Married Single Episode 19


The whole night I twisted and turned in my bed. My body felt so tired and sore but my mind stayed active , I couldn’t even doze off.

My greatest worry was what Mike was going to do with my phone. ” That lunatic is not up to any good” I thought to myself as I pushed myself to the bathroom.

I took time trying to scrub off the dirty I was feeling on my body. The scent of Mike was so loud in my nose I couldn’t stand it. I wished l had done more of washing myself the previous night.

After almost an hour of taking a bath, I walked to my bed and screamed loudly when I found someone standing in my room.

” Oh no! Swity am sorry I scared you. I didn’t mean to ” Lucas came closer to hold my hand but I moved back quickly in fear.

” Stella are you okey?” Lucas asked drawing near to me.

My face was covered in fear I couldn’t contain my body’ s shaking.

” What happened to you Swity please talk to me” he whispered trying to hold me and I stopped withdrawing as my mind realised I was safe.

Unconsciously l felt unsafe. The impact of Mike’s rape left me broken inside.

I started crying as Lucas pulled me into a hug.

” shshshsshsh! It’s me swity please calm down. You are safe now tell me what happened to you here when I was gone . I left you okey” he said in a low tone.

‘ He came here and raped me Lucas, he raped me and l can’t stop thinking about the pain he has caused me” l cried holding on to him.

” Oh God! This cannot be happening now, what is that idiot up to?” Lucas shouted angrily his facial expression changing from concern to anger.

He walked around the room shaking his head.

” I saw your text that we meet somewhere at 8 hours but then I decided we come talk here cause I wanted you to avoid going to such a place you told me. That’s why am here earlier” Lucas told me sitting back down.

” No” I shook my head , oh my God Lucas it’s not me who sent the text” I held my head in confusion.

” Yes swity I have it here, you text me about an hour ago and….”

” No it’s not me Lucas, Mike got my phone last night after raping me that’s why I couldn’t even call you. ” I cried desperately trying to think of what Mike wanted to do with Lucas at whatever place he was to meet him.

” This is getting out of hand Stella. We have to put a stop to this nonsense and now!” He spoke loudly as he grabbed his phone.

” Well, since he wants to play some games with me, let it begin !” Lucas sighed dialling some number.

” Hello, meet me up at my home now, that program has started ” I heard him speak on the phone.

I asked him what he meant by that and he told me he had hired two men to guard me and try to find Mike so that they could retrieve the recording. He stated that going to the police would take a long time and that we had no idea what Mike was up to.

I agreed with him and I quickly started dressing up. Before l finished Lucas came closer but I flinched again not wanting him to touch me.

” Am sorry, I still feel agitated, a man touching me is not feeling okey..”

” lt’s okey I understand, l just wanted to assure you that things will be okey” he smiled confidently making me feel safe.

I wore a black jeans and some body top, adding pamps on my feet as Lucas went on to make some more calls I could hear him talking. For a moment I felt bad I wasn’t allowing him close to me. I couldn’t control my inner fear and now I understood how some women felt after being raped.

We drove to Lucas’ house and found two huge men sitted inside.

They both greeted us standing up but I couldn’t get to shake their hands as I flinched back a little when one of them tried to come close.

I saw him look at me and then Lucas, He cleared his throat and sat back down.

” Am sorry, he told me about last night, it’s important that me and my colleague here know the whole truth so that we are effective” he smiled baldly.

” He’s right swity don’t worry you are safe now. These guys will protect you and you are not going back to your house. Change of plans you will be safer here than anywhere else” Lucas told me looking at me seriously.

I just nodded my head. Hating the fact that I was going to live in hiding because of a man’ s obsession.

They went on discussing the plan of what they were going to do to catch Mike at the point he told Lucas. And they left after 30 minutes.

I walked around the place when they were gone trying to calm myself down.

I called Linda to tell her what was going on using Lucas’ landline.

” Oh dear God, what kind of demons are using that man to do such kind of things?” Linda wondered sadly.

