Me, An Idol Worshiper?..Episode 14


“Today dierr,no excuse,Jeffrey would go to church.Josephine was heard saying as she walked into the hall.Hmm,I will,Jojo,I will.Jeff replied trying to tell Josephine.
“Hahaha,Sey was seen coming out of the bathroom laughing and singing.Today bi today o,today na today o,we will go to church o!Everyone laughed at Serlorm’s song.
“look at you,yesterday you were talking in your sleep how delicious Josephine’s meal was and you are here laughing at Jeff,Theo cut in.
“Who?Me,you must be joking,I can’t do that, no,I eat,yes I love eating but one thing I don’t do,is talk in my sleep,no!.Serlorm defended himself
Theo picked his phone ,just then someone spoke, it was a recording he did of Serlorm’s sleep talk. No way out now bro.Jeff said laughing.Sey indeed had been caught.He begun making his face like he was about to cry.
Theo was next to bath.He took his towel, kept it on him shoulder and off he went making a face at Serlorm.He rushed to the bathroom still laughing.
Josephine laughed all the way to the kitchen to get breakfast ready before they went to church. After breakfast,it was exactly 7:30 in the morning and everyone was dressed up and ready to set off to church.They quickly made it to the car.They were in Jeff’s house,so he agreed they used his car.Theo was driving.
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He started the car and it failed to respond, he did again and the outcome was no different.They finally agreed to take Josephines’ after convincing Jeff.They got to church in no time.
It was a large congregation. As they stepped in the church, the choir was preparing to sing. Pastor Joseph called all those who were willing to take Christ as their saviour. They all, Jeff Serlorm, Theo and Josephine rose to the front and he layed hands and prayed for each one of them.The preaching touched everyone’s soul and the lost were saved.
After the service,pastor Joseph met with them and advised them to find time for God no matter how busy they were. He again prayed for them and gave each of them a bible and a daily devotional book.They were happy and thanked him. Next was the party. They talked about all from their drive from the church to the house.
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To be continued…