Mission Impossible Episode 22


I gat some arrangements in place and ordered for a pistol gun,i couldnt get Terrible down that day again because the gun was brought to me late,when it was finally delievered to me,i paid for it and some bullets(hey it wasnt delievered to my house o,i waited for the guy at a junction maka nna trust no joel man)

I got home,locked my door,brought out the gun from my bag,admired it but my heart bleeds

Me: oooh,i see blood,i see family dey cry,i see church hold service,i see every guest on black,dem dey cry,dem dey mourn for their lose wey dis gun go kill,chai if to say dem no for force me enter cult,if to say dem no for ask me to go mission wey dey impossible, mission to kill my papa,if to say dem no for let us be that time wey we escape WHEN THE MISSION BECOME IMPOSSIBLE,that time tinz no for don go wrong like dis na,oh i see blood but make i chilax for today first because tomorrow go tough,chai blood go form pool

I wish i knew my pa-pa on time,maybe i no for even dey dis school not to talk of me being in this mess.i pray say no body go find himself for this kind mess,i wish say people dey see all dis tin right from the begining till now even to how e go take end,who go help me tell people, especially uni,poly and college freshers say CULTIST NO GOOD,who go help me tell dem say CULTISM DEY DISTROY FUTURE,WHO!!!!!

See my life,i have missed lectures for months now,my dreams was to be the best student ever in unilag and not the most rogged cultist,i no say i fit die for dis war but i must finish am before i die,i know say i go finish am thats why i start am…i rest my back on my bed and slept off.


I wokeup the next morning ,brush my teeth,took my bath,wore my expensive ash colour trouser and T-shirt,got on my blue cap making sure my face was half covered.picked up my gun and fastened it to my waist and diggered out of my flat.i got to school,sat close to Terrible’s department and watched him bragged about himself with sugarB,smart and badman

SugarB:truely u be badoo,i no say sky na idiot,im think say u be viper wey fumble

Terrible:as him c-m my house last night eh,i no waste time release bullet for him chest,im c-m carry am rum,im go don fine somewhere die put self

Smart: omo u rugged,me know say sky nor get levels,odiro rugged ebe obuna,ruggedity adiru obara yia at all (this is the translation for those who dont understand igbo “he is not rugged in any way,ruggedity isnt in his blood at all”)

SugarB: omo igbo to wa eko to wa fumble,shebi lootor wo ni eko o ni baje but {for those who dont understand yoruba see translation here “igbo boy that came to lagos and began fumbling.shebi truely they said lagos would not get spoit but…)…(he didnt finish his speech before badman interrupted him)

Badman:see eh dis one wey una talk don do,make we put our heads together figure out where im papa dey but before that make we call capon tell am say sky don fall,say terrible don fall the idiot

Me: (clapping)

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Me : pa pa pa(they all turned to my direction,they were appalled on seeing me) sugarB eko ma baje lo orie(lagos go spoil for ur head)and u badman na u and ur generation be idiots.terrible,u say u see me for ur house yesternite,kom shoot me for chest,me wey dey sleep for my house last nite.oyah show me the bullet wound, abi ur bullet no dey wound person? becoz wu knows,e fit be say i dey ur house kom dey dream say i dey sleep for my house,it is very possible coz i chop indomie for viper house before i kill lam

Smart:terrible shey u say u don kill lam,na im ghost be dis?

Me:shut up u(brought out my gun,the whole class began to panic)shebi na u say adirum rogged,shebi u say roggedity is not my identity wen na me be roggedity himself,terrible oya take am,gbai gbai gbai(he fell and died,the students began to run,i also shot dead sugarB,Smart and Badman)so unfortunate say una die without obi wey dey tuary(obituary)

Am so sorry,maybe if we see next world,i go carry una 3 obituary kom that is if una go fit wait when una hear the name DANIEL KYBEE,Sky nigga,the ONE MAN SQUAD GALADIMA…

I fastened back my pistol to my waist and left school through the bush parts. .

What happened next,watchout because the main war just begun .

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To be continued