” He’s gone mad it’s evident and now I don’t have any idea what am going to do boi. Am scared right now I don’t even know what is going on with Lucas, it’s been over an hour since he went out to try catch Mike” I told her tears in my eyes.

” Don’t worry my dear, trust God for he’s seeing you through right now. Just pray even more for now is the darkest hour and the enemy has raised against you. But when you place your trust in God soon it will day break and you will live in peace again ” Linda encouraged me.

We went on talking and she even prayed for me on the phone. After which I really felt relaxed and as I hang up I heard the gate opening and a car driving in, l knew it was them.

I ran to the door to see what was going on and I saw Lucas come out of the vehicle and one of the guys was with him. I wondered were the other one was..

” So?” I asked getting close to Lucas, ” did you find him? Have you got the recordings?” I asked one question after the other.

” Come here” Lucas sighed leading me inside as he held my hand and at least I didn’t wince like before. I could bet the prayers l just had with Linda really got me better.

Lucas looked at my face to see I was okey with him touching me and I nodded my head to assure him.

” Listen, Mike had turned out to be sharper than we thought. It seems he is working with someone else and he saw the guys before they could hide. So I waited for him to appear at the spot but he didn’t come. Only to send me this” Lucas added showing me a text.

” You are so foolish if you think I will easily fall into your trap you stupid fool” it read

” What now?” I asked looking at Lucas.

” He’s not going to get away with this don’t worry. I went through the police and reported him still stalking you and about the rape. They wanted to come hear it from you but I told them it wasn’t neceasary. Thankfully the officer in charge of the case is a friend so he got my word for it. They are also going to take the issue seriously. Trust me he will be caught soon and be made to pay for what he’s doing” Lucas explained

I kept quite trying to find a way of understanding the situation. That day Lucas and I stayed inside whilst the two guys he hired together with the guards stayed outside guarding us .

Lucas and I were served some lunch later on and we ate in silence as we remained in our own thoughts.

I wondered what my life would have been if I had decided to wait for Mike.

Maybe I could have been happy, or maybe he could have kept me like his prisoner since his jealousy was so extreme even the time we were dating. I was still young and for me back then, it was love that was working and I couldn’t see the danger of his altitude and jealousy..

Inwardly I thanked God I had chosen another man even when things didn’t work out too. But it somehow saved me from being imprisoned for life in Mike’s home.

The mare thoughts of his face the previous night made my hands shiver.

I knew Mike wasn’t so much crazy as to come near the house that night so I walked outside the yard to have some time to think through things. The chill of the cold night touching my skin. I stood by the pool area and could see the bodygaurd’s standing by the gate and one kept his eyes on me.

I knew I was safe and I walked around the water sinking my eyes in the blue water as my thoughts wild through my head.

After half an hour I turned to look at the gate where the guard was and I saw the gate open. I looked closer to understand what was going on and I noticed it was all quite. No movements and no bodyguard.

I quickly walked there and found the two security guards laying down.

” Oh my God, what happened here!” I shouted touching them, they both were still alive, it was like someone just knocked them out.

” Lucas!” I ran back inside after noticing the two body guards had disappeared.

” Lucas! I screamed out runing around the house. I had left him in his study and he wasn’t there.

” He walked outside with the two body guards” the maid informed me when I bumped into her as I ran from his bedroom.

” What do you mean outside. I was just standing there! ” I shouted now panicking.

His car was still parked outside and I ran to it.

” Please God let him be okey I prayed as I drove out the gate to the police.

The officers took my statement as I panted telling them what happened.

” Don’t worry mam, we will find him. Just stay calm and don’t do anything. Let us handle this” the police officer told me.

I couldn’t calm down , l watched as they gave each other some information and two officers got into the police car driving away.

I was told to go back to Lucas’ s house and report anything happening there and I was told I was to be accompanied by one of the police officers.

My heart raced all through the way I couldn’t even drive. The officer took over and drove us.

