Mistaken Identity Episode 6


When he got down from the bus, he realized that everyone was staring at him. He had stayed longed in Gambia that he actually looked like a Gambian. One of the pedestrian reported William’s arrival to a soldier nearby. William was immediately apprehended.

“What have I done?!!! Tell me my crime!!! Why are you arresting me?” William asked in a desperate tone. But, no one answered him. They only tossed him into a car and drove off with him.

The next thing William saw was he in front of a military barracks. The soldiers went to report to their commander of a Gambian who was spotted in the city. “Where is he? Bring him at once,” the commander instructed. With that, William was made to appear in front of the commander.

When the commander saw him, he was moved. “This man looks very honorable. Why would he come to this country knowing the law that has been passed? What brings this honorable man to this country?” the commander repeatedly asked himself while in a pensive mood.

“Sir, what is your name?” the commander asked.

“My name is William, sir,” he answered.

“There is an aura of honorability around you. I can perceive you are not a common man or a spy. What brings you to this country?” the commander asked.

“I am a wealthy farmer in Gambia. I came to this country in search of my son who went on adventure to look for his lost relatives. I waited for him for three months, but all to no avail. I therefore decided to search for him myself since he is my only surviving relative,” William said.

“Humph! Your story is very sad. But, I am under law to see you are executed. And that is what I am going to do. Wait!! I think I remember another clause to that law. It states that “A culprit would be set free if he or she can pay a sum of one million dollars”. So Sir, you can buy your life with one million dollars,” said the commander

“What!!! One what?!!! I don’t have that kind of money here.” William exclaimed. “The only help I can offer is to allow you solicit for funds from anyone you know in this country. Beg if you may, but you need to pay the money by the end of the day or you will lose your life,” the commander said. The commander instructed the soldiers to put William behind bars.

The same day, Alan of Gambia arrived at Sierra Leone in a bus.

“Please take care of yourself and let no one know that you are from Gambia. This day, a rich farmer from Gambia was apprehended by the soldiers and is set to die by sun set if he doesn’t pay one million dollars,” the driver warned Alan.

“Okay, thank you very much for your advice. I will remember it,” Alan said while he took money out from his bag and gave it to the driver.

Alan of Gambia didn’t want to return to his father until he searched Sierra Leone too for his lost relatives. He had gone to many countries in three months and had been unsuccessful in his quest to find his lost relatives. He immediately started asking after his lost brother and mother. He searched for them with all diligence, but he wasn’t making any progress.

He was walking on the streets when a Mercedes Benz pulled up beside him. “Honey, what are you doing here? I have cooked and have waited for you for two hours! Why are you walking in this deserted place? Come on! Get into the car and let us go home,” a sophisticated lady said as she opened the door of the front seat for Alan of Gambia. Alan was very confused. He wondered if the woman was talking to him. He expressed a perplexed look on his face.

“Are you talking to me?” Alan said while he pointed his forefinger to his bosom.

“What sort of question is that? Stop the act and get into the car,” the lady rebuked him sharply.

Alan ambled and entered the Mercedes Benz. The car sped off immediately.

“You really got me scared, honey. I have waited anxiously for you to return home. I have prepared your favorite meal just the way you love it,” the lady said as she drove in front of a gate. Behind the gate was a very beautiful mansion. Alan was surprised and still kept silent since he was always interrupted any time he tried to speak. It seems the lady never got tired of talking.

A security officer opened the gate for the car to pass through to the house. Alan got out and was ushered into the mansion.

“Welcome sister, Caroline. Where did you find him?” another lady asked who seemed to be a sibling of the sophisticated lady.

“You won’t believe it, Lucy. I found him wandering in a deserted neighborhood,” said Caroline.

“You are welcome brother-in-law,” Lucy said.

Alan was completely lost and surprised.

“Me!! A brother-in-law? When did I marry? I don’t even have a fiancée,” he thought to himself. With that, he was dragged into the house by Lucy who seemed more vibrant and forceful than Caroline.

Caroline warned the security man not to allow anybody to enter the house.

“Tell anyone who seeks your master that he is dining,” she instructed as she followed Alan and Lucy into the mansion.

The table was set when they got to the room. Alan of Gambia sat on one of the dining chairs. He wondered to himself, “am I on earth, in heaven or in hell? Am I mad or well? Am I sleeping or fully conscious of my faculties.”

He was interrupted when Lucy asked him which meal he preferred. “Offer me anything you have, lady,” Lucy was very surprised because her brother-in-law had never referred to her as “lady”.

“Are you well, Alan?” she asked teasingly.

“Look!!! She knows my name too!! Where am I? Am I still on earth?” he puzzled himself with these thoughts.

Lucy ignored the strange behavior of her brother-in-law and served him what she thought was her favorite. Alan ate the food in complete silence and confusion.

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Meanwhile, Alan of Sierra Leone was returning from a meeting. He decided to pass by a renowned artist. He wanted him to paint is wife, Caroline.

“Caroline loves painting and I think this will be a nice gift to present to her,” he thought as he headed to the artist. “Please make the painting very nice because my wife is melancholic. She will check every detail of the painting. She will even check the brush strokes,” he said teasingly to the artist.

“Okay, Sir Alan. I will do just that,” said the artist.

“I believe you are almost done with the painting. The time I gave you to finish the work is today, and I will come for it by the close of the day,” said Alan of Sierra Leone.

“I know that Sir. Bring the remaining balance of two hundred thousand dollars and the painting will be yours. I will finish by sun set,” said the artist.

“No problem my friend. You will get the money,” Alan said as he left the place of the artist and headed home.

He went along with his business partner from the meeting to the house. “My wife is a good cook. Her food tastes nicer than most food sold in the restaurants. I think it will be better for us to eat at my house,” Alan of Sierra Leone said as he convinced his business partner to follow him home.

In an hour time, he was in front of the gate. He honked and expected the gate to be opened.

To be continued….