Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 81


​Me: i was so suprised with smiles all over my face, omg!!! You are great!!!
Dera: hhahahaa told ya she said smiling, pulling the halfly buried box out completely, grab the red flag over there she said smiling.
Me: i reach for the red flag attached to a white pole, it did feel like we just won a war, i swung it left and right in excitement.
Dera: come on lets go she said grabbing my arm in excitement. We ran back to the starting point with smiles all over our faces as the crowd cheered.
Anna: congratulation she said the first team just made it back with the treasure and most importantly without getting soaked!!! In less than 5mins!!
We stood waiting the rest to be back, and soon they began to return, some completely soaked while others were fairly wet. Just then i saw ricky with mira on his back as water dripped down from their body.
They dodged the machine shooting giant water balls, when they got to a point were 5machines shot water balls zig zagly.
Mira: how do we get pass it she asked??
Ricky: i think we are to use the arrow, he said picking up aim at the shutdown botton and he missed terribly until he was out of arrows.
Mira: aaaaarrrghhh now we are never going to win!!!
Ricky: have got judo skills girl, he said grabbing the shield, blocking of the water balls as he rolled to the base of the machine turning it off, he dodged and blocked and finally he successfully shut down every single machine without getting wet.
Mira: yeeeeeeeaaaah!!!! She yelled smiling as she ran towards him for a hug when she stepped on a mice which splashed water forcefully on them, throwing her backward.
Ricky: hahaha he laughed so loud seeing mira on the floor with a weird face.
Mira: smiling you should be helping me up!!! She said as she placed her thumb on the water pouring forcefully out of the ground as it splashed on ricky.
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Ricky: hahah whats wrong with you!!.
Mira: game over she said smiling as she kept on pouring the water on him, he ran towards her grabbing her from behind, he moved her to the path where the water returned to floor, as they both got soaked from head to toe. Hahahaha ricky stop it.
Ricky: thats for messing with me he said grining. She turned swiftly burying her face in his chest.
Mira: hahahah you are really crazy she said staring at him as they both got badly soaked.
Ricky: steadying his gaze on her, i know mira he said smiling, and i also know am inlove with you he said drawing his lips close to hers.
Mira: shutting her eyes as she raised her lips slowly to meet his.
And thats exactly how they both came back extremely wet without the treasure.
Me: looking at them i could tell this was more than just being couples for the ladies week.
Ricky: he dropped mira as they both stood close to me, woow you are so dry!!
Me: hahaahah you are so wet!! I said as damian came back carrying isabel in his arms.
Ricky: do you see what i see dude!!
They luckily dodged the machine shooting giant water balls as they approached the pathway where 5machines shot balls zig zagly.
Damian: uh-oh!! We so gonna be soaked.
Isabel: i think we should use the arrow, they took turns to try as they luckily shut down just one of the machines. Now what??
Damian: we run pass it he said with a naughty smile.
Isabel: we are gonna be wet!! She said looking abit surprised.
Damian: and that will be fun! He grabbed her hand smiling as they both ran in the midst of the balls.
Isabel: hahahaha you are craz…..she was about saying when they stepped on the mice aaaarrrrgh she screamed in a feminine tone as water splashed on them.
Damian: hahahah come on we’re still gonna get the treasure he said grabbing her hand as they ran excitedly. And finally they walked back.
Isabel: we still loss she said smiling a bit.
Damian: yeah but i think i found a better treasure he said tossing the box away.
Isabel: and whats that??
Damian: carrying her in his arm, as she chuckled, that you my love.
And thats how they came back without a treasure.
To be continue on Monday


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