Getting to Lucas’ house we found the guards were up and they had no idea what had happened to them.

One of them said he just felt a hit on his head and he blacked out. Now we were suspecting the bodyguards. But l didn’t understand. I had thought they came to protect us, whatever happened they sure were involved with Mike and just the thoughts of what they were to do with Lucas threatened me. ..

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I was trying to move as I felt my whole body feeling numb it was like I was tied up after being drugged. Opening my eyes I surely found myself tied to a chair the two I had hired as my body guards staring at me.

” Sorry man, someone offered something more for this job and we couldn’t resist It.” One of them talked close to my head and I shook my head disappointed.

” You b******s, you should have asked for more money and I could have given you. How can you betray me like that. I trusted you. Where is Stella? ” I asked looking around as my heart panicked.

” She’s probably crying herself to sleep in your house. ” l heard another man’s voice answer and I turned to look at who it was.

I remembered seeing his face somewhere but l couldn’t remember who he was.

” And who are You?” I asked him hating his funny laugh as he approached me.

” Let’s just say am the man you took a wife from. Mike told me she was going out with you before I even divorced her meaning the two of you have been betraying me for a long time.

You are lucky am not a killer, you could have died a long time ago. But now you are at my mercy.” He let a small laugh as he sat on the bed in front of me.

We were in a room like one in a lodge of some kind I couldn’t surely tell.

“You are sick in the head you know that? You failed to keep your wife and was a coward. Pushing her away , now you feel good acting like a criminal. Well, it’s sad because that doesn’t even make you a man if you ask me.” I scoffed looking straight at him.

He stood up and landed a slap in my face.

” Say anything of that sort again and am sure I will not hesitate to have these your body guards take care of you.” He gnawed angrily.

I was not feeling scared of them at all. The only fear I had was what was happening to Stella With everything I had in me I wanted her to be safe.

I tried to move but my body was tied. I was still struggling with myself when Mike came in.

” Well, the hero is here!” He shouted standing in front of me. ” this is what happens when you try to play hero. Stella is just a slut that deserves to be punished. But you are making everything difficult by trying to get in our way. ” Mike sighed

” He will pay for sleeping with my wife” Chris answered looking at me.

I couldn’t help but laugh at them both. They were acting so stupid I couldn’t understand what kind of nonsense was going through their heads.

” What is funny rich guy?” Mike snapped angrily. ” does this look like a joke to You?” He asked

” lt actually is, because you two are seriously playing like idiots who have watched too much cartoon. You think you will get away with all this? You are mistaken if you think this act of madness will let you escape the punishment that is coming your way” I told them seriously.

They both looked at each other and like idiots they started debating on the plan they had which was evidently clear not in one accord as they kept on arguing with each other.

After some few minutes of whispers and talking they walked outside and I was left with one of the guards standing by the door.

” Listen, I understand you just want to make money. I have more to offer than those two fools. Come on help me here and I will give you whatever you want. I need to get out of here and make sure Stella is okey. Please I will pay you handsomely” I pleaded with the man who kept quite looking at me.

” How much are they paying You?” I asked when I saw his face soften.

” They contacted us through our boss the one who recommended us to you and offered K 6 000 if we worked with them.

I smiled at him shaking my head. ” I can give you alone 3 times what they offered if you help me” I whispered and sat back when Mike and Chris walked back and the other man following behind.

” Don’t worry, we just want to make sure Stella feels the pain of betraying us both and when we are done punishing her we will let you go.” Chris spoke up.

” I loved her but she betrayed me with you and this man here. Funny am working with him huh?” He shook his head.

I kept my eyes on his stupid face and couldn’t stop wondering what Stella had seen in him. Her and him were far incomparable. She was a beautiful woman with a strong sense of life and calliber. Surely he didn’t deserve her. Now I understood why she had to go through what she did with him. He was just joke of a man. I vowed to make them both pay when I was out of the place of which I intended to leave as soon as they left as I could see the guy l made an offer to, looking at me with an assurance look.

Story continues…