Me, An Idol Worshiper?..Episode 6


Am Jeffrey Ntiamoah,you’ve already met my friends. God uses people like me who really don’t deserve certain good  things coming their way.Amongst the lots,he chose me…to make that change,and there’s a lot on my mind I have to tell the world about God.There have been lots said already.We owe God,big time,I won’t say I could escape but I still was saved.And this is my story.. We all need to learn from this.
There was a knock on the gate that early morning. Theo looked at his clock,it was five in the morning.It looked like the person knocking really needed to enter the house. The knock sounded like the person was being chased by a mob.Theo wake up walking majestically towards his gate still rubbing his eyes .
“Na you paa,by this time you go come my house,why you be alarm?Theo asked the person standing at his gate rhetorically.
“Herr,see,the fact that I come your place this early does not give you the audacity to speak to me anyhow oh,aaah,
“Serlorm,who was stirring at Theo impatiently uttered angrily. After all,I can go back,he added trying to turn.
“And there noor,you are angry, you dierrr,enter enter,Theo told him.Angrily Sey entered hesitatingly.
“He will enter too o,hahaha,Theophilus added,laughing while they entered the room settling on the couch.
So Serlorm,are you saying Jeffrey got us back to Ghana so early because he has found himself a wife? Really? I still can’t believe you telling me this.Theo said surprised.
“Am still analysing my facts and figures. Once am perfectly sure,I will align them.Sey responded.
“Aah,Theo cut in,so you are not even sure,hahaha.
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“After having careful thoughts about the situation, they took breakfast and decided to watch a movie,taking their minds off their talk.
(Jeff,on the phone with his boss)
Boss:Ntiamoah,are you done with the projects?
Jeff:Still on it Sir.
Boss: Okay,but you need to be quick about it,we seriously have to finish on time to submit it to the chiefs and then take it from there.Be sure its a good one,am still counting on you.
Jeff;No worries Sir,its all sorted out.
Boss: Perfect then(line goes dead)
The weeks that followed were tough gir these three guys making it harder for them to meet up,talk and do what they usually did together. And this was a good opportunity for Serlorm to “gather his facts and figures”carefully..
Would Serlorm be able to get these facts as he planned to?
To be continued…