Me, An Idol Worshiper?..Episode 4


As it was late when they got to Ghana, they had to find a place to lodge for the night and then continue the journey the following day. They were worried since they hadn’t called anyone earlier to inform them to come pick them up when they arrived.They were still thinking when Jeff picked his phone and made some calls.Within an hour of waiting impatiently, a car arrived to pick them up to a hotel where they could spend the night.Jeffery later explained on the drive to the hotel that Mr Duncun,his boss called his driver up to get them.They were relieved knowing they were in safe hands.
They got to the hotel in no time, Serlorm went ahead to call Enyonam to inform her they had arrived in Ghana safely and begged her to tell grandma Elizabeth same since she wasn’t reachable.She probably might have gone to bed looking at how late the time was.Enyonam promised to do just that.Serlorm was still on the phone speaking to Enyonam when a call came through,it was Jeff’s call.
Right there and then,Jeff stood up ,picked the call and walked towards the sitting room to talk with the caller.Theo who was feeling sleepy already began yawning. Jeff later came back to the room beaming with smiles. Serlorm was curious, he promised to call Enyonam the following day and hanged up the call.
He turned to Jeff who was still smiling with full concentration. Jeff took his laptop and began fidgeting with it.
“Jeff,Serlorm began,who did you talk to that has gotten you all happy and smiling like a guy crazily in love?”Aren’t we supposed to be eating at this very moment instead of you making calls,smiling and some people sleeping like they haven’t had sleep in years,hitting Theo on the buttocks.
“Ooh, Selorm koraa,Theo cried,rubbing his buttocks.
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“Its nothing Serlorm, really,Jeff said ,typing now. I really have a project to complete and it’s just some few weeks ahead.You know my boss,he doesn’t tolerate delay, Jeff tried to explain to Sey whiles typing so fast that Serlorm could hardly see clearly if his hands were doing the typing,Serlorm just knew something fishy was going on.He was burnt on finding out..with time.
“Bross,like seriously,am hungry o,what are we eating.”Serlorm finally said.
“Eih Sey,are you saying after all the heavy eating and drinking you did in the plane,you are still hungry? 
And besides the air hostess treated you even better compared to Jeff and I”Theo added ,raising his head from the pillow whiles rubbing his eyes.
“Chow!what serving,see,the plate that lady gave me was small and what killed me koraa and made me more hungry was how she kept chatting with Jeff and lost concentration on the food she was serving me. Or Theo didn’t you notice that,let’s go get something to eat.Sey said tapping Jeff.
“Yes,yes,what did you say Serlorm?I didn’t hear you clearly. I really need to finish this on time. 
If you are thinking and talking about food like you always do, please count me in wai”,Jeff told Sey.
“Of course,me am the eater right, because of what you’ve done and said koraa,I won’t eat again .I am going to bed.Serlorm said in an angry mood while retiring to bed.
“Haha, oh saa,the bible says,don’t let the sun rise on your anger,so please goodnight oh,don’t curse me o,Jeff laughed, they all slept without knowing the exact time nature carried them away…
To be continued