Me, An Idol Worshiper?..Episode 2


The day of their departure was a Sunday and Enyonam and her husband had really wanted them to cancel their flights that very day and maybe postpone it to another day.”Hmm..come to think of it, it’s a Sunday, we could go to church and then travel on Tuesday or the day after.”said Theo.
As Serlorm was just thinking about the home cooked meal he was going to miss,the mere thought of that quickly made him agree to Jeff’s proposal.”Err o,let’s wait small, after church,then we move”Sey added,.scratching his head when he saw the kind of eye Jeff looked at him with.
“Hey guys,I really need to be back in Ghana, I have got lots to do,my project work, lots and lots, I mean”Jeff confessed, still looking at Selorm and Theo carefully. We will go to church when we get to Ghana sister Enyo,don’t worry”,Selorm tried telling his sister.”Then since we already packed, we good to go,Theo finally said. Now Jeff could breath better,he was excited..
“But wait o,did you tell grandma you three would be leaving for Ghana today?Enyonam finally said .Still trying to find ways and means to change their minds.Grandma Elizabeth was their neighbour in the next house who usually watched the boys work and gave them morale anytime they gave up on the work Enyonam gave them before living for work.
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“Oooh,its true,we didn’t tell her,she’s gone to church already, I will try and call her once we make it to the airport”Theo told her.”Okay, Enyonam agreed. Because if I should tell her myself,I might add colour and touch to my words especially how eager you guys are to leave us,she said looking at Jeff
.”Oh no, no,you won’t Enyo,please don’t, Sey begged.
“Okay,I won’t, Enyonam agreed.
So they sat in the car,the driver who was already seated blew the horn to signal they get into the car .They gave their hugs and final goodbyes; waving their hands in the air until the car zoomed off and they couldn’t see Enyo,her husband and little Grace any longer.They arrived at the airport sooner than they had expected.Serlorm called grandma Elizabeth as soon as they got there,she was a bit sad but wished them safe journey.
Everything seems to be okay. Just the anticipated return to Ghana made Jeffrey impatient.
To be continued…