Married Single Episode 17



I had not been lucky finding her when I returned to Lusaka from Luanshya. I knew she had moved but I couldn’t find her. Trying to call her, I failed to go through and I knew she had blocked my line. I was even thinking of getting another number to use but then I recalled the court session that her father told me about.

So I went there and watched from Afar. I heard the court proceedings from outside not wanting her to see me.

When the judgement was past I really was glad that Chris was out of her life. Now all I needed was to follow her and see where she stayed. Unfortunately again, she had gone to her friends house before going to her new place and I got tired of waiting so I had left.

Over the period I tried to stalk her friend? I knew she would one day go to her and just then I would know where she was. Unfortunately I only had weekends and after work hours to do that so it took time to yield results. .

Weeks later, I saw her leave her friends house and got a cab. I followed her and to my shock she had been dropped in front of the man I had confronted before who I came to learn was a loaded business man and company owner. I tried to wait up outside in the hope that I would follow her to her place but night came and she was no where to be seen.

I got so angry with the thoughts of her being in the hands of another man.

” how could you betray me babe when you and I love each other.?” I whispered to myself as I drove home furious. I made a mental note to see her early the following morning.

My wife coming on to me didn’t make any sense as I completely ignored her, this time I didn’t even bother to give an excuse. I just completely shut her off and I felt her sigh sadly as she slept besides me.

My mind was busy fighting the images of my Stella with another man. I couldn’t understand why she would run into another man’s arms when she knew I was waiting for her and that I would never stop loving her.

The following morning I woke up and took a quick bath before driving to the man’ s house. My intention was to see then walk or drive out expecting Stella to go for work it being a Friday. I waited for almost 30 minutes then I saw him, he came trotting back.

” oh so you f*ck my woman and you go out jogging like you so much of a man!” I whispered to myself getting out of the car.

” where is She?” I asked angrily as I watched his sweaty face.

He responded telling me off but this time I didn’t let his calmness get to me so I lost it punching him in his face.

He staggered a bit and then he stood his ground ready to fight me. Well I didn’t see it coming, the guy was good with his punch. I would actually admit that his punches were stronger than he looked.

The guy had some karate moves and he did well pounding on my face as I tried to keep up the fight.

After a few minutes Stella came out shouting and came in the way of my punch. I felt bad I hit her and before I could get to her the guards held me firmly i couldnt get off their grip. I watched and shouted as the man I figured was called Lucas as Stella had called him, holding her in his arms I felt so pissed.

The guards now had me pinned as one of them called the police.

” you damn idiot!” I heard Stella shouting and when I turned to look at her she looked so upset.

” you know what Mike you have really crossed the line this time. If you think you are a man enough then am sorry, the truth is you are just a scared dog, who goes about intimidating people hiding his true fears. How dare you follow me around shamelessly She scoffed looking at me like I disgusted her.

” am sorry babe I didn’t mean to hit you” I tried to say still strained.

” you hit Me? Do you think that’s the only wrong you have done you lunatic. Leave my life already you shameless man. Haven’t caused me enough pain already!” She shouted crying as Lucas tried to hold her close.

” no Lucas, this man is way too much. He has contributed a great deal to my failed marriage and as if that’s not enough he keeps following me around. What did I ever do to you for you to hurt me so much? I hate you Mike. With the same passion that I had loved you when we were young now I loath you and you disgust me. The mare sight of you makes me so pissed I wish I never met You!” She screamed in my face and I felt her words prick deep in my heart.

I thought she was just upset but when she shook her head her eyes on me, I knew she was being serious. She had this look that scared me and my efforts to try talk her out of her anger failed as she landed two hot slaps on my face.

I got so angry I managed to escape the guards and without thinking, my arms grabbed her neck.

I was about to lift her up she had made me so mad. Making me feel so less of myself, but Lucas pushed me off her and pushed her behind him as he stood facing me.

Before I could react and start another fight with him, a police car hooted and stopped right before us.

