Mission Impossible Episode 25


Capon:someone that would kill me is coming,who is that?(he bent down toward me)what is his or her name

Me: Daniel Kybee

Capon:u? when u die or what?

Me: (his balls were well positioned as i had both legs in the middle of his wide open legs)hahahahaha

Capon:what’s funny…pam,came the sound as i forcefully kicked his d–k,he dropped the axe and gun using both hands to hold his d–k in pains,he wanted to shoutout his pains but only air could escape out of his mouth,i weakly staggered up,took a little fat stick close by and began hitting him with it,he was shouting like a lion about to die,then i went for his head,bum,i hit hard on his head,he fell down,i stopped and watched blood zoom off from his head.i took my singlet and wipe off the now coated blood on my face,i felt a little strength

Me:capon,ka e ma nke ema nkezor,there are so many ways to kill a rat nah,why u no tell ur baba to do cane jazz for u too

Capon: (faintly)please,temper justice with mercy

Me:aaah,maka why nah,capon u big pass all dis talk nah,u don forget say forgiveness na sin…

I felt he was regaining his strength so i resummed the flogging,i stopped,picked him up like he did to me and threw him to a tree,yea,he hit his back against it and landed faced down,his left hand went quickly to his back as he shouted “my back my back!!!” with all my strength i began to hit him till i saw blood zooming out his nose,his eyes turned red

Capon:sky abeg,no kill me abeg,make we settle abeg

Me:nothing to settle,time is up for u capon

Capon:abeg,i dey see hell fire now abeg and more than hundreds of people hold cane dey call me to enter abeg

Me:that means make i flog my own now…

I collected stick and began hitting him again.

Capon: please,please,give me chance to repent please…

I saw tears dropped his eyes,chai i was so moved,i knew forgiveness is a sin to the blackers but i know have pulled off so it shouldnt be a sin to me.

I dropped the stick, went close to him and pulled him up but guess what,as i was pulling him up holding his right hand,he got his left hand on my neck and began choking me,i let go of his right hand and quickly went for his other hand,but it was too tight,he added his other hand,i found myself struggling for my life,he has now lifted me off the ground holding tight my neck,then someone tapped him,he got shocked and let go of me,turned to see who it was,then blood splashed,i watched him fall slowly with the axe still standing on his forehead,as he fell,i saw my dad gallantly standing,he smiled at me

Me:dad how did u get here…he was about answering when i heard footsteps approaching us,i picked up the gun and gave it to my dad

Me:dad go now,i would meet up with u,people are coming

Dad:lets go together now

Me:no they would chase us together,just go with the gun for ur safty,it might be the other branch of blackers coming,go now…i watched him leave,a minute later they were in view,it was the nigerian soldiers.they arrested me and bundled capons corpse.

I was led to the police station where they handed me over to the police.i was thrown into an empty cell. .

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To be continue on Monday