Me, An Idol Worshiper?..Episode 10


It was a lovely Tuesday and Mr Duncun had called all the workers to meet at the company’s conference hall.Everyone had mixed feelings. Since he and his friends had meet up after the project pushed through, it had been a while since they spoke or had any meetings after that. He really wished they were here with him at this crucial moment.Mixed feelings and Jeff was no exception. The usual giggling and undertone talks were heard echoing in the room.Then, Mr Duncun walked in, cleared his throat and sat down looking all serious. Debbie,his secretary who normally smiled wasn’t looking all smiley that day.
He Cleared his throat again but this time louder.Everyone was steady, the room was quiet now.He then asked Debbie for a file .The flipping through the files could be heard across the four walls of the room. He brought out some sheets and asked Debbie to pass the sheets round so everyone could see it.Jeff hadn’t arrived yet.
As the sheets were going round,you could just imagine the faces people made. Some smiled, others laughed and most especially,others frowned.No one looked sad,at least with or without promotion
The company’s party was still going to happen,so what’s the big deal .Dela,one loud mouth Lady spoke 
.Jeff walked in,pleading lateness.By then the sheets had already gone round.Mr Duncun was still looking serious.Mr Ntiamoah, work, and hardwork means business.He said handing the sheet to him.
Jeff looked confused the more.He checked and he made it through .He was promoted and  he was going to be given a car and a house, and a huge monthly salary attache.Wow,thanks be to God. He was indeed grateful to God.Mr Duncun,smiling stood up and congratulated him for working hard.
Everyone was still happy looking forward to the party. All these were going to be handed to him officially at the party.Although Jeff was grateful to God.He wondered if he really was,in the heart. As usual,driving home,he called all of them to inform them about his success.They made a deal with the guys,that is if he would only introduce Jojo to them,they were definately going with him to the party.He agreed and they promised to meet up and finally get to see Josephine.
Both Theo and Serlorm informed Jeff of the mid week services they were having at church which he always missed .He again promised to make it to those services.They were sure Jeff wasn’t going to miss this one.No!He would surely attend .
“Hahaha!Finally,finally,we are going to meet up.The three strong men”. Theo said speaking with his dog as he sat on the porch fanning himself with a graphic he had sent Elikplim,his younger sister to buy for him early that morning.Just then,Elikplim walked to him at the porch,stood there and kept stirring at him wile he talked with the dog
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.”Bro Serlorm,are you okay?Bro Serlorm,she called once more.Sey was busily fanning himself with the graphic and laughing to himself whiles looking at daggle, his dog
.”Yes yes ,his mind was at home now,then he spoke in a lower tone,you Eli koraa,why,he said turning to her.Just when I had gotten to the peak and sweetness of my imagination of getting a lovely Lady you can call your sister in-law one day at Jeff’s company’s party,you interrupt and spoil it all.
Eli,laughing now.”Haha,eih bro Sey,so just because I wanted to tell you food was ready,I interrupted you?Oh then am sorry, let me go back and finish mine, Eli said walking away.
Sey looking at the situation at hand,had to save it at all cost or the access denied button would be pressed,action!!, he thought carefully and began.
“Hey baby sis,please come back and tell me well.Did you say food was ready.I didn’t hear you koraa,you should have shouted in my ears. You know since you came to spend the vacation with me,I have been growing fat.Hope you stay for a while,sey continued,raising his eye brows.
Haha, I’ll be leaving for school soon. Sister Enyo wants me to come spend the rest of the vac with her in Brazil.I am missing little Gracie already. I won’t stay because of food.I’ll go papa.When she asked you to come with bro Jeff and Theo did you take me?its now my turn”Elikplim added laughing and making a face at Serlorm
.”Eli,but you have to at least teach me how to make indomie so that if the koko or waakye seller doesn’t come I’ll get something to eat wai,abeg.
“Serlorm begged shaking his head and scratching it,walking towards the dining room after Eli.
To be continued….