Missing Diamond Episode 5


  All this while, the king’s wife was pregnant and was soon expecting the baby. She had a safe delivery but the sex of the new-born could not be identified because it bore both male and female features.
  Another painful execution followed, after the king realization that the news about his new-born was all over the kingdom. He suspected the birth attendant. She was brutally beheaded and burnt to the ground when she was summoned to the palace one sunny afternoon.

  King Michael continued to rule cruelly and spill blood with impunity, both physically and spiritually. The people were just wondering when his cup would be full. He seemed too powerful for both the people and the spirits to deal with, in the opinion of the majority.

  Prince Samuel had unknowingly trespassed the territory of the Calista kingdom his own homeland. As soon as the young lady who was approaching, saw him, she immediately bow to greet him because she recognized him as the king.

  He then decided to make his way to the palace since people had already been recognizing him as the king because they look alike. When he got to the main gate leading to the palace, he was again recognized as the king.

  There was no way the security guards could identify him as an impostor. He was the perfect look-alike of his twin brother, the king of Calista. Each one of you was fast asleep when I got here on my way out,” the impersonating king lied.

  “But, your grace…” the chief security guard attempted to counter him. Sss! Interrupted the impersonating king. “There is no but. Now put all your weapons down and go home, all of you. You are relieved of your posts with immediate effects.”

  As soon as the guards surrendered their weapons, he immediately entered the main building in an attempt to capture the occupants. Shortly, guns were heard firing continuously amid loud screams for help.

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  The strife continued unabated for a few minutes until finally, Prince Samuel unhurt, dragged king Michael out alive in front of the crowd who came out upon hearing the gun shots.

  “Now look at me and your king and judge for yourselves. He is undoubtedly my twin brother. But he was not born a king, he only forced himself to be one and tyrannized his subjects. Now the wages of sin, they say is death. He must die for you to gain your freedom.” Said the prince Samuel.  

  “Yes, he must die! He surely must die!” the people chanted. Before their very eyes, their king was beheaded, by his own twin brother without any mercy.

  “You are a personified god. You are a reincarnated ancestor!” the people expressed diverse opinion about him. “Bravo!” they praised him in endless jubilation.

  Prince Samuel was to be crown king of Calista after the death of his twin brother King Michael. The chief priest took him through some orientation, and taught him the norms and customs of the kingdom and the need for him to find the Stefani diamond of the Aristans.

  The date for the coronation was due, and the whole ballroom was filled with suitors. Prince Samuel scanned the room as he was descending the stairs and saw a few beautiful ladies, a lot of obese ladies, and some disturbing ones around.

  One lady stood in the corner alone and watched him most of the night. At one point when he was almost done mingling, he headed over to talk with her. He was a few feet away when an annoying, repulsive fifty-year-old woman grabbed him by the arm and demanded that he dance with her, which he resisted. 
He then politely asked the lady in the corner to dance with him and she agreed. While they were dancing he noticed her face was almost blank as if she was immersed in thought. The music stopped as well as the dancing. She went outside and left before he could get her name.

To be continued @ 3 pm

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