Me, An Idol Worshiper?..Episode 7


(Door bell rings)
Yes,coming,the voice responds and walks towards the door.
“Hello you,come in,how have you been,the visitor was non other than Jeff,”Josephine said giving him a hug.
“I’ve been good oh dear by His Grace,how about you?.he replied.
“Well,as you can see,am not doing bad here,she said walking to the sitting room.
Josephine  talked about the stuffs Jeff got for her upon his return to Ghana and thanked him.Jeff did same,thanking her for being there that evening he returned to fix something for him to eat.They both talked for a very long time. Josephine then stood up.
“Since you are in my house,and I am guessing you are hungry,let me get something for you to eat.”she got up saying. 
“Do you really need to,I’ll be on my way soon,Jeff tried convincing her.
“I’ll be fast ,don’t worry, Josephine said making her way into the kitchen.
“Eeih Jojo,as he usually called her, okay,I’ll wait then.Jeff said scrolling through his phone.
(In the kitchen )Josephine opens the tap and it flows, stops and then flows again.
“Jeffery,she called out,it looks like my tap is not flowing properly”
“Ooh yh,you need to remind me to go pay the money.I’ll have to do that sooner so the water board doesn’t cut the supply of water here ”
“Thanks a lot Jeff, really, she said smiling.
“Don’t worry,he said smiling back at her.
“You,really don’t have to bother yourself cooking something for me,there’s more time for that kk dear,I’ll be on my way now.I still got a lot to do and you know that. Jeff said standing up and walking towards Josephine who was coming back from the kitchen.
“Aww,she said,all sad and down,bending her face looking on the ground.
“Hey,Jeff called,raising her head up,you understand right,I’ll be back.You know I love you don’t you?she nodes,
“Yh,I really do,so can I have a smile? She smiles a faint smile and gives Jeff a hug.
Jeff left Josephine’s place promising to call her daily.
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(At Theo’s place, Serlorm and Theo come out from Theo’s house.Walking towards their usual waakye base talking)
“I told you I’ll figure out what Jeff’s been up to,didn’t I? Serlorm asked Jeff.
“ooh yes you did Mr fnf,Theo added making a face at Sey.Tell me,haha,what fnf did you gather.? Jeff asked looking all serious to convince Serlorm he was listening.
“Aah,where from that fnf,why?Serlorm asked Theo.
“Its your facts and figures you gathered during these past weeks now, what else?
“Aah,I thought you were trying to say something else,Serlorm concluded.
“hahaha eeih Sey, you talk,am all ears.Theo joked.
You know, Jeff’s found himself a girlfriend already, I mean a wife actually.He’s got an apartment for her and once you have an apartment,I guess you have to be ready to pay the bills and all the utilities that comes with buying an apartment,yes, and so that’s what’s got Jeff dawging us and all Theo.
“Serlorm concluded,shaking his head in wonder like it was about falling.
“Eeih, Sey oooo Sey,Theo said cheering Serlorm ,are you sure?Then Serlorm interrupted
.”My guy,you remember, the many calls Jeff used to make when we used to do our morning devotions every morning when we were away;she was the one. You also realised he usually slept with his laptop on his chest ,she’s the cause. The project, yes,she’s part.
Everything, she’s the one,they both said coincidentally, laughing loudly.
“Wow,I really can’t believe Jeff would hide something such as this from us,his good friends,hmm,maybe he has got his own reasons,Theo finally said. 
“And do you think his reasons which I couldn’t find whiles gathering my fnf are tangible enough?Serlorm tried asking Theo.
“Fnf indeed, haha,but you have tried Sey,facts and figures indeed .Theo laughed tapping Serlorm on the shoulder for a good job done while they walked to join the queue of waakye buyers.
To be continued…