Two officers came straight to me and the guards pointed at me saying I was the one who was an intruder and came to cause problems at the house.

Instantly I felt the hand cuffs on my hands. “I will make sure you have a good number of days inside the police custody you jerk so that you learn to find your place in life” Lucas spoke angrily this time.

The police asked them to follow them to the police station pand give their statements and Stella asked for an injunction to prevent me from going anywhere near her. Which was granted successfully after she had laid her case.

I felt so disappointed. The fact that hurt me the most was seeing her choosing another man over me once again and it hurt so bad I felt like crying even as they led me to the cells.

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In the afternoon, I was called that someone was out to visit me and I had hopped Stella had changed her mind and was now willing to forgive me and bail me out. Much to my disappointment, I saw my wife carrying our 2 years old son.

” what are you doing here?” I asked surprised she was there. I had not called her and I wondered how she knew I was there.

Instead of answering me, she moved closer to me and I felt a slap land on me.

The next one and another one followed after that and she screamed in my face.” You ungrateful man, you have the audacity to ask me that nonsense when all you have done is cause me pain. To add to the insults I hear you are in police cells because you went to disturb someone over a woman, am i not woman enough for you?” My wife shouted tears falling her eyes.

I tried to make her understand but she seemed so upset I had never seen her that way.

” you know what? This is Over, you never even had the guts to marry me in church or Sign any documents so just consider this marriage over and am taking everything together with my children back to my parent’ s house. Let’s see how you will manage your life with a chain of loans on your payslips” she went on making everyone around look at me with disgusting looks.

She walked away telling the officers to lock me forever If they so wished and i knew things were now bad.

Now I was at the mercy of Stella and Lucas who had me locked up and with no hope of being bailed out. ” the price am paying for loving you Stella” I thought to myself as I was squeezed between some lot other guys in the cell.

Two days in custody made me develop so much hatred towards Stella. I had hopped she would come back to bail me out but nothing.

My mind wild back to the first time we both made each other promises.

I just completed school and she was still going to do her grade 11. I planned on an outing with her after doing some work for my father who paid me some money which I had used to buy some food for our picnic.

She wore a short blue dress with a small lace on the front and some slippers. I smiled seeing her as she came out of her house. Her smile was breath taking.

” ready?” I asked her holding her hand. We booked a taxi which dropped us in the middle of some small bushes. She kept on looking around and I made her a promise to protect her.

” it’s a picnic babe and this is a perfect place for you and me to have our own moment ” I smiled as I made her sit on the Chitenge material that I asked her to come with.

We sat and eat the food that I had bought and later on talked about so many things.

We both were still virgins and right after we agreed to make love.

The experience was not so much exciting for both of us but I assured her we were going to get better.

” promise you will always love me no matter what” I had whispered as we stood holding each other by the tree trank.

” I love you Mike and I don’t think I will ever feel like this for any other person. I promise to be here always and to love you forever” she smiled and I kissed her.

The connection between us grew stronger and the other times we met it got better. I always used protection with her not wanting to ruin our plans by making her pregnant before she completed her secondary school. The idea was for both of us to complete our school and found some good jobs for our better future.

I wiped my eyes at the memories I just had realising I was still confined to a cell.

” I loved you with everything I had and you broke our promise. Now you will not live to enjoy being with another man as long as I am still alive.” I whispered to myself.

” enjoy it while it lasts Lucas, Cause when am out of here. You will have a better use of the word Lunatic like you have called me several times” I scoffed.

Like to answer my prayer, I heard the officer call out my name and told me someone had bailed me out.

I wondered who the saviour was and I was amazed to find Chris, standing outside waiting for me to sign the bail.

” what the hell? ” I asked looking at him.

” you are supposed to say thank you” I saw him smile as he signed the papers.

Okey that came as a surprise and I couldn’t wait to hear to what I owed that favour from the man who had been my greatest enemy.

Story continues…