Me, An Idol Worshiper?..Episode 9


Immediately Jeff got out of his office,he made a call to Josephine telling her all that happened.She was happy to hear the news and also looked forward to the celebration. He then went on to call Serlorm and Theo and they all planned to meet at Theo’s place later that evening to get more information about Jeff’s success.
“Beautiful,beautiful great ideas,Jeff tried mimicking the voice of the chief who spoke at the meeting and how he praised him for a good work done. They all laughed talking about the issue. Suddenly Serlorm spoke,
“But Jeffrey on a more serious note,do you know you’ve not tried at all.You figure out say we would not find you have a wife,I mean,yh,a wife I’ll say anaa Theo,he said stirring at Theo.
“Yh Jeff,we are your friends for crying out loud.You could have at least told us something rather than we finding out by ourselves.We are very disappointed. I guess we aren’t brothers after all?
Theo said feeling sad.
“Am truly sorry,was planning on telling you guys.Please forgive me kk.”Jeff begged his friends.
“You still need to give us a tangible reason and explanation. I don’t buy this 
“am sorry story”Serlorm frowned while saying this .It doesn’t end it all there,he added.”Okay then,why don’t we all go to my church tomorrow and thank God for such a great miracle in Jeff’s life Theo cut in.Alright then,Jeff agreed. Its a deal, Serlorm shouted.
For once Jeff could breath. He thought to himself. He then decided to call his parents to find out how they were doing.He asked Serlorm to minimise the volume of the TV set.
(Mimi picks up)
Mimi:Hello,good evening, the Ntiamoah’s residence please,how may I help you.
Jeff:Hello dear how are you?
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Mimi:Am fine ,thanks, may I please know who’s on the line ?(Jeff laughs)
Jeff:look at you,all grown up already.Its Kwame,how are you all doing?.
Mimi:Aww,bro Kwame,I missed you and you just came and left us in a rush. Am very angry at you.
Jeff:Am coming there soon lil sis,soon, okay. Tell me,how’s everyone.
(Mimi,giggling now):We are all fine, its just that dad has been asking to see you and we miss you too.
Jeff:Okay sis,don’t worry,I’ll be home soon okay. Take you all ,goodbye.
Mimi:Goodbye bro Kwame. We love you too.(Jeff hungs up).
That was Miriam, Jeff told them.
“Really, its been a while I saw her,guess she’s a big girl now. We should all pay them a visit one of these days.Serlorm suggested.
“Yes yes,we have to,one of these days,Jeff agreed.
“Okay, I have to try and introduce Jojo to you.Am planning on doing that soon.Met her at the conference while in Kumasi, she was really helpful.Glad I met her,she’s one in a million. Serlorm looked at Jeff,all romantically and laughing. Just then Jeff received a call.
“Hey,calm,quiet,she’s the one. ( They spoke for a while then the call ended)
“Turning to Sey and Theo,I will introduce her before the party my boss is planning on throwing.
“We are looking forward to it bro,we are,they both laughed at Jeff happily.
“They had barely finished when Serlorm spoke. Am hungry
I thought you said you don’t eat on your birth day, you fast and all that
“when did I say it,was I feeling sleepy when I said it?Serlorm asked scratching his head.(Theo took a pillow trying to throw it at Serlorm) Serlorm, dashed to the kitchen.Theo and Jeff followed him with it,going towards the kitchen too.
Sunday came so fast and they had to leave for church as agreed. Serlorm drove his car although Theo preferred they used his.Jeff was seated next to Serlorm at the front seat fidgeting with his phone. They arrived at the church on time and the choir had gathered to sing. They all sat together, Jeff’s concentration was still on his phone. He scrolled through it to reply to some messages and catch up with some chats he hadn’t replied in a long time due to his busy schedule.
He raised his head to look up only to see Serlorm and Theo dancing happily.He was so engaged with what he was doing that he didn’t even notice his friends stand up from their seats..
To be continued….