Married Single Episode 15


We all stood when the Judge walked in and I felt my heart beating faster. I had never been to court before and all along I had been just thinking of making everything pass, I had not thought of that moment.

They called out my name first as I was the one that sued. Linda squized my hand to assure me and show her support as I walked to the box.

” so Mrs Stella Sichone can you explain to the court why you have filed for a divorce of your husband Chris Sichone.” The presiding officer spoke up. For a moment I shivered and I couldn’t find my voice. .” Can you please speak up” I heard his voice again.

I took in deep breaths and went on explaining all my reasons to the point. I stated the fact of Chris not meeting with me as his wife , telling the courts the number of months that had happened, I mentioned how I was treated by him and all the necessary details.

I even added the fact that Chris had brought in another woman in our matrimonial home once and that now he brought her back claiming she had given birth to his child. As I spoke up the people in the court murmured before they were stopped and told to keep silent.

I didn’t even realise that as I narrated my story that i was crying, my face was wet and I could see Chris figit in his seat.

” thank you, you can now sit” the presiding officer told me and they called Chris to go forward too.

He was asked if what I had said was true and he agreed.

” are the aligations made by your wife true? Mr Sichone?, yes or No?” The Judge asked Chris

He was quite for a while and turned his head to look at me. I kept my eyes up front hating the fact that he had to bring me that far. Recalling the promises he had made and failed to fulfil over the years.

Every bit of love that I had felt for him was all gone at that point. I just saw him like any other man on the street. A stranger that I couldn’t recognise.

” can you answer the question ” they asked him again.

” Yes your honour, they are true” he swallowed hard.

They asked him a few questions and at last he asked if he too wanted a divorce and the idiot refused.

I sat up my anger raising. “What? Why would he say that nonsense here?” I whispered to Linda. ” he’s totally lost his mind if he thinks am going to stay with him again” I spat angrily.

” can you tell the court why you feel you still want your wife when you have brought in another woman in your house Mr Sichone?” The Judge asked him his deep voice clear.

” well, your honour it’s because she wants to go back with her ex boyfriend who confronted me and told me if I left her, he was going to make her his” he spoke shamelessly I felt like grabbing his throat.

Yet again people murmured, this time even the Judge let a small laugh and shook his head.

” sir, I don’t understand what kind of man you are. You denied your wife her rights in your home, impregnated another woman and brought her in your matrimonial home, yet the only reason you feel you should not divorce is because you are scared another man will get her?” The Judge chuckled.

Chris went quite realising how stupid he looked. Everyone was now whispering to each other and others shook their heads in disbelief.

We where told to wait for judgement later that afternoon and we went outside to wait.

” you will never be free. if you think am going to sign those papers to make you run into that jerk’ s arms then you are mistaken.” Chris shouted at me as we sat outside the court premises.

” if you are going mad, and your demons are tormenting You, can you please spare my friend, let her be free and stop talking nonsense” Linda stood up to him.” who do you think you are Chris, God?” She scoffed angrily.

” boi please reserve your energy for something sensible this man is wasting his time here. He better start going to his wife there. She seems lonely ” I added pulling Linda back.

Chris looked at both of us like he was going to swallow us alive. But I didn’t give him the pleasure of saying anything more.

” see you for judgement in 2 hours time Chris” I told him as we walked passed him.

I heard him spat something but I didn’t bother myself to hear it.

We went into town and got ourselves lunch.

Two hours later we went back and the Judge told us there was no reason for us to be together as it was evident my husband had not committed himself to our marriage and failed in his duties as a man. The issue of being with another woman with a child too worked against him so immediately we were asked to sign the papers of divorce.

The Judge told Chris to give me half of the Assets we had in the house. But I told him I didn’t want anything. All I needed was being free from him and so my wish was granted.

We took a bus to my house and that day I felt a sense of relief and peace. It was like I had been carrying a large thing on my shoulders and it was suddenly removed I felt free.

A week later, I went back for work just to find a dismissal later, which stated that my services were no longer required.

” all this is Chris’ doing” I cried. It was obvious he wanted to leave me stranded without a job. Owing to the fact that he found the job for me, I concluded he simply asked my employer to fire me.

Linda adviced me to sue the company for unfair dismissal, but I declined. I wasn’t going back to some court sessions again.

” let them just give me what I worked for and I will find another Job my friend” I told Linda.

” you told me Lucas deals with a lot of companies and has one of his own. Why can’t you ask him to help you find another job as a secretary at some company” Linda reminded me.

I was not willing to do so but a after some weeks of looking and nothing came up I felt I had to swallow my ego and asked for the much needed help.

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So I called Lucas who answered immediately my phone rung. I asked to see him and like I had expected he called me to his house.

” can we meet at some central place say a restaurant ” I suggested but he refused.

” am unwell Stella I can’t drive out so if there’s anything you have to come home” he responded firmly.

So now I had no option but to find a taxi to take me. Since I bashed the car into another vehicle I had not started driving it yet. The insurance compensation was not out and I had used up all the money I had to buy things for my new home.


I found Lucas sitting in the living room were we sat the first time I went to see him with a glass of lemonade which I figured he loved so much on the small table besides him.

” you are welcome ” he smiled after we were done greeting each other. I realised he wasn’t even sick.

” thank you. Am sorry I have bothered you but I need to ask you for a favour” i talked back feeling uncomfortable.

” go on” he nodded

” Lucas I need a Job. I don’t know if you can help me hook up with some companies I need a Job as a secretary” I finally told him.

He frowned looking at me..” tell me what happened to You?” He asked instead coming and sitting opposite me.

” tell me that whole story you know am good at listening. Besides this is only 16 hours. We have lots of time on our hands to talk” he shrugged.

I couldn’t stay quite anymore. I went on explaining the details of my marriage and the divorce. How Chris got me fired and that I was without a Job for over 2 months .

” so after all this time, you decided to call me just now when things got worse” I heard Lucas sighing sadly.

” oh Stella, you didn’t have to wait after going through so much to give me a call. You have no idea how much I waited for you to come.” He told me.

I couldn’t get myself to look straight at him his calmness and softness of voice making me so ucomfortable.

” Come here” he raised his voice a bit indicating for me to sit closer to him.

I looked at him and he smiled.

” are you scared of me Now?” He asked with a smile.

” no am not but…..” I couldn’t finish my sentence……..

Story continues…