Married Single Episode 16



She was struggling to stay calm. I could see her being so uncomfortable and I couldn’t let her far away. I needed her close to me and watching her opposite me made me want her close.

” come here ” I raised my voice and she slowly stood and sat besides me.

Without warning I kissed her lips. I felt her stiffen a bit, I took it slow allowing her to get accustomed to the kiss. Whatever gave me the confidence that she was to accept me,

I let her lips go and she looked straight at me.

” Lucas, am not ….”

” what?” I whispered

” I don’t think am the right person for you. I came in your life with lies, I don’t think you deserve me. Just look at me. I was divorced barely 3 months ago and….”

” I love you” I cut in making her sit up.

” oh my God Lucas, No you don’t, I mean you shouldn’t….” I stammered.

” Stella if one man was a fool who mistreated you and made you feel less of yourself then that should not make you think every man is the same.” I told her honestly.

All I could see in her was a woman who had undergone some rough path in life and needed me. I could see her inner sadness.

Without another word I pulled her up. She sighed pushing her hair extension backwards.

” come with me” i whispered leading her to my bedroom.

She kept on looking around the place as I led the way .

” are you Okey?” I asked her as we stood in my room facing the wide bed that I had spent my lonely nights in.

” yeah am okey” she nodded and I smiled at her. Her looks making me smile as she looked like a teenage smiling and sighing her uneasiness.

” Lucas, I think I need to leave now it’s getting dark outside and you know I, I dont have a car, the , the landlord closses the gate at 20 hours” she stammered

” you acting like a child you know that?” I laughed still holding her hands.

I stood in front of her and held her waist so close.

” I want you here with me, you are spending a night in my house today” i informed her.

I couldn’t even ask, I was feeling myself so bossy I knew I had to slow down.

I recalled the last week’s she stayed away from me and how I had to nurse the hurt i was feeling.

My mother kept on asking about her and I couldn’t just tell her the truth. I had to tell her We had a fight and we were going to work things out.

” my son, a woman is not difficult to win over. Just make her feel special. A woman is taken by the little gestures of love. You don’t have to buy her a whole lot or fly yourself up. The simplest and most stupid things that a man does to show her how she means to him wins over a woman’s heart.” She had told me.

I felt my heart at peace. It didn’t matter she had lied to me. All I wanted right that moment is to make her realise how special she was.

Slowly I held her chin up making her eyes meet mine.

” can you please spend tonight with me? I have been looking forward to the day I will hold you this close in my arms.” I smiled rubbing my lips on hers.

I felt her relax as she smiled. Even if i couldnt see the smile cause my eyes were closed.

She held my neck and the touch of her hands on my skin made my heart skip a bit.

” am scared Lucas, maybe I don’t know how to go about all this now. Am scared I might end up falling in love with you and then later on be made to go through what just did with my previous marriage. I don’t think I am that strong to endure any more heart breaks” she whispered tears falling from her now closed eyes.

” am so scared. Please don’t make me fall for you and break my heart again. If you May, just let me go before it’s too late” she sighed sadly.

I moved her to the bed and made her sit down.

” don’t be scared swity, I know what I feel and I wouldn’t want to see you hurt. I cant hurt you deliberately you should know that. Please don’t let the mistakes of one man, make us all pay.

Give us both a chance of being happy. You deserve to be loved and I dont know what your ex husband was thinking to let you go because for me I want to hold you like this forever” I said holding her close as I wrapped my hand around her shoulders.

” tell me Lucas, why do you think you love me?” She asked sounding so nervous.

” I don’t have a way of saying it. All I know is that the first day I saw you my heart leaped with joy and i knew you were the one. People can fall in love more than once you know? And I bet I never saw this coming when I lost my late wife. It’s even more deep and intense now” I giggled.

She looked at me and for the first time since she had walked in she smiled widely I knew she was going to be mine.

I moved her back making her lay on the bed facing up. As I went on top of her. She kept her eyes on me.

Kissing her tenderly and slowly making sure she felt every bit of the passion I was feeling for her.

She raised her hands to hold me but I shook my head. ” nope, don’t move” i smiled shaking my head.

Slowly working my hands around her body as she closed her eyes and let me move about.

Thanks to the blouse she had on with buttons I easily removed it revealing a black silk bra that complemented her skin tone.

