Married Single Episode 18



” you can’t keep like this Stella, I told you already all this is going to be over soon.” Lucas comforted me as we both sat on my bed.

He had become a regular visitor to my house after the incidence with Mike.

Now that I was sure Chris and Mike had teamed up to make my life mesirable by threatening Lucas and sending me some text messages using some enormous numbers.

I started working a week after Mike was placed in police custody and immediately he came out he sent videos of me and him together the time we were at the lodge to threaten to publish them on social media if i didn’t stop seeing Lucas.

He told me through the messages that he was going to tell people the reason my marriage ended was because I was sleeping around.

At first I thought Mike was bragging. I was so sure he never got any video of us but when he sent me a clip I was powerless. My face was so clear in the video every single person I knew would recognise me if it went on social media. Not to talk of my reputation and that of my family.

The worse of it all was that he sent some photos of the recordings to my current employer telling them how i was a cheap women who was there to degrade the organisation with my prostitution.

I was fired from the Job that Lucas recommended me to barely a week after starting.

Now I was stuck back home if not for Lucas standing by my side I could have had nothing to eat or use in my home.

I looked at him still looking calm and composed I wondered how he managed that. He smiled at me and held my face to look at him.

” am going to find Mike and I swear I will take all the recordings he has of you. It all will be over soon” he assured me.

” I don’t really know Lucas. How do i stay calm knowing Mike is out there planning God knows what against me. ? He threatened to kill you and make it look like I did it if I don’t stop seeing you. Honestly Lucas we need to consider stopping our relationship. For starters am not ready to loose you and you don’t deserve all this. You are a good man Lucas and I won’t forgive myself if anything happens to you. Please listen to me and leave me already ” I begged him squeezing his hands.

He instead kissed me on my lips and whispered,

“What kind of man will I be if I can abandon the woman I love just because some jealousy lunatic is threatening me.?” He shrugged.

Mike had been on my tail for weeks. Asking me to leave Lucas or he will never let me get a job. He warned every time i did get one he would send the videos and pictures of my nudeness and tell them I was just a prostitute who would ruin their business.

I spent most of my days locked up. If not for Lucas and Linda I wouldn’t have survived the torture. I couldn’t tell my family just yet. I had no way of explaining myself to my parents.

I recall how I had met Chris one day. He was with his Mwenya and the baby three of them walked majestically with Chris carrying the baby.

I had pretended not to have seen them but Chris came over to me and held my hand.

” hello ex wife, I hear you found yourself a new sponsor. I should have known you were just a slut who uses men for money. It has not even been a year since we divorced and you are already sleeping around?” He scoffed and laughed.

” leave me alone Chris, I don’t care what you think about me. If you don’t know am so free and happy right now” I told him off and he let a louder laugh.

” yeah happy indeed. You cant even keep jobs and i hear you have been having some ex boyfriend drama.” He clapped his hands teasingly as Mwenya joined the laughter.

I felt so embarrassed and humiliated as he went on saying how I was a disgrace and that he left me because I was barren. For fear of crying in front of them I had walked away my head down as those who were near by the area and heard the talk looked at me.

Running home I cried myself to sleep. Wondering if God had let me out to the punishment for my sins.

” I swear am trying to do the right things Linda. I trully am and every time I try harder it’s like I get more hurt. What did I ever do to Them to treat me like this?” I cried to my friend who held me in an embrace to comfort me.

” I don’t understand my friend. Chris made it clear he never wanted you by acting the way he did and he’s with another woman. That Mike is also is a married man. What do they want with You?” She asked worried.

” I really wish I knew my friend. If I didn’t know that Chris and Mike hated each other i could have thought they have ganged up to destroy me” I told Linda shaking my head.

” hey did you get a word of what I said?” Lucas asked bringing me back to the moment.

” am sorry. I zoomed out again right?” I sighed.

” i don’t want to see you like this Stella. Your happiness is what matters to me right now and am going to make sure I get to the bottom of all this. No more public humiliation or threats about anything. This is what we are going to do. ” Lucas made me lay in his chest as he spoke.

” neither of them knows my mother. So let’s pretend we are no longer together and see how we can solve all this especially retrieving the recordings. ”

” what do you mean they don’t know your mother? what’s the plan Lucas?” I asked sitting up.

