Mistaken Identity Episode 7


He went along with his business partner from the meeting to the house. “My wife is a good cook. Her food tastes nicer than most foods sold in the restaurants. I think it will be better for us to eat at my house,” Alan of Sierra Leone said as he convinced his business partner to follow him home. In an hour time, he was in front of the gate. He honked and expected the gate to be opened.

Alan of Sierra Leone continued to blow his car horn, but it seemed no one heard it. He became furious and impatient and went to bang on the gate. “Ali!!! Ali!!! What is the meaning of this? Ali!!!” Alan screamed.

“Who is that?!! Don’t you have manners or your mother didn’t train you well enough?!! Why are you banging on the gate like a mad dog?!!!” Ali insulted the person banging on the gate. He was oblivious to the fact that he was insulting his master since he knew that his “master” was in the house dining with his wife.

“Are you talking to me?” the voice replied from outside the gate.

“Yes, who the hell do you think you are?” Ali retorted.

Alan of Sierra Leone was livid and couldn’t control his temper. “What is the meaning of this? Why would Ali speak to me in such an uncouth manner? Doesn’t he know I am his employer? If I get into this house, I will break his head!” Alan said aloud as his irascible gesture couldn’t be hidden anymore. His business partner perceived his frustration and stepped out of the car.

“Alan, what is the problem?” his business partner asked.

“Can you believe this nonsense?!!! My security man refuses me access to my house!” Alan exclaimed.

“Please take it easy. I think there might be confusion somewhere or he is drunk,” his business partner said, trying to calm Alan of Sierra Leone.

“What!!! Drunk?!! At this time of the day? Let me call someone else.

“Abigail!!! Abigail!!! Abigail!!!” Alan screamed from behind the gate. Abigail was the cook in the house. She had come out to throw away some rubbish when she heard her name. She saw Ali also annoyed standing behind the gate exchanging words with someone. She quickly got to the scene.

“What is going on here, Ali?” she asked.

“Don’t worry yourself Abigail. It is a madman who says he is our master, Alan. I am trying my best to sack him,” Ali replied.

“Abigail!! Is that you? Please open the door for me to pass. I am late for lunch,” said Alan.

“Do you now get what I was trying to draw your attention to? This man is either a madman or a thief. He wants me to open the gate so he can rob our master,” Ali immediately replied before Abigail could say anything.

“Who are you please?” Abigail asked.

“What sort of stupid question is that? I am your boss, Alan,” Alan of Sierra Leone blurted out.

Abigail becomes confused because she just attended to her master, Alan at the house. Who is this imposter?

“What sort of rubbish is this? Please go away from here!!!” Abigail screamed.

“What is wrong with you people?!!! Are you mad or drunk? Are you under any spiritual influence? Why do you refuse me entry into my house?!!” Alan became very angry.

“Daniel, Deborah, Benjamin, Anne, Cassy!” Alan called out the names of all the servants in the house.

“Pig, goat, buffalo, ant, cow, zombie, stupid, idiot! Get out of here before I descend on you!!” Ali retorted.

Alan burnt with fury as he wished he had come with a bulldozer. “I would have brought this gate down if I came with one,” Alan thought to himself. He banged on the gate with his fist.

“Ali!! I am running out of patience here. Better open the door before….” Before Alan could finish his sentence, Ali interjected.

“Before what! You imposter! What can you do?” Ali teased.

“I will break the gate down if you don’t open it,” Alan warned.

“You can do nothing. You are just a thief,” Ali replied.

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Now, Caroline was drawn downstairs due to the commotion. She approached the gate.

“Ali, why this commotion at my gate. Don’t you know I am dining with my husband?” Caroline asked. Alan of Sierra Leone sighed his relief when he heard Caroline’s voice.

“Honey, is that you?” Alan asked. Caroline, having, in her view, just left her husband at the dining hall, frowns.

“Who is that at the door,” she asked impatiently.

“It is me Alan. My wife, please open the door and allow me entry. I have with me a very distinguished guest,” Alan requested.

“Your wife? How insulting? Please go away from the gate. Who is your wife?!!” Caroline rebuked sharply.

At this time, Alan could no longer hold on to his temper. How could his wife behave in such an unseemly manner? His wife of all people, denying him and refusing him access into his own house. He felt like screaming as he couldn’t handle the pressure that was building up in his brain.

Alan turns to his guest and apologized. “Sir, please forgive me for bringing upon you this embarrassment. I will take care of it. I will hire a bulldozer right now and I will bring this gate down with all its pillars,” Alan said as he became angrier and intolerant.

His business partner held him by the hand. “Stop Alan. You can’t break down the gate. You will bring your own house to shame if you do that. You will defame the character of your wife. Your wife is a respected lady in this country and I wouldn’t encourage you to bring her to shame. We don’t know why she is behaving the way she is doing. We don’t know the cause of this weird behavior. I will urge you to calm down. Let us look for a decent restaurant to have our meal and come back later in the evening alone. Perhaps, she will explain why she didn’t allow you entry into your house,” Alan’s business partner advised.

Alan’s breathing normalized as he listened attentively to his business partner. He realized he was speaking truth.

“You are right, Eugene. You have prevailed. I will leave here in peace and return later,” Alan said. “Eat all the food for all I care,” Alan exclaimed as he sat in his car and drove off. He was still angry at his wife for denying him.

To be continued….