I heard soft deep breaths as I went on caressing her nipples, her soft moans making me harder down my pants I thought I was going to burst.

I worked my way on her body making sure every touch went deeper to make her go crazy.

” stop punishing me now Lucas please. I cant can’t take this anymore” she whispered her eyes so weak she looked like she was going to fall asleep.

I smiled as I continued touching her now complete naked body. Making sure she desired me more than ever.

Instead of obeying my order to stay put, I felt her hand go down my pants and I let a small scream. I had not felt that in a long time and she just did the right thing.

Whatever she was doing with her waist as i joined myself with her, was driving me crazy. I had been with other women before but never with one with such moves I felt I was drowning in a pool of pleasure.

The connection between us grew emmersley with each move and thrust.

For a period longer than I had anticipated we made love and by the time we both came , i was almost screaming my lungs out.

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” what was that?” I asked honestly having no words to say.

Maybe it was because I had fallen in love with her so much than I had thought or she was just good making my body happy.

She smiled, her eyes still clossed. ” I have no idea I have not felt that deep and intense connection with anyone before my body feels different” she spoke softly.

She was right. It was like we both were doing it for the first time and I was surprised just the sight of her eyes made my man stand up again.

Without warning, I sat up making her sit on me as we went for another round facing each other. This time I didn’t want her to close her eyes and neither did i because I wanted to see it all, the passion, the desire, the desperation and everything else that i could read from her eyes.

” I love You So much was all I kept on saying until I finally screamed out. I was almost sure if there was anyone near the next room, they heard me. She let a small laugh and lay on my chest.

In all honesty, I wanted her to tell me she loved me with her own voice but i didn’t want to rush her. What I just experienced with her was enough to know how she felt.

I watched her as she lay sleeping and breathing softly.

I lifted the telephone and called the kitchen.

” can you bring us something to eat after an hour” I informed my worker and lay besides her.

I had woken up later the following morning after a turn of several mind blowing rounds with Stella. I felt my legs weak as I tried to stand.

Standing in front of the mirrow , I smiled at myself. ” mom was right” I whispered to myself ” I feel special ” I nodded my head and changed into my jogging kit.

It was my daily trend and I felt i needed it more now that had a woman by my side. I looked at my sport watch and it showed 15 minutes past 06 am. I was late by almost an hour but I still had to ran even if it was just for a kilometre.

As I ran back to the house I saw a car parked in front of the gate and I shook my head not believing what I was seeing.

” seriously?” I whispered as I trotted to the gate.

” I want her out of your house right this minute you son of a b*tch!” Mike shouted above his voice.

” oh no you didn’t” I scoffed stopping right in front of him.

” what are you doing at my house this time of the day and I thought I told you never to come back here.

Before I knew it, I felt the pain of his punch rush through my face. Holding on to the spot, I looked at him with anger.

” where is She? She’s is mine you fool and I want her out of your pathetic bed right now.

” oh no he didn’t just hit me” I thought to myself as I folded my blow to hit him back. I wasn’t going to be intimated just because the guy was taller than me.

Without second thoughts I hit him in his chin and he staggered back holding the gate.

Before he came to me the two guards ran out and held him immediately and started beating him up.

I pulled one of the guards back, I just wanted to get over the anger that I was feeling in me. I never easily got angrily but Mike had crossed the line and now he awakened the teenage karate trainings I did years back.

Seeing I could handle him, the guards stood back and watched as I went on punching and kicking Mike.

I saw some blood come out of his nose but my anger wasn’t quenched yet. I needed to go for more.

” Lucas! Stop that now! You are not like him!” I heard Stella call out to my name.

She ran and stood in between us and Mike took advantage raising a blow at me but it landed into Stella.

I held her close as she fall towards the ground.

The guards now alert went on and held Mike who kept on shouting and talking like a lunatic.

” Stella are you Okey?” I asked holding her in my arms. She wore my gown around her.

” am fine” she sighed trying to sit up. I lifted her up and led her inside the gate. Thankfully the area was still quite and there were barely any people passing around to watch the show.

” am sorry you had to see that ” I held her ” he just came on to me and hit me before I could say anything” I told her and she sharply walked back furious.

” he’s got to hear from me that jerk! What the hell is wrong with him?” She shouted as she ran out..

” come back don’t go near that lunatic !” I shouted running to follow her outside.

Story continues…