Let us enjoy reading this one of Goodboy Stories of The Blind Saint .
There lived a saint in a town in the kingdom of King Bediako
He was believed to prophecy the future correctly.
Once he had a visitor who had come to treat their niece. The child’s parents were killed in front of the girl’s eyes. Once she saw the saint, she started to scream loudly saying that that saint was the culprit.
Angered by the girl’s words, the saint demanded the couple to get away with their child.
The whole day the girl cried which made the couple to realize that the girl was not lying.
Therefore, they decided to seek the help of Goodboy.
Goodboy consoled them and asked them to wait at the king’s assembly. Goodboy had invited the saint to Bediako’s court too.
Then in front of all the ministers he drew a sword and neared the saint to kill him. The saint in bewilderment immediately drew another sword and began to fight. Thus by this act of the saint it was proved that he wasn’t blind.
Therefore, Bediako demanded to hang the culprit and rewarded the girl for her bravery for telling the truth even at the critical situation.