Mistaken Identity Episode 5


“What was all those noise, Colonel?” Zaza asked immediately when she saw Colonel Kaboko. “Why did you ask me to leave my tent and come here?” Zaza continued to ask impatiently. “I told you the first time we spoke that, I will keep you and your baby safe from any harm. I was just doing that. Some of my soldiers planned on killing you this midnight and I had to intervene. There is no need to worry, they are all dead. So don’t be scared. You are not under any threat again,” Colonel Kaboko said and sat down on his chair.

Alan of Gambia grew up in Gambia while Alan of Sierra Leone grew under the care of Colonel Kaboko.

Colonel Kaboko was able to seize power from President Dan and came to power as the President of Sierra Leone. Because of the Gambian nation helped President Dan’s army with military weapons and ammunitions, President Kaboko decreed that any Gambian found on the soil of Sierra Leone would be executed. With that decree, there was a rift between the two countries.

Twenty years later, William decided to tell Alan of Gambia about his lost brother and mother. After meal one evening, he called for his son. “Alan!! Alan!! Come over here!” Alan of Gambia quickly responded to the call of his father. William signaled to Alan to pick a chair and come sit by him. “Alan, there is something I need to tell you. I want you to give me your rapt attention.” William said and Alan pulled his chair closer to his father.

“I have told you about how we came to this land. And I know you remember how I have repetitively told you we are not natives of this land. Your mother gave birth to you during the genesis of the war in Sierra Leone, the country we come from. The war got intense and many people died. Your mother was heavy with pregnancy. I waited patiently for your mother to put to birth before we escaped from the brutalities of the war. Your mother gave birth to you and your brother, Albert.”

“What!!!! I have another brother!!!!” Alan interjected.

“Yes, you have another brother. Actually a twin,” William replied.

“Oh I see!” said Alan.

“Can you please allow me to finish my story?” William rebuked him sharply.

“Yes, father. Sorry for the interruption. Please continue,” Alan said in an apologetic manner.

“Okay, so as I was saying before you interrupted me, your mother gave birth to twins, you and your brother. To make sure of your safety, I took a decision to sneak all of you out of the country on a canoe. I was able to book two seats on the canoe and we set off that evening. Luck ran out on us when we were attacked by God knows who. Without thinking, I dived with you into the river and escaped with you. I don’t know what happened to your mother and your other brother. I still regret my actions son, that I couldn’t protect your mother and your other brother,” William said as tears filled up in his eyes.

Alan immediately stood up from the chair and looked into the sky in a pensive mood with his hand on his chin. “I see. So all this while, I have a brother and a mother. I always thought they were dead, but from what father is saying, there is a possibility they will still be alive. I need to go out there and look for them. I can’t stay here knowing that my brother and mother could be alive,” Alan thought to himself.

“Father! I have come to a decision,” Alan said.

“What decision, son?” William asked looking confused and lost.

“I have decided to go look for my missing mother and brother. I need to find them, father. I will not be happy staying here while I know my brother and mother are still alive,” Alan exclaimed.

“Humph!! My son, it is not as easy as you think. It could take you several years since it is difficult to pinpoint their exact location or even know whether they survived the firefight,” said William looking worried.

“I know father that it wouldn’t be easy to find them. But, I have to try. I will leave early tomorrow,” William said in a confident tone.

“I see! I can see you have made up your mind. Please be careful on your journey. The war seems over, but I know it isn’t. So take very good care of yourself,” William said as he rose to his feet and headed to his room to sleep.

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Meanwhile, President Kaboko had sponsored Alan of Sierra Leone to study in Germany. He also made Zaza in charge of an orphanage to care for the children who had lost their parents and families during the war.

When Alan of Sierra Leone returned to Sierra Leone after his studies, he was made the minister of Defense. He immediately married the daughter of the Chief of staff after his appointment as a minister of state.

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William waited for the return of his son, Alan of Gambia. He waited for three months for the return of his son, but all in vain. He became weary and lost patience.

“I have lost a son and wife already. I will not sit idle and lose this one too. I need to search for my son. It has been long since he went on his adventure to look for his lost relatives. I have to trace him and return with him,” William said.

Throughout his stay, William had acquired acres of land to farm. He worked with all his might and amassed great wealth from farming. He built himself a house and gave Derby capital to set up her own business. She also became successful in her field of business and became very wealthy.

William needed to inform Derby of his intention to travel out of the country.

“Hello Derby, I am sorry to call you at this time of the night,” said William when Derby answered the call.

“No problem, William. You know you are family,” She said and gave out a wry laughter.

“I need to attend to an urgent matter, and I won’t be fair to you if I don’t inform you. I have waited for Alan to return from his adventure, but it seems he is never returning. I have decided to go after him and search for him. You know I can’t lose the last surviving member of my family. I will set out tomorrow morning. I need you take care of the farm and my other businesses. I will be back as soon as I find him,” said William.

“Wow!! It seems you have already decided. I wish you all the best on your quest. As for your farm and other businesses, I will take very good care of them until you return,” Derby said as she hung up the call.

With that, William also embarked on his journey to search for his son, Alan. He arrived in Sierra Leone at dusk. He went to Sierra Leone because he knew that was where Alan was headed. He arrived without knowing the law that had been passed in the country to execute any suspicious person from Gambia because of their intervention in the war.

When he got down from the bus, he realized that everyone was staring at him. He had stayed longed in Gambia that he actually looked like a Gambian. One of the pedestrian reported William’s arrival to a soldier nearby. William was immediately apprehended.

To be continued….