Me, An Idol Worshiper?..Episode 5


The sun shone bright the next morning and lovely birds still chirping ,signalling it was time to wake up and as usual they were still in bed.Earlier that night Theo’s mum called  to find out why he had not made it home,he had been with her on the phone and slept off.So,Theo’s phone still on his ears,Sey’s face still looking all angry and Jeff’s laptop lying on his chest.
‘Chring ,chring,the alarm blew,all three scared and woke up.It was few minutes to eight in the morning. And just the sound of the alarm was more than the ringing of the church bell.”Aaba,whose alarm was that,I mean who set the alarm?Theo asked rhetorically. 
“Me,mine,Sey answered still looking very angry.
“Eih Serlorm, where you get this alarm from, oh change am,see how scared we all got. You yourself, you see you panicked? And who told you this is the time we had wanted to get up,ooh I see,sake of last night you didn’t get to eat no,this is the punishment we all get errh,abi you are satisfied now.Jeff cut in 
.Let’s get up errr,since you woke us up.They all got up still in a hesitating mood .
Soon,everyone was dressed. Serlorm was the first and was already seated at the table taking his break fast.Toast bread and egg with lemon juice.With the way Sey sat all relaxed,patient and comfortable, it looked like it was never finishing. They all had same as Serlorm did and then the driver who had picked then up the previous day arrived. They were ready;ready to go to their various homes and back to their jobs.
They arrived got to town at exactly two in the afternoon and the driver requested to take each one of them to their houses as Mr Duncun had told him to do as usual,Sey was the first to be alighted, then Theo and finally Jeff.Since it was his boss’s driver,he could beg to stop at his parents’ to find out how they were doing.
So,off to his parents they went.They lived at Adenta .He met his mum,his brother Manuel and cute Miriam, his younger sister who was very fond of him.
“I missed you so much bro Kwame,Mimi, uttered with joy.
“And I missed you too little sis,I bought so many things you can play with. Be sure Manuel would give them to you.”Jeff told her
.”Yes and Manuel,he said talking to his younger brother, remind me to buy the latest tech toy on the market now….very fast and easy to use ,yh,was in a rush so couldn’t get them.” 
“Of course bro,I sure will,” Manuel said smiling…
“How was your trip dear?His mum asked,
“Great mum,great,I enjoyed every bit of it,Jeff smiled remembering all that had  happened.
“Why won’t you enjoy a trip such as this one when you were with two crazy friends like Theo and Serlorm,am sure you did,his mum said laughing.
Jeff stayed for a while after he asked of his dad and was told he was gone for a crusade with the other Pastors to minister the gospel.
“Okay mum,think I would leave now, I have got this project to finish up soon,please tell dad am back. I will too but please tell him again for me.” 
“Okay dear,I will,just take very good care of yourself.Lets say a prayer, his mum reminded him.They prayed together and off Jeff was driven to his house.
And there she was, all dressed up.The table neatly set,dinner was ready. His heart reached out to her. Since it was Tuesday and work was almost completed,he should relax and not work .Jeff thought, giving Josephine a big hug.
To be continued…