Karla’s Story Episode 1


Story By Elise

When Karla got to his place, she was hungry. Knowing he wasn’t quite the cook, she had cooked some chicken, and brought it with her. She’d made a pack for him as well.

Her ‘baby’ sister had told her on several occasions to be careful about him – Kobby. She didn’t like him – he seemed too smooth, and there had to be a reason why at his age he hadn’t settled down with someone. He had this annoying pride that made him think that everyone should be attracted to him. It was kind of cute – at least for a short bit. But then again, her sister had never exactly liked many of her friends.

Akwei, her boyfriend was indifferent. He knew her. He trusted her – and that was all that mattered. Right?

As she dished out the food, he came and hugged her from behind. She knew she shouldn’t be enjoying it – but she was. “This is Akwei’s territory, leave me alone.” She mumbled in a tone that didn’t even convince herself. He only tightened his grip and said, “You smell nice”

Why doesn’t Akwei do these things eh?! She thought to herself

She was in one of her casual dresses. Besides, this wasn’t like a date or anything – she had merely visited a friend with food, and they were watching a movie. Yet his focus was not on the movie – he kept looking at her.

It wasn’t in a way that made her uncomfortable. So it was fine.

She noticed he kept inching closer, and she would stare him out, and they would both just giggle.

The food was a little too much, she realised. She really couldn’t finish it all. She returned to the kitchen to put the rest of hers away.

It wasn’t until she was turning to return to the living room to continue the movie that she noticed he had followed her there, still looking at her with that look. She smiled and walked past him into the living room. Right then, he caught up with her and tried to kiss her. She knew then that she had to stop him – but for a minute, she was enjoying all the ‘feels’. It felt nice to be wanted by someone once in a while. Not that Akwei didn’t want her, she knew he did, he just didn’t really show it much.

His hands went for her zip, and she yanked them away instinctively. Apparently, by then, it was a little too late – too little blood was left in his bigger brain up there! He was totally oblivious to her cries for him to stop, and she was too weak to actually make him stop. He had her pinned down, took off her dress, and had his way with her.

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When he was done and spent, about seven minutes after, he lay there for about two minutes, spasming like an epileptic child. She felt bile rise up to her throat so suddenly, and she could not breathe!

For the first time in 6 years, she felt an asthma attack creep upon her. Of course, she did not carry her inhaler – she hadn’t had to for 6 years! She tried to calm herself down. With shaky hands and legs, she got dressed, rushed into her car, and like a maniac, sped off without looking back!

She couldn’t think straight. She concentrated on her breathing, and on her driving. She had to make it home ASAP.

You know this was your own fault don’t you? You saw the warning signs. You played with the fire – you literally carried it into your bosom!

Tears threatened to pour as she thought of it. Her eyes were on fire!

No, Karla, you will not cry!! It was your own fault anyway, you saw it coming and did nothing about it! This is just what you were calling for, isn’t it?

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To be continued