Me, An Idol Worshiper?..Episode 12


Jeff got to the bank on time .He went straight ahead to the ATM to cash out the money and get to the shop,which was across the street opposite to the bank. he finished up in no time.It was at the shop where he was buying the clothes that he remembered he had to call Theo and Jeff to remind them of their meeting together so he officially introduces Josephine to them. There and then,he paused when he remembered his promise to attend the mid week service that Friday.He couldn’t call any longer. He had real explanations to give them and a tangible one at that.
He got into his car,mustard some courage and called Theo,he knew Theo was a listener and the calmer one too then he changed his mind and decided to go to Theo’s  house.Traffic was heavy that day.Now the sun had shone and came out well,scorching so badly. Jeff began fanning himself whiles he waited in traffic.
When he finally got to Theo’s house,it was half past two in the afternoon. He knocked severally and Theo cane out with a frown on his face after seeing the person who was at his door.
“Charley, Charley, you have disappointed  me, you know, even today’s service was short and you missed it.You expect me to feel okay.Theo spoke,walking into the room and leaving himself on the couch.
“Am sorry bro,I have got a lot on my mind, Jeff finally said.
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“Jeff,you are from a Christian home, a Christian family. Your dad is a renowned minister of the gospel. Why do you do this,why can’t you find time for God.look,your family pray day in day out to see you and you are here, telling me you have got a lot on your mind?Am really sorry, I won’t buy that .Theo spoke worriedly.
“Hnmm,okay,you know, I’ll have a change of heart bro,I’ll make it up to you bro,you all.Please let’s go to the party together after I have introduced Josephine to you.But before that, church first,what do you say.He was looking very sorry and Theo saw that.
“Alright, but you know Sey won’t let you go free on this one.Let’s remember,all our achievements are worth nothing without God.Life and death is in his hands. Let us not be impressed with vanity.Its good to have you back. Go do God’s will. Theo concluded.
“Yes,that’s indeed true, Thanks bro.Jeff added.
Was Jeff back for good?
To be continued..