” calm down. All am saying is we have to take you to the place where Mike will not see you and stalk you. Its dangerous for you to stay alone here and Since you told me he sent someone here with a message it’s clear he wants you to know he knows where you live and he can even walk in himself despite having a straining order to stay away from you”

I looked at Lucas as he explained the scenario. He was practically asking me to go and hide at his mother’s place and him and me will be meeting there until he figured a way to get the recordings.

I didn’t like the idea of hiding especially at his mother’s as that would require telling her everything.

Going home wasn’t an option as my parents were struggling as it was already. I needed to stay in Lusaka and find a job to help them out. It was hard to get a job in Luanshya.

After a long discussion I told Lucas I would think about it.

” be safe” Lucas kissed me as he left the house.

I stood by the door my eyes crossed trying to cool off my head from everything.

” Lucas, did you forget something?” I asked when i heard the knock on the door and went on opening it.

Standing before me was Mike dressed in black and standing his hands in his pockets, wearing a smile on his face.

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I felt my heart race as he slowly move in making me stagger and move backwards. He looked like a different person. One that I didn’t know, the look on his dark face smelled so much danger I felt my knees shiver.

” are you scared of me now babe?” He grinned closing the door behind him as he kept advancing on me.

” stay away from me you jerk you were given a straining order. I swear I will call the police on you you b******!” I shouted angrily and he quickly came forward holding my mouth.

” you shout out like that again and I swear you will regret it” he warned holding my mouth tightly as I nodded in fear.

” good” he smiled letting my mouth free. He walked around my small house taking in everything around as I watched him in silence. I wondered how on earth I didn’t see that in him before. Clearly Mike’s obsession with me had turned him into this person I was so scared of I felt my insides moving.

He came and sat next to me and I moved away swiftly. He let a laugh and pulled me back.

” sit down here dammit!” He shouted. ” you used to love me and felt good being close to me. What the hell happened to you Stella?” He glared at me.

” please Mike just leave my house and go to your wife” I pleaded tears in my eyes.

He leaned forward and licked my tears with his tongue. ” mmmmmmm sweet as always babe” he smiled.

” but I don’t have a wife to go to. You know, I heard you went and told her I was in custody because of you and now she and my kids left me.”

I turned my head to look at him. I had told his wife so that maybe he would change but now I was sure I added to his anger as he looked pissed talking about his family.

” yeah actually !” He laughed ” I have no one else to go to now because you chased my family away. I know that woman is so stupid and naive, but believe me I know why I kept her close. She made things easier for me by providing for me and the family. So yes, I never loved her but I needed her.” He winced his eye.

” now that you chased her and you are trying to ran away from me, I bet you can imagine my anger right now” He whispered getting close to me his warm mouth in my neck making me want to throw up.

One wouldn’t know a day would come when I would look at Mike that way. He disgusted me so much I couldn’t stand him.

I was shaking with fear and I felt him laugh in my neck.

I stood up and before i could move further he stood up slapping me hard in the face.

” I said stay close to me dammit!” He shouted angrily.

I let a scream as i felt my side go hot from his slap. He held my mouth and pushed me to the bed with full force I felt my back ache.

Pleading and crying for him to let me go didnt work.

Instead Mike teared my clothes apart telling me he was going to have me one way or the other. I tried to push him away but his hold on my mouth and body didnt help me at all.

He pulled down his pants and with so much force started penetrating me. He shoved himself in me with so much power I felt like my inside would be smashed.

I tried to shake him off as I cried miserably but he couldn’t stop. For what seemed like forever, Mike satisfied himself and stood up leaving me curled as I cried my whole body paining.

” you are mine Stella. Am gonna have you one way or the other. You promised me forever and Forever I will give you. Dare report to the police and I will do the worst. You know am not bragging” he whispered into my ears as I cried.

I heard the door open and close as he left my house. ” oh my God, what is all this now?” I cried pulling myself to get my phone and probably call Lucas to help me but I found Mike had taken my phone.

” oh my God!” I cried standing and looking outside but there was no one. The main house was quite and I couldn’t get myself to go and disturb them. It was already past 22 hours.

I locked the door my fingers trembling and curled myself to sleep hoping I would wake up from the night mare I just went through..

To be continued