Me, An Idol Worshiper?..Episode 15 Final


These guys were preparing so fast that they refused taking breakfast. Sey, the eater,who surprised everyone was the first to object eating.It looked like the party was in trouble since Serlorm hadn’t eaten at home.
Jeff was in his black suit and trousers with his white shirt and tie to match. His black shoes were just nice. He was just in the right outfit,he thought to himself. Theo and Sey confessed what they wore that night was their best since it had been a while they attended a big party such as this one. Josephine wasn’t looking bad.Great outfits they had on that night.
Since Jeff’s car had broken down, Theo went home to get his earlier that day so they don’t give  Josephine the hustle of cleaning her car again. Due to the mud after the rains that Friday, the road had been muddy through to Sunday and they had to save that situation. They took off and had arrived at the party grounds taking an hour. Theo drove again.Jeff invited his family,Theo and Sey did too.Pastor Joseph was the guest of honour and the one to lead them in prayers.
They were ushered in by some of Jeff’s co-workers;they all looked elegant in their dresses.The opening prayer was said by pastor Joseph. No sooner had the prayer ended than, they played music on the background.People dancing.All eyes were on Jeffrey Ntiamoah as he was looking great.
As Mr Duncun mounted the pulpit, everyone was with a smiling face,he called Jeffrey to the pulpit. He spoke about his commitment to his work and handedd him the keys to his new car and house. He also gave him an envelope, with a fresh White sheet.Everyone was happy and danced all night.As he was returning to his seat, he blacked out and fell.
(He’s back doc a voice called,Jeff was at the hospital)
Yes,that’s how I was saved,amongst the lots, God chose me.I was in comma for three months.We never arrived in Ghana safely that Sunday,on our travel from Brazil.Serlorm and Jeff died in that same plane crush.They were my good friends.They did a lot for God,they prayed,went to church and won souls for the lord.They preached and changed lives including my life.They deserved this,not me,but here I was preaching to you all.
Having a kind of “god”apart from God isn’t only idol worship.The things we do,things that take our minds from God become I idols.Let’s rethink, and turn to God.We have time for other things don’t we?Let’s have time to study the word and know God more.The lord gave me a fresh sheet and said”Free people from idolatry and here I am preaching to you.”Jeff concluded when he came to church to preach and use his journey to tell the people in his church.
Let’s indeed rethink and free ourselves from idolatry and serve the Lord with our minds,hearts and  time.Be blessed.
Story by Belinda Ahiakpor.
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