Missing Diamond Episode 3


  Prince Michael and Prince Samuel were fraternal twin brothers. Prince Michael was handsome and admirable. But Prince Samuel, the oldest and the rightful heir to the throne was indescribably ugly, and that made him suffer a great ordeal.

  His parents hated his guts. They felt he was an embarrassment to the ruling family and probably a divine retribution. When they discovered his ugly appearance weeks after their birth, his parents secretly consulted the most powerful fetish priest in the kingdom for his elimination but the price it attracted was unreasonably too expensive, in their opinion. They tried other equally powerful spiritual sources to no avail. When the spiritual maneuvers had all failed, they made the unwanted prince suffer maltreatment and other form of abuse calculated to cause his premature death.

  They locked him up in the room most of the time just to avoid the sight of him which they found very irritating. He was usually too short and too dark-complexioned. His fingers and toes were too short and hideous, and his face was too broad and wrinkled. Furthermore, his nose was too big and flat, his eyes were too dilated, and his tongue was too big and long to be contained by the pig-like mouth. As a matter of fact, the ugly prince could perfectly fit into the description of the ugliest and funniest caricature.
In contrast, Prince Michael was very attractive and everyone thought he had all the attributes of a great king. But rather unfortunately, he was the youngest son. He could never succeed the king while his elder brother was around.

  In the last resort, the family decided to swap their order of birth so as to give the preferred son the right to inherit the king one day. So, whereas Prince Michael was being groomed for kinship, his twin brother was being maltreated and maligned in his own biological family.

  The favoured twin brother was almost always found with his father as they grew up. He was taught and exposed to the rudiments and authority of kinship. As he grew up, he exhibited such qualities as bravery and wickedness.

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  One day, King Abushef decided to banish Prince Samuel because he see him as a disgrace to the family and also a treat to his younger brother. The king then accused him of ‘spiritual treason’. The guards escorted him beyond the boundaries of the kingdom and left him to his fate.

  The stranded Prince lived in the jungle for a period of time. He slept in caves and under trees and lived on wild fruits, seeds and nuts. One afternoon while he was roaming the forest for some wild fruits, he came to a very huge tree. He sat under it and leaned against the exposed root system. While he was daydreaming about a hopeful future, a whirlwind suddenly blew under the tree, rose up and disappeared. Shortly, a great and flamboyant dwarf appeared.

  Prince Samuel was instantly trembling with fear. “You don’t need to be afraid, for am not here to harm you. Tell me, what are you doing in this dangerous forest?” Asked the dwarf.

  “I am a prince from the kingdom of Calista. I was wrongly accused of treason and banished from the kingdom.” He replied. “So what do you want me to do for you?” the dwarf asked again and gave a rule, “Be informed that am allowed to do just one thing for a stranger.”

  Prince Samuel was at a crossroads. Although he badly needed a direction to another kingdom, he was very much concerned about his acceptance if he was helped out of the jungle.

  While he was in the dilemma, the dwarf spoke, “I don’t have time to waste, young prince. You’d better make your request before I disappear.” Undecided though, the prince said something.

To be continued @ 7pm