Me, An Idol Worshiper?..Episode 13


After Theo preached and convinced Jeff,they both decided to go to Serlorm’s house to pick him up.They met Eli who was sleeping in the couch.She welcomed them after giving them something to drink and went in to call her brother.Sey was handsome but he was more handsome when he woke up from his sleep,his mum used to say.Eli giggled after she informed them he was coming to see them soon.
Sey stepped into the hall,yawning. The impression on his face changed immediately he saw them
“You err,I go talk you nothing, that was the only thing he said after he sat down, he was really angry. Theo calmed him down and explained the situation at hand to him.He was still angry but he began to understand.
So after convincing Serlorm, they all decided to go to Jeff’s house.Theo had packed a few things and Serlorm did same.They got there and Josephine arrived later to meet them. 
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Josephine ended up being Theo’s cousin.They hadn’t really known themselves well but they were family.It’s indeed a small world.They had a great time reminiscing on their childhood lives and how Theo’s dad was really caring and loving when he was alive.Some old wounds were opened.
So it was actually a sleep over.Theo teased Jeff to be sure he had enough money to pay his cousins dowry. They laughed throughout the night after eating some hot Banku with pepper and grilled tilapia, he loved it.
“I must confess, this is truly home made. Serlorm was heard talking in his sleep still commenting on Josephine’s meal.The rest laughed.They planned on going to church the following day and then to the much awaited party.
Everyone looked forward to it.Most especially,Jeffrey Ntiamoah.
To be continued….