Me, An Idol Worshiper?..Episode 8


It was early Saturday morning. Jeff was all dressed and ready to leave for work. Since they had returned from Brazil,he was the only one amongst his friends who was back to his job, the rest hadn’t, at least not now.So for now he had a project which needed to be completed and handed to his boss,Mr Duncun.He was on his way when he remembered to call Josephine. They spoke for a while and it seemed she was a bit okay now.Off,he arrived at the offices’ parking lot.
Everyone was busy doing one thing or the other, Saturdays were like a less busy day or free day;the workers usually called it.But here he was,today was an exception. Having Tom,Dick and Harry running helter skelter, the submission of the project to the local chiefs of the town   was today.The company had been planning on appealing to the local chiefs to hand over the vast land near where the company was located.The chiefs,who were not too sure whether or not to agree told the company to draw up a plan and to prove how the establishment on the land could be of any benefit to their people. And Jeffrey was given that project.The companies fate was in his hands.Before he left home ,he prayed.He hoped God makes a way.
The place was looking all decorated and any dirt was likely to be easily noticed.Jeff’s colleges saw the worry on his face.He wanted to tell them he had faith in God they’ll make it through but he feared he would be laughed at.Just then, Mr Duncun came out of his office,interrupting Jeff’s thoughts. 
“Come in,Jeff,he said ushering him into his office. They chatted for a short while. Mr Duncun,who was a little bit worried about the outcome was pacing about the office.He got to his window, opened the curtains and lo and behold,he saw some cars drive through the gates. He jumped in fright.
He turned to Jeff,they are here,I hope you did a good job Ntiamoah,Its late,I can’t go through it now. Hmmm..he continued speaking in a shaky voice.
“Sir,the chiefs are here.May I send them in?the secretary asked.”Sure Debbie, sure, please do,Mr Duncun told her,in a worried tone.
“Okay sir,right away,Debbie answered closing the door after her.
The local chiefs entered,their faces looking all serious.Mr Duncun shoke in his trousers. It looked like if this project did not meet its requirements, the company was sure to back out and loose all the end benefits that came with it.Mr Duncun thought to himself.
“Please sit,he said,realising what was happening was reality.The chiefs took their seats.”Mr Ntiamoah,the ball is in your court,he said pointing at Jeff,”Just then, a call came through,it was Serlorm,Jeff hanged up and rose to explain.
“Wow,great ideas,Jeff,how did you do this?Beautiful, one of the chiefs said clapping his hands.Not only are we impressed, but convinced.great.!!Well done,its a deal Mr Duncun.It would be a great project they said rising up to leave.
Jeffrey, Jeffrey,Mr Duncun said after the chiefs had left.We will celebrate this in a grand style. It sure calls for celebration. I knew you won’t let me down,hahaha.He said shaking hands with Jeffrey.They were indeed happy.They broke the news to the entire staff.Everyone rejoiced looking forward to the celebrations.
To be continued….