Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 80


​After a very long speech from the female tutor, the show finally kicked start, they’d pick a regular guy asking them sily questions they wouldnt proudly answer in public and if you dont want o answer, you’d have to do something to please the ladies in other to be free.
I really couldnt help but laugh when question like is your girlfriend a virgin and how many girls have you screwed, the reaction on the guys faces was obviously showing their girlfriend might be somewhere watching.
Mira: hahaha i really wished you’d be questioned too.
Me: hahhaa there’s no way that gonna happen, i just want to enjoy the fun i said smiling.
The week was really awesome, it created even more room for social activities as lots of people made new friends. For me i can never forget some crazy moments like when a guy was asked to strip, hahah i could see the embarrassed look and then he was told to impressed the ladies. I have to admit he was a wonderful singer. Like the saying goes the best is always saved for the last.
The first 10couples from group A,B,C, AND D were giving a quest of searching for a love treasure that was suppose to make our love even stronger. There were lots of obstacles like machines shoting water balls, you have to scale through and extract the treasure unsoaked.
Dera: smiling as she rubbed her hands together, are you ready for this she asked.
Me: have got no dodging skills i said smiling.
Dera: just follow my lead she said picking the shield and tossing the other to me.
And just then we heard anna’s voice your time starts now!!! We all ran into the garden just then a giant long polelike foam swung towards us.
Dera: get down she said pulling me down. We dodged it as it moved back and forth, i was sure it knocked some couples out, no one saw that coming.
Me: they only said water balls why is that here i said pointing at it. Just then a toy machine car shouting giant water balls. She pulled me as we hid behind the flower when it turned facing the other side, we ran passed it to the next track were a machine 5 different machine gun shot water balls zig zagly making it impossible to run across. We quickly hid behind the flower.
Me: how do we get passed that thing i asked smiling a bit.
Dera: they all have a shut down botton, she said picking up the bow and arrow in front of us aimed at the base of the machine, hitting the off botton of each machine.
Me: whoooo-hoooo!!! Yaaaa i yelled in excitement.
Dera: giving me a hi 5, lets go she said and then i stepped on a mice, taking my legs off means splashing water over us and thats game over.
Me: uh-oh!! I think we aint going anyfurther i said smiling abit about taking my leg off.
Dera: wait she said picking a knife, that looked so real but extremely blunt. Carefully passing it under my feet, and applying pressure, take it off she said.
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Me: hahaha its no big deal we are just gonna be soaked i said taking my legs off and there was no water splash!! Woooow.
Dera: smiling hurry get that rock i quickly picked the rock placing it on the knife as the shooting giant water balls came our direction again, we quickly took cover as i grabbed a rock aiming for the rock placed on the mice while the machine advanced towards it, just when it got there i tried one lucky shot, hitting the other rock as water splashed on it shutting the machine down.
Dera: yeaaa!!! Nice shot!!! She said as we advanced to the final spot grabbing our shield, just then 2 machines popped their heads out from the ground shooting speed balls at us.
Me: s–t!! I yelled hiding behind the flower.
Dera: hahhaha no one can ever win luke but we can.
Me: hahahah seriously your gonna get wet, well you can give it a try if you feel so sure.
Dera: thats the box over there if i get it, you are gonna make the weekend alot more fun for me she said with a smile.
Me: alright you know am boring but am gonna try, you’ve got a deal. I wasnt done with words when she jumped over the flower baricade rolling towards the box blocking of the balls with the shield. And then she pulled out the red box, the machines automatically shut down.
Me: wooow!!!
To be continue on Monday
Watch out for our weekend story