Married Single Episode 21



I had to make it to the house as quickly as I could to check on her. The thoughts of her being in danger clouding my mind, I couldn’t stay calm.

” thanks man for this, just help me to find a away out of here as fast as possible so that I can go back home” I told the guard who had released me.

” make sure you keep the end of your deal. I need to get out of this town before my friend does something bad to me. The effect of the drug he inhaled will be for just an hour and I hope by then things would have worked out for you” the guard responded as he led the way out of a lodge.

I was right to feel I was in a room at a lodge before. We stood by the main road, I didn’t bother to ask which area we were in, I could tell when we stood by road side that we were in one of the compounds, Chawama to be precise.

After a few minutes I stopped a taxi, and the guard hopped in too. In my mind I thought of handing him over to the police but then I felt pity for him. Karma will catch up with him and I was to keep my words.

” I cannot go to your place for i heard there’s a cop there. Now tell me how I would get my money” he asked as the vehicle moved heading to town.

” you tell me, cause I don’t have the money with me here and I don’t keep such sums of money in the house” I responded looking ahead my heart not at easy.

After a few minutes of discussing it, we agreed I send him the money and told him I would not report him to the police . Instead of following me he asked to be left in town and I asked the taxi driver to drive quickly to my residence.

Without waiting for someone to answer the gate I banged it continuously until one of the security guards, followed by a police officer came to open. ” sir! You are Okey!” The guard shouted happily upon seeing me.

” where is She?” I responded instead as my eyes went ahead to look for Stella in the house.

My heart leaped with joy as I saw her running towards me.

” oh my God thank you!” She cried hugging me.

” I was going crazy thinking Mike had done the worst to you Lucas, are you Okey?” She looked at me.

” am fine Swity. Thank God those idiots didn’t touch you. I swear they could have seen the worst of me I embraced her planting a kiss on her lips.

The police officer cleared his throat behind us.

” you will continue the reunion later just tell me what happened I need to give a report. We have to apprehend the guys involved before it’s too late ” he spoke up .

” yeah of course officer ” I sighed leading the way inside as Stella held on to my hand.

I told them about Mike and Chris and Stella stood up furious.” No way, I never knew those two were working together. What is wrong with them?” She shook her head confused.

“Don’t worry yourself now Swity, all this is over now and they will be arrested this very night.” I comforted her.

Later the other officers came by and they told Stella to lead the way to her old house so that they catch Chris.

We found the house quite the time we drove by his gate. It was almost 04 am as it took time for me to escape and go through the whole process of reporting them.

The police officers banged the gate several times and a woman came to open. I looked at Stella to see if she recognised her but she shook her head.

” I don’t know her ” she responded

We stood back as the police walked in after talking to the woman who told them she was a maid.

A few minutes later Chris walked out in hand cuffs as the police officers tagged behind him.

” you are a fool Chris!” Stella shouted rushing to hit him in the face. ” you will pay you b****** for ruining my life. I gave you my whole life and did the best for you. What did you do? Threw it all away. Now that i left you in peace you won’t allow me to live my own life in peace. What did I ever do to you Chris for you to reach that extent of teaming up against me?” She cried standing in front of him.

He looked at her and then at me. ” you deserve it for being a slut” he spat angrily

” you think you will be happy living with this clown here, you are mistaken …” He shouted on and the cops pushed him into the vehicle.

” move it now !” They pushed him and he staggered forward.

” you will lead us to your friend !” They told him as one of the officers beat him in the back.

” come let’s go” I held Stella as we walked back to my vehicle.

Finding Mike’s place was not so difficult as we had been there before. Stella and I had gone to tell his wife the last time he was put in custody so we gladly gave directions to the cops.

After knocking for almost three times, Mike stood before us with his face clearly displaying he had been drinking.

Just the sight of him was so frustrating if not for the Police I could have had my way hitting his face off.

” what the hell! ” he shouted upon seeing us all standing outside with his counterpart in front.

Without warning he closed back the door and ran back inside. ” get him now!” The officers told each other as they kicked the door open.

I couldn’t wait anymore as I ran inside going after Mike too.

I saw him ran through the back door and I followed him behind increasing my speed seeing him ran to the road.

We ran after him and the guy went on running away as we all pursued him. We went round the houses and I would admit he made us ran around. The guy was good at running.

” go back sir We will try look for him he can’t be far ” one of the officers told me after we couldn’t see Mike anywhere.

I ran back now realising we left Stella with Chris alone.

” where is He?’ Stella asked as I joined them.

The hand cuffed Chris smiled, ” oh poor Stella your eternal boyfriend will make you pay too” he laughed teasingly.

” shut up !” I shouted raising my hand to hit him.

” just let this fool be Lucas, he doesn’t deserve your energy. The law will surely deal with him and we will then see how he will laugh about all this” Stella held me.

