Mistaken Identity Episode 9


Immediately he finished with his statement, he saw Alan of Sierra Leone’s car approaching. “Jones, it won’t even be necessary to go to his house. Here he comes,” Anthony said while he stopped Alan’s car.

Alan on seeing Anthony remembered his earlier suggestion to take the painting from him. He stopped the car and came out. Anthony was expecting his payment when Alan got down from his car.

“Hello, Sir Alan. I am glad that you came here. I was even on my way to your house. I am indebted to this man the same amount you owe me. Please pay me so I can release myself from his bond,” Anthony said.

“Oh really? I also forgot about the painting I needed to collect from you until I saw you stopping my car. I don’t have the money here with me. Please take your creditor to my house, and with the painting, and tell my wife to give you the amount I owe you. It will really be a surprise to her. But please, do not make her aware of the content because I want to surprise her on her birthday,” Alan of Sierra Leone said.

“Then will you bring it to her yourself? Should I go with the receipt and claim my payment?” Anthony asked.

“No, take it with you because I don’t think I will come to the house now,” Alan replied.

“Okay Sir, in that case, can you hand over the painting so I can give it to your wife to take my money?” Anthony asked, expecting Alan to go into his car and came along with the painting.

“I don’t have the painting, Anthony. It is with you. If you don’t go along with the painting, you won’t receive your payment,” Alan said.

“No Sir, I beg you, give me the painting!” Anthony pleads.

“What is the meaning of this!? You were supposed to finish this painting and bring it to my house last week. You gave an excuse that you were not done with the work by explaining many technicalities I know nothing about. Out of consideration, I extended the time to today and you want to cheat me again by lying to me? You turn around and accuse me of having possession of the painting?” Alan said in disbelief. Before Anthony could speak, Jones interjected.

“Please Anthony, I have spent a lot of time here. I need my money!”

“Please Sir Alan, give me the money. You can hear how he importunes me! I need the money now to pay him! If you won’t give me the money, please hand over the painting!” Anthony blurted out becoming less patient.

“I see! Give the painting to my wife and collect your money!” Alan retorted.

“Come on! You know I gave you the painting. Please either pay me or hand over the painting!” Alan said angrily.

“My friend! You are taking this joke very far. Where is the painting?” Alan asked while he stretched out his hands. “Please, let me see it!”

Anthony became angry. “Sir, better give me my money so I can pay my creditor. He is running out of time!” Anthony said.

“Well, I owe you nothing for the painting, my brother!” Alan interjected.

“Don’t lie please!! You know I gave you the painting forty minutes ago! Why are you denying!!?” Anthony demanded.

“You gave me nothing!! You are tainting my reputation by saying so!!” Alan retorted.

“You are tainting my reputation the more Sir, by denying you never took the painting from me. You are making me lose credibility and people will regard me as a fraudster,” Anthony lamented. “I can’t allow this, Sir,”

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Anthony saw a police officer walking along the lane. He was heading straight to their direction. He approached the officer when he got closer to where the commotion was. “Please officer, I need your service,” Anthony implored the police officer.

“What is the problem?” the officer asked.

“Officer, I gave this man a piece of artwork an hour ago. He owes me my wages, and he is refusing to pay. He is trying to achieve that by denying I gave him the piece. I want you to arrest him and put him in prison until he pays the last dime of the wages he owes me,” Anthony said.

“No! I can’t be arrested for committing no crime. Officer, you know me well in this country. I am a prominent person and I wouldn’t lie about anything. I gave the job to this man to be done and presented today in my house. I was just passing by in my car when he stopped me. He asked for payment. Payment for a work I have not seen with my eyes. He wants to fraud me by saying he gave me the piece, but I never saw it!!” Alan said in an angry tone.

The officer became very confused. He didn’t know whom to believe since both didn’t have a witness. He became hesitant as to whom he should arrest.

“Sir Alan, there is a charge against you that you are refusing to pay for a work done. I will like to take you to the station to answer few questions,” the officer said.

“What!! To which office? Dare lay your hands on me and you will see what I will do to you,” Alan charged at the officer.

When Anthony saw that the officer was feeling reluctant to arrest Alan because of his threat, he took money from his pocket and gave it to the office.

“This is your fee officer, arrest him now!!” Anthony instructed. With the motivation, the officer seized Alan by the arm to drag him.

Alan realized many people had come to the scene. Most of them were capturing what was going on camera. Because he didn’t want to be disgraced in public, he agreed to follow the officer to the station. He glared at Anthony. “You will regret this my friend! I will sue you when the truth finally surfaces. You will pay with all your life savings,” Alan blurted out.

As Alan was being dragged to the police station, Ali came to the scene. He had been sent by Caroline to look for Alan of Gambia whom she thought was her husband, and who had disappeared from the house without a trace.

“Sir…. Sir, what is the problem?” Ali asked Alan of Sierra Leone.

“Get away from me, you madman!” Alan screamed at him.

“Master, why are you being arrested? Madam sent me to look for you,” Ali added, dismissing what he heard earlier from his master.

“Why would she be looking for me after locking me out of my house?” Alan replied.

“Lock you out of your house? Who will dare do such a thing? Master, are you all right?” Ali asked.

“I can see you are now a madman. Anyway, I don’t have your time now. I will deal with you later. Go to my house and tell my wife that, she should look inside the safe and bring me an amount of two hundred thousand dollars. Tell her that I have been arrested in the street, and that she should come and bail me with the money. Hurry, you fool!! Be gone.”

To be continued….