Mission Impossible Episode 24


I stood observing him,maybe he is pretending the bullets didnt penetrate

Capon:hahaha,small sky of yesterday wan fall me,a whole capon,guy u never reach

Me:so u go jazz up abi

Capon:those that deserve to be king,crewn them and those that dont deserve to be king,throw them over board

Me:i see then

Capon:sky,u never deserved to be king,but i crewned u,today i would throw u over board

Me:u dey shame me,shey u forget say if u be sailor make u sail ur ship well but u fuckup,u no sail well at all,u fall my guy,u wan still fall me and my pale,shey u chop witch ni? Na me be sky,the unpredictable,capon ka e ma nke e ma nkezor?(capon as u knw dis on shey u know the other?)

Capon:hahaha,i don become scientist just to forcast u

Me:chaiiii,capon u be olodo,u dey fall my handi,i be sky,i nor be weather,na only weather na im scientist dem dey forcast dem no fit forcast sky

Capon: (hand going round his waist in search of something)i go fall u today

Me:na ur gun u dey fine? maybe u forget am for house

Capon:s–t u lucky but not fortunate…he began to pull his shirt,he pulled it off exposing his black singlet,then he took it off exposing his chest,both were well built,then those kind of muscles as if one that started gyming newly

Me: oh e don enter fight? Ok na…i dropped my bag,off load the bullets in my pistol,pulled of my T-shirt and single at once exposing my nearly times two of cane’s chest,my cool well built six pack and my intimidating muscles,chai,capon go hear ram today

I opened my bag,brought out my battle axe and rushed at him,i began to butcher him in anger,but to my surprise,he just stood still and each hit of the axe on him bounced,quickly i went for his head but this time around he blocked it and landed a blow on my jaw,i fell down,i felt blood in my mouth so i spat it out,he advanced toward me and jacked me up with all his might and then he threw me at a tree,i landed with my back and fell,the next thing that fell of my mouth was “ahaaaaa aaaah,capon whyyeeee” he laughed out loudly and answered “sky zeeed” my both hands went to my back as if wanting to hold the pain(those wey dey watch wrestling go understand) all my thought ran to my back bone,i felt its broken.

He rushed at me again and began to hit me,he pulled me up and pushed me into the bush parts,he walked up to me all with smiles and picked me up like a common bag of purewater and flung me to another tree,i tried my best to avoid it but my head hit the tree,i shouted out aloud “yeee,my head,see blood o” yes blood was zooming of my head,began to see things like my dead mum waving at me to come,my dead step father smiling at me.

He began to advance toward me again,i quickly staggered up,setting my fist for blow but guess what,i was seeing multiple of him,he was like 15,i began to spetaculate on which of them was the real him,at this stage a drunk was far better than me,he was close,he held me,i was feeling one hand on me but was seeing 15 hands stretched toward me,i quickly traced the hand and began to hit him weakly,i could feel the swellon parts of his body meaning that the axe didnt penetrate but all the part it hit was swellon,now my blood was beginning to enter my eyes.he turned me into a punching bag,i was on the ground,the pains i was feeling was much,he retrieved the bullets from me,went to where the pistol was,he picked it up and loaded it,he went and picked up the axe too,handing the gun to his left and the axe to his right,i just sat up,watching him,i couldn’t move, stand nor running,i watched my death coming in double,yes i had to accept it because i knew i would die either during this mission or after this mission,he walked up to me and smiled

Capon:do u want to die by the gun or by the axe

Me:i might not be able to kill u but something that would kill u is coming.. .

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To be continued