Married Single Episode 22



I stood up after sitting on my bed for a long time. I couldn’t get myself to sleep. I turned off the TV and walked out to the kitchen. I wanted to get myself some drinking water. Opening the refrigerator, I grabbed a bottle of water and walked towards the pool as I drunk.

I looked around to see the police officer but he was not around.

” Mwale!” I called the security guard.

” yes boss!” He responded trotting towards me.

” Where is the policeman? Isn’t he supposed to be out here?” I asked him

I saw him look down. ” Mwale! What is your problem? Didn’t you get my question?” I asked now guessing something wasn’t right.

” Am sorry boss but the madam asked us not tell you anything until she returned. She went out and the officer also went out after she left. He told us he’s going to get another officer from the station. It’s like they made some arrangements with the madam ” Mwale explained

” Oh no! So you are telling me Stella is not in the house?” I scoffed handing him the bottle of water and rushed back inside the house to get the car keys.

” Where on earth have you sent Stella?” I shouted in the phone as I drove out.

” She suggested you are not told so that you are not put in harm’s way” the police officer responded.

” Are you serious right now?” I shook my head angrily as I increased the speed heading to the police station.

” Am a man and can defend myself. How dare you allow her to go to that man you know so well how crazy he is. I swear to God if this plan of yours does not work and anything happens to her, I will report you to your superiors ” I scolded.

” How far are you from the meeting place?” I asked him before hanging up.

He told me they were almost getting to Gonde lodge as the plan was not to be seen near there.

I accelerated the car engine my mind and heart racing. I couldn’t believe the police acted so irresponsible as to send a woman to that criminal. I knew Stella was thinking about protecting me but I knew it in me I was the one to protect her.

All the way I hopped and whispered for her to be okey. I couldn’t imagine the worst had happened to her.

By the time I got to the place, two officer dressed in casual clothes were just getting out of their vehicle and heading to the reception.

I didn’t want to waste time with procedure so I ran to the rooms without even thinking through the fact that I had no idea which room they where in.

I passed two doors and then on the third one l heard someone screaming. ” Please stop this now you are going to kill me!” Came Stella’ s voice and I instantly turned and kicked the door open.

She was laying on the floor and Mike without his clothes on was trying to push himself in her.

He had her dress tone apart and her face was swollen obviously he had been beating her.

” What the hell! ” I shouted and went to grab him, pulling him off her as the police officers ran in.

I felt my hot temper raising and started hitting Mike in his face continuously as the cop tried to pull me back.” You will pay for this you jerk!” I landed some punches on him as he fall to the wall.

” We will take care of him now ” one of the cops pulled me trying to make me stop beating him but I was so pissed I couldn’t be contained.

I punched him harder as he went staggering to the bed. ” You are too much you idiot and now face me like a man!” I shouted angrily..

The officers pulled me back as Mike’ s nose bleed .

” Calm down now sir and let us do our job” they held me down.

I turned breathing heavily realising I had not checked Stella. She lay on the floor shaking and crying her dress torn apart.

” You should not have come here alone Stella!” I whispered pulling her up into an embrace.

” I couldn’t let him destroy your life. I wanted to put an end to all this but when he figured I was wired, he started beating me and wanted to rape me again” she cried still holding me.

Some people and workers of the lodge came to watch from the passage as the cops pushed the now hand cuffed Mike to the door.

” Your time is up you Lunatic! ” they shoved him forward his face bleeding I felt good I had to be the one to help finish him off.

I held Stella close and led her to the car as the spectators looked on. She was crying and her body shaking.

” You are safe now and you did well? You are so brave” the officer told her as I lay her in the car.

She nodded her head her face teary before I closed the door and stood to talk with the police officer. ” Make sure he gets what he deserves !” I told him

” Sure he will. Thankfully it was all recorded we have enough evidence to hand him to the courts for his judgement. Am sure both him and her ex husband will get the punishment deserving for what they have done to this poor woman ” he responded.

” I will see to it that that happens ” I answered and walked round to the driver’s seat.

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Back at home I held Stella to the house and helped her into a bath tab filled with warm water. She was still crying.

” You had a very bad day Swity but believe me it’s all over now” I whispered pouring some water on her back as she sank in the tab.

” Thank you for saving my life more than once Lucas. I don’t know what I could have done if you were not here ” she whispered sadly.

” Maybe God prepared that we meet during such circumstances so that we both can pull through this together” l smiled

” I dont know if I will ever be the same after all this Lucas. I honestly don’t think I can trust myself to love anyone else. Maybe it’s best we part ways here I feel so broken I feel I will end up hurting you” she looked at me seriously.

” Right now is not the time to talk about such. You are upset and I understand your pain. But it will pass and I believe you will learn to live through all this and have a normal life again” I tried to comfort her.

She kept on shaking her head tears in her eyes. I told myself I wasn’t going to let her go through it alone. I was already involved and the time to even think of leaving her had passed.

