Mission Impossible Episode 21


I got home,pulled off & burried the blood stains dress at my backyard,got back inside,took my bath,got my laptop and prepared Terrible’s obituary,made my way into the school,posted them & used most of the fliers to loitter the school environment.mumu security men,am sure they are sleeping now inside instead of keeping watch.i just walked to my local apartment and slept off,i was so tired.


i wokeup & checked my watch,it was already 10:21,gosh,too bad.i picked up my phone and behold 33 missed calls,all from the capon,i sent him a text “hey youngman,why u wan kill my battery abi dem send u” i sent it and it showed message delievered.i drop the,went out to brush,by the time i came back in my phone was ringing,i picked it up,it was capon

Me:wadsup nah,una still dey mourn una death?

Capon:sky,i made u what u are today and can still distroy u

Me:u,na wetin u make me wey i be today? Say u forcefully push me enter cult,turn my mind to evil,made me start missing lectures and threatening lecturers for good grade without reading? An innocent child who knew nothing bad then,guy tok na wetin u make me be today?

Capon:u betrayed ur brothers and killed viper

Me:u know why ur things dey vex me,na coz say na only people mistake u dey see,u nor dey see ur own,shey na my papa good to kill abi,u dey cry say i kill only viper when more go die,even u self

Capon:what have u done for the sheeps to sell roggedly that would make me not kill ur father when u asked for it?

Me:never begin cry ok,am roggedity himself,u na joel man forming belong mean while u no belong

Capon:i would run u down sky,u too small for me,u no pass people wey i don deal with in the past

Me:break am dia,u chop bottle! shey u neva hear,say i get am before no be property,capon,i go fall u i swear

Capon:sky withdraw now from killing Terrible or else

Me:capo u can mumu sha,if i be u eh i go dey beg for myself no be for person.dear capo all fuckup must be treated,rain must use dry season fall for una head one by one,prices must be made for the mistake where una make,dat wata(water) wey una fetch for harmattan season na im don dey call rain come una head for dry season

Capon:i would delete u sky and u would beg for ur life

Me:hahaha,i go run am

Capon:u don get mind abi…

call ends

Hmmm,i see,viper death dey pain capon o because if na ordinary vex im for don use slants finish me for phone,well make i go finish up Terrible first.im own death go be for school if not the guy no go reach im house again.i prepared,carried my school bag containing my axe,but i realize my battle axe cant do the work,i need a gun.

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To be continued