The cops came back shaking their heads. “We lost him, but surely we will soon have him” they told us.

” I hope so” i sighed.

” otherwise that man is crazy and is capable of doing anything now. ”

” just be careful you two. We will take this one to the cells and continue looking for Mike. Stay home and the officer will come over and guard you today until he’s found and apprehended” the cop informed us.

They dragged Chris back to their vehicle and I drove us back home.

Stella was quite all the way i could see she had lots on her mind. She looked so sad I wished i had a better way of comforting her.

I tried to talk to her about something else but she evidently wasn’t participating as she normally would.

” I never wanted this for you Lucas, I swear if I knew this would happen I could have stayed away from you for good” she cried that night as we sat together.

” it’s not your fault that all this is happening to you Stella. Don’t push this so much on yourself” I held her close

” those two are just crazy and am sure Mike will be caught soon. You don’t have to worry cause you are safe here” I tried to smile assuring her.

She asked to sleep alone and I understood her. I had to give her time to heal. The impact of what was happening surely left her broken.

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Stella. …

I couldnt sleep as i couldnt help thinking about what Mike was planning. After time of twisting and turning in bed I had to follow up my initial idea.

I walked out to the living room to find a telephone. Thinking if had to take care of Mike myself before it was too late I was going to save Lucas a great deal. He had done a lot for me and I wasn’t going to let him get in harm’s way anymore.

I thought of all the places he could have run to but I couldn’t figure out where. So I decided to call him.

His line rung for some time without response. I redialled the number and before I gave up I heard him answer.

” Hello who is this?” His deep voice came through making my heart race.

” Mike it’s me” I started calmly. . It was quite for some time and I thought he hung up.

” am so sorry for what happened between us Mike. I have just realised I love you and I need you right now” I went on trying to make him stay on the line.

He had no idea I wanted to have him trapped and I knew that trying to convince him about my feelings for him will get him into the trap.

” so you think am an idiot right?” He snapped. ” you are trying to buls*** me so that the cops can catch me. You are mistaken if you think I will fall into your trap Stella!” He shouted angrily.

” I am not laying Mike. Yes am at Lucas’ place but he doesn’t even know am talking to you. I just wanted to let you know that i have realised my mistakes and I love you. Please lets ran away from all this together” I sighed sadly trying to get him to accept.

He frowned and after some few minutes of convincing him he agreed to meet with me that evening.

” if you betray me again and even think of coming with the police or that Lucas here then I will have to kill you myself without hesitation.” He shouted back.

” I love you” I responded instead making a face as the words come out of my mouth.

I wasn’t going to let Lucas get in any way of trouble and since I had started it all I thought I could finish it.

I tiptoed to the living room and seeing the police officer standing outside.

I went over and whispered something to him and he nodded his head.

” open the door for her!” He told the guard who looked at me and then back at the officer.

” I will be okey, i smiled at him. Just don’t tell Lucas anything until I return I told him and walked outside the gate.

Thank God for the money I had got from the house I got myself a cab.

Earlier before Lucas escaped, the police officer and I planned on me luring Mike so that they would catch him. But after Lucas told us the story of Chris and Mike, we had left it to them to catch them. Now that Mike was on the run. The plan had to continue.

I touched my bra and felt the recording the police gave me earlier and it was intact.

I couldn’t risk carrying any phones as Mike would suspect me so I just trusted on God to help me succeed.

The taxi dropped me at Gonde lodge and straight away I walked to the room we meet with Mike before. Like i had guessed. He wasn’t there. I sat down in the bed nervously as I waited. The watch on the wall was showing 15 minutes past 20 hours.

” oh God let this be over soon” I prayed silently as I continued looking at the door.

After an hour or so I head the door click and Mike stood tall by the door his accusing eyes on me. ” I told you am alone Mike. ” I swallowed hard scared of his look.

” if you have decided to ran away with me, why then do you look so scared of me?” He asked still standing by the door.

” am not scared Mike because I know you love me” I whispered and stood walking towards him.

He grabbed my neck and pushed me to the wall.” You want to trap me you ungrateful woman!” He shouted chocking me.

” you are hurting me Mike” I gasped as his hands squeezed me.

” I told you all this is unnecessary, I just realised that I have been wasting my time on all this and I made up my mind I want to be with you” i cried.

” you are lying!” He spat ” you and that rich idiot came with the cops on me and you stand here lying to me?”

” am not lying Mike please let go. I wanted to tell you earlier but you made things difficult when you kidnapped Lucas and the police came. I realised when you came to my house that I still love you and am done fighting it. I love you babe” I sighed holding his face.

I saw him soften slowly and he breathed heavily.

He looked into my eyes and i surely felt the urge to spit into them but managed to control it.

” I missed you so much babe. I told you we belong together.” He smiled kissing me.

” please God let the police come soon before I lose it here!” I prayed inside my heart as he kissed me all over my face and neck.

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