” Come on, finish cleaning up and I will ask the maid to bring you a cup of coffee to calm you down” I told her leaving the bathroom.

I went out my bedroom and asked the maid to bring some coffee.

After some minutes of pacing around the study I walked back to the bedroom and found her standing in front of the mirror, a white towel wrapped around her body.

” You are still as beautiful as I could remember” I whispered holding her from the back facing our images on the mirrow.

” I feel something else, it’s like am seeing another person in that mirror and my heart is hurting” she whispered sadly.

” Look,” I turned her to me. ” Don’t let what those two idiots did define you, you are a very beautiful and good woman. You have just been unfortunate meeting those two in your life and I promise you from now on your life will change. Trust me there’s is more to live for than crying over what those made you go through” I assured her as she looked her tired eyes into mine.

She smiled weakly and placed her head on my shoulder. ” Thank you!” She sighed and I held on to her. The soft breath from her chest meeting with my own heart beat and making me feel at home.

” Come on, you have to drink some coffee” I held to the side table and handed her a cup the maid had brought.

She sighed and sat on the bed sipping on the coffee. ” Too much sugar ” she looked at me.

I giggled shaking my head. ” my bad, I should have asked you before I made it”

” I can make another one instead ” I offered standing to grab the cup from her.

” Nope, this will do for today” she smiled

” Are you sure ? ” I asked concerned. ” lt’s okey really and thank again” she shrugged.

” Stop thanking me already , we are in this together I already told you” l sighed leaning my hand on her soft skin on the thigh left below the towel.

She drunk in silence and when she finished I helped place the cup down and pulled her up to the bed.

We lay close to each other and I held her waist as our eyes met. ” Am glad I met you even if I lied to you” she whispered.

” I am too. Who could have known right?” I let a laugh playing with her scattered hair.

” I hope Mike and Chris get their punishment and are not released soon. I can’t stand them” she shook her head.

” Who would? ” I laughed ” don’t worry though, If I have to follow it up to make sure they get their deserving punishment then I surely will” I nodded my head still looking at her.

She was quite for some time and she opened her mouth to say something then suddenly closed it back.

“Say it out” I encouraged her rubbing her shoulder.

” Mike was telling me am a cursed person and that I destroy men’ s lives. No wonder I will always be unhappy” she cried

” What if he’s right?” She asked looking at me as her eyes shed tears. ” what if am indeed a curse? Just look at both of them how did all this happen?” She asked sitting up.

” Please you don’t have to believe his words. There is nothing wrong with you. They are the ones with a problem and you just happened to be part of their God forsaken lives” I assured her but she kept on shaking her head.

” Am scared Lucas, I might end up ruining your life too and then I won’t be able to live with myself if that happened. I think it’s best I go back to my parents and never come back here” she went on crying bittery.

” Stella you are a child of God and God forbid that . you think of your self in those lines. You have to calm down now and be optimistic. We both have had our lessons out of all this and am sure soon enough we will understand why this happened ” I explained holding her hands.

She looked at me and sighed before laying back on the pillow.

In silence I held her and watched her as she fall asleep.

The following week, Mike and Chris were taken to court and Mike was given 6 years for his acts and Chris was given 3 years for acting jointly with him.

Stella seemed at ease and she was slowly beginning to live normally. I had stayed by her side and didn’t allow her to go back to her parents who were now aware of her situation.

They asked her to go back home but I pleaded for them to let her stay with me. ” l just hope you know what you are doing, our daughter has been through too much and we don’t want to hear her having some other issues going on there. Even if we are poor we have enough to offer her and we are ready to take care of her” her father had told me the time I went with her to explain things.

I had promised to help her through so I brought her back home with me.


A month later, we sat by the pool area, talking and laughing. She wore a see through blouse that showed off her skin and some leggings.

I couldn’t stop admiring her as I sat opposite her. I had realised she was a very funny person to be with and had displayed very good senses in her line of thoughts.

I was busy talking , I don’t remember what about , when she suddenly stood up running to the grass and started vomiting.

” Are you okey? ” I walked to her and held her shoulder as she breathed heavily.

” I have been feeling nauseous for some days now and this is the 4th time this is happening” she whispered.

After she cleaned up she sat down her hands holding her head. ” What is it ?” I asked sitting next to her.

” Lucas if this is what I think then I don’t know , my life is over” she sighed

” What is it? Don’t scare me?” I asked panicking.

” I could be pregnant ” she told me seriously.

” But… How?” I stammered

” Yeah you and me have not been together since the last time Mike raped me, if its true then am carrying that lunatic’s child” she cried.

I stood up shocked . ” Oh my God!” I sighed not knowing what to say.

It was worse enough I had to put up with the madness of Mike now I had to sacrifice to raise his child.

” I can’t be with you Lucas, this is a sign. …then”

” Stop!” I shouted ” we dont know for sure. The best is you get tasted first and…”

” What happens if it’s true?” She cut me short and I stared at her speechless.

I had honestly not thought of that before and it was hard to process everything in that moment.

Story continues…