Me, An Idol Worshiper?..Episode 11


Few minutes after eating, Sey called Jeff and Theo to remind them once more of the mid week service at church.As they promised, they again did. Eli who finished up already came to tell Sey she was off to church since it was almost time for the service .Serlorm asked her to wait a while so they go together in his car 
As fast as he could,he went in,took his bath and was out in no time all dressed up.
“Little sis,let’s go,he said tapping Eli.
” Am not little anymore o,bro Serlorm, am eighteen, of legal age,am a big girl now,she continued.
“Hahaha,big girl indeed,okay sister biggie,let’s go wai I beg of you.They both laughed walking out while Eli rushed to the gate to open it for Sey,she joined him and off they both zoomed, on their way to church.
They got there even before everything had begun.Pastor Joseph had as usual started his meeting in groups and was introducing the topic for the weeks to come,titled,
Hmm and many shoke in their seats and were eager to get transformed. Serlorm was enjoying this,it was perfect for them. His mind quickly went to Jeff and Theo.They had still not arrived.Then he turned and saw Theo after an hour passed the time of arrival. He made a face at him and signalled him to join them. He asked of Jeff after the service since he didn’t come and Theo wasn’t sure he had the right answers.They agreed to and find him at his house.
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They got to Jeffs’ and he wasn’t there. They decided to leave after a long wait and the pressures Eli was giving them,that she needed to sleep early. They called his line and he couldn’t really say why he missed the service and again,promised to make it to the next.
The next day was a Friday, preparations were being made by all workers. Workers had some day off, it started raining
“Need a change of clothes and I must first make it to the bank. he thought to himself..and then go buy some clothes. he dressed up and set off .The rains were heavy now and he badly needed the money for this stuffs.He still had divided thoughts. He finally made up his mind.The party was on Sunday night.He indeed made up his mind
To be continued..