Missing Diamond Episode 4


  “I want to be out of here” replied the prince. “First things first, young man. Your appearance needs to be changed first. This will ensure your acceptance wherever you go.” Said the dwarf.

  Instantly, the dwarf conjured up a small pond and asked the prince to submerge himself in it and come out only after the count of three. When he came out after the submergence, the dwarf had disappeared.
When he looked at himself in the pond, he saw a completely different prince Samuel. He had mysteriously transfigured into a very handsome young man in the perfect likeness of his twin brother.

 As the days went by, the people of Aristo could still not find the missing diamond because without it, Princess Beatrice who is now the princess regent after the mysterious disappearance of princess Valentina will not be crowned Queen. 

  After months of sleeplessness night due to the existing situation, Princess Beatrice also declared herself Queen of Aristo with or without the diamond.
The next morning, the Chief Priest paid her a surprise visit as she was addressing the elders in a council meeting. “The fall of an old leave serves as an example to the others. Calamity looms our land and the spirit of destruction is among us. You must vacate the throne at once so says the gods.” said the priest. The self-made Queen hurriedly replied, “You are really talking nonsense. What do you mean by me vacating the throne? The gods must be aware of my decision.” 

  “The cockroach has no business in the meeting of the chickens. For if a man does not eat yam because of oil, he will eat oil because of yam. The time has come for the two kingdoms and diamonds to be reunited, but is rather unfortunate that, you are not the chosen one to rule kingdom of the two kingdoms (Marisa). 

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  “’Torfiakwa’, over my dead body. Replied the Queen. 
  “My lady, you have been highly favoured by the gods. They have been very fair to you, for not striking you dead now upon climbing the throne that wasn’t your heritage.” Said the priest. 

  “Let the gods destroy me for been disobedient. Because I am not going to vacate this throne now. I am ready to pay the price.” replied the princess. “The decision is yours to make my lady, but remember that to be foretold is to be forearmed.  He added and left immediately. The gods have spoken”

   In the evening after the chief priest has left, one of the Queen’s maid came to her complaining that, the cock that was supposed to be used as dinner for her has grown teeth and horn like a goat. This shocking news made the Queen fell unconscious.

  Prince Samuel later found himself in an out shirks of an island. While he was admiring the place, he saw a lady approach from afar and he began to feel relieved. 

  Back to the kingdom of Calista. Prince Michael the twin brother of Prince Samuel has rebelled against his father, assassinated him and taken over the kinship. He killed almost all the strong men, including all the members of the force that gave him the needed assistance.

  The kingdom of Calista had been rendered female-dominated and defensively weak. Worst of all, he had committed an unpardonable taboo of the highest order. He had shamelessly married his elder sister out of coercion and had babies with her.

  King Michael was atrocious, insensitive and arrogant. He simply tyrannized his subjects. No one in the kingdom, not even his own family, was pleased about the extent of his inhumanity. Although the former king, his late father, was also a tyrant, the people wished he was alive and still their king. He killed innocent people at the slightest provocation and every misdemeanor. He had no council of elders or adviser.

  All decisions and actions were taken unilaterally and imposed on the people.

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