Me, An Idol Worshiper?..Episode 3


At the airport, they had to go through thorough checks to make sure everything was clean,their lugages were not containing anything that was not needed.Especially illegal drugs
Soon, they were through with the checks and were told to wait a while before they could set off and go into the plane.Sey, was the first then the two, Theo and Jeff followed In the plane,cthe air hostess ushered them inside and was very nice to them.She engaged them in chats to make the flight back home one to remember.
Before the plane took off,a prayer was said by a young Lady who sat at the back.It was a comforting moment and everyone including these three guys were excited to get back home.These guys really enjoyed every little time they spent on their travel and were sure to get lots to talk about once they arrived in Ghana; when they finally get home.
For Jeff,though enjoying every moment,it looked like the flight was taking forever. No one really knew why he badly wanted to be back home so soon.And Serlorm ,very inquisitive, was sure he was going to find out.
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“Haaah,this is refreshing, Sey commented,Ghana my happy home,the land of rich resources
 “Wow ,am indeed happy to finally arrive home,Jeffrey interrupted when they got down from the plane at the airport  
“See Jeff,the way you make wild we come Ghana so soon ,I hope say its not because of any girl o,or Charley,I go bore you ruff,abi you know dada”Serlorm warned pointing a finger at Jeff.
“Oh no, Sey,am just happy to be home okay,that’s all,Jeff tried explaining.Eih Jeff,you sure…Theo said smiling at Jeff.They dragged their suitcases whiles still chatting on with Selorm finding it difficult to take all his luggag but still trying to pick all at the same time.The two joined to offer a helping hand smiling at one another….
What was Jeffrey hiding that Serlorm was so eager to find out?
To be continued..