself into? I rarely know these people, but it seems they know everything about me,” he said as he scuffs to the door.

Although Alan was in a state of confusion, he was also attracted to Lucy. Not for her eloquence, but for her beauty.

Lucy followed Alan into the House. Alan stopped when he realized that Lucy was some few steps closer.

“My dear, what is your name? I don’t know your name, but it seems you know mine miraculously. Anyway, I am attracted to you, my dear. Please accept me and to your power I will yield. Your weeping sister is not my wife,” Alan of Gambia said trying to woo Lucy. Lucy was taken aback by what Alan said.

“What!! Are you mad? Why should you reason like that?” Lucy rebuked him.

“I am not mad, my love. This is love at first sight,” Alan of Gambia said in a polite manner.

“Why do you call me love?!!” Lucy became more alarmed. “Say that to my sister!! She is your wife!!” Lucy retorted.

“Forget about her my sweetheart. I am for you,” Alan still tried to persuade Lucy. “I will love you to the end and with you I want to settle down with. I can see you have no husband, and I also don’t have a wife. Give me your hand in marriage and I will be yours forever,” Alan persisted.
Lucy became very angry when she heard those words.

“I will tell my sister about this your awkward behavior!” Lucy exclaimed as she storms away into Caroline’s room.

Alan of Gambia was baffled by the behavior of Lucy. “Why would she behave in such a manner? I am not married and I have never proposed to a woman before, but for this faithful day. But this woman calls me her husband. Her lovely sister I adore too calls me brother-in-law. This place is mysterious. I need to leave here at once,” He said as he took his leave. When he got to the gate, Ali just watched him pass since he regarded him as his master. Alan of Gambia wandered in the streets.

“Hey, Sir Alan,” A voice called him from behind when he passed a certain shop. “Yes mister that is my name. What can I do for you?” Alan asked out of curiosity.

“Why do you ask a question you already know the answer? Have you forgotten so soon the work you tasked me with?” Anthony the artist asked with a perplexed look on his face.
Alan of Gambia was more confused as Anthony. How could a total stranger approach him in such a manner? As if they knew each other for years.

“Sir, I don’t know you from anywhere,” Alan insisted.

“Stop playing jokes with me, Sir Alan. I am done with the painting. I wanted to take it to your house, but since you are here now, you can have it,” Anthony said as he handed the painting to Alan of Gambia.
Alan looked at the painting and admired it. It was actually a good piece of art.

“Please Sir, how much is this piece of art going for?” Alan asked.

“Don’t worry Sir Alan, take it and pay later,” Anthony replied, having in view the young man standing next to him was Alan of Sierra Leone. He was in a hurry to attend to other customers. Since he knew where Alan lived, he didn’t have a problem to leave the piece of art with him and go for his payment later. Alan was a public figure and there was no way he could run with his money. He immediately left Alan after giving him the piece.

Alan of Gambia called after him, “Sir, if you don’t take your money now, I am afraid you will lose both your painting and your money,” Alan told Anthony. Because of the view Anthony had, he thought Alan was just playing a prank on him. He pretended as though he didn’t hear him and ran into his shop.

Alan stood there for a moment and thought to himself, “This country is really a strange place. Everyone seems to know me, but I don’t know any of them. I have not even met any of them before, but their behavior towards me is as though I grew up with them. Such a generous country that one can just receive a priceless gift by walking on the street. Who can refuse this treasurable piece of artwork as a gift?” He went on with his search for his brother holding in his hand the painting.

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After the meal at the restaurant with his business partner, Alan of Sierra Leone drove him to his house.

“Sir Alan, I want you to be patient with your wife when you go home. I can see you are very angry and if you don’t control this fit of anger, it will rather control you. Don’t do anything in a rush, but just find out why she held the door against you,” Alan’s business partner advised before he alighted from the car.

“Okay, I will think about your advice,” Alan replied casually.

Alan was still irked by what his wife did to him. “She will see what I will do to her when I get home. How can she lock me out of my house and prevent me from having lunch? She even disgraced me in front of a distinguished guest,” Alan spoke to himself as he drove back to the house.

Anthony the artist came out of his shop and encountered Jones, his paint supplier. Jones had come to collect the sum of money Anthony owed him.

“Good afternoon, Anthony,” Jones greeted.

“Good afternoon, Jones. I believe you are here to collect the sum of money I owe you. You have nothing to worry about. I just finished a piece of painting for a rich client. The amount he owes me is the same amount I owe you. Let us go to his house so I could collect the money and free myself from the debt,” Anthony said.

Immediately he finished with his statement, he saw Alan of Sierra Leone’s car approaching. “Jones, it won’t even be necessary to go to his house. Here he comes,” Anthony said while we stopped Alan’s car.

To be continued….