Mission Impossible Episode 23


When a child suddenly decides that his mother would not sleep then the child should equally be prepared to start and finish the all night with his mother.there is a saying in our fraternity that “who no go no know”. So far i had run down 51 members of the BLACKMEN FRATERNITY and now unilag is on fire,the school authority has deployed soldiers to watch over the school since the security men had failled them,how i wish they know i was helping wipe out the most deadly cult group in school,they would have gone for thanksgiving,my mind had been made up so if the school like deploy all the soldiers in the world none can stop me because i must finish what i started.

Schools u see its not to stand banners in school with the discription SAY NO TO CULTISM my friend are u talking to dogs that u send message without giving them reasons? Please whenever u stand sure banners,dont fail to tell us the curious students the dangers associated with joining Cults because only that will make us think twice before joining if done otherwise then ur standing banner becomes an advert.

Capon himself is on fire,he has been running from lodge to lodge, apartment to apartment, house to house, village to village.hahaha,he now hides in and out of school,where are those people giving him mind now where? almost all are dead now,some ran away(end of their stay in unilag i guess)

See observer,he is out of school now, though i was the one who permitted him because the day i was to kill him,he pleaded and pleaded,i was made to understand that he was an only child of widow mother,who had struggled to see him through school, the very day i went to investigate his confessions because i tied him down, collected the address of his village and travelled down there to investigate,oh when i saw the pityful state of the poor widow i was forced to sign her a cheque of one million naira, promising her to come back later,the poor woman never knew the genesis of my help,how i wish she knew she just saved the life of her only child she would have danced from her house to church in thanks giving to God.

Observer also made me understand that he was also force to join the fraternity. it so bad that our choice of institution cant guarantee our safty if not would any cultist come to force anyone to join them? and our government aint doing anything about it why? but if the government aint feeling concern then lets do it individually by saying no to cultism.

I ask observer to leave the school atleast for two weeks so that the other blackers wont get to kill him themselves.

ow am ready to kill The Capon himself. today would be his last day ever on this planet called earth,i picked u my pistol,dusted it,raised it up and admired it

Me:after today unilag would be a peaceful one, other cults would learn, after today chief Soso would follow the rest,he would join them in hell…i put on the blackers uniform,black all through,i bent and picked up my back pack containing my battle axe,i walked out of the house,locked my door,then a call from my daddy came in

Me:hello daddy

Dad:dan when are u coming back,u have been away for a month now,aint u done with ur assignment?

Me:dad am just embarking on the toughest part of the assignment

Dad:where are u now

Me:heading to school

Dad:becareful dan

Me:i will,everything would take place in the school bush today,after today i would go face chief Soso

Dad:son,just be careful

Me: ok dad.call u in 30 minutes time…call ends.

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i walked into the school,straight to the capon’s department,he is a final year student,thats the only thing i know about him.last week i had prepared his obituary and distributed it all over the streets of lagos,the obituary reads “CAPONTUARY! CAPONTUARY!!

Today i begin the advance annoucement of the death and burial of the capon of the black fraternity.it so unfortunate that the bringer of the game is now the learner of the game.


It takes place in hell,where thousands of the soul he murdered are patiently waiting to flog him CONTESSY BY Sky,the one man squad galadima”.

As i walked into his department,i saw him seated alone and backing me,other students were seated too

Me: (shouted) uncle capon hafa nah…he quickly turned,our eyes met,quickly he ran off,jumping over the window,i followed him,he ran into his apian way of the school bush,i chased him badly like i was chasing a bush meat,i quickly draw out my pistol,suddenly he stopped and faced me,i stopped too,pointing my gun to him

Capon:sky,why u betray ur brothers?

Me:your father,who betrayed who?

Capon:too bad of u sky,u wey i help

Me:u know,i dey wonder how e go be for egypt if dem pastor open that side for bible wey God tell people of isael say the egyptians u see today u shall see dem no more

Capon:sky u don fuckup,and i go fall u

Me:u still get mouth abi?…gbai gbai,i shot at him but guess what,it didnt penetrate him

Capon:hahaha.wetin sup

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To be continued