Married Single Episode 20



I sat down watching the baby now learning to sit as the mother watched Telemundo. She was evidently the most annoying person I couldn’t even get the remote control to watch my team play soccer.

Most of the times I would come home I would find her watching her telenovelas and she never moved an inch to welcome me nor prepare my food.

I honestly was missing the meals Stella always prepared for me. Her cooking was exceptional I used to enjoy myself. Even though we fought she never stopped cooking and leaving food for me. No matter what time I went back home.

Now I hardly had a meal prepared by Mwenya. She had even hired a maid even when she just sat home doing nothing. Stella always cleaned the house before going for work and I never saw any bunch of unironed clothes or even dirty ones in the washing basket as she always made sure the house was neat and sparkling clean.

The thoughts of her made me miss her I was regretting my actions. Now that I had lost the court case which I had so wished would fail and her refused a divorce, I thought I had to find a way of making her come back to me. I thought i wasn’t going to make myself desperate by begging her to come back..

My sister who came home after Stella left made me to get thinking about the baby Mwenya was saying was mine.

” open your eyes Chris that child does not look anything like you and neither does he look like the mother. So you will raise another man’ s child if you are not careful. ” she had warned me and I somehow knew it made sense even if I couldn’t accept it to her face that there was some truth in what she was saying.

She was one of the people in my family that had condemned me for leaving Stella. Everyone said I had lost my mind and now that I started comparing her to Mwenya I started realising they all had a point.

Now I had to find a way to push Stella back to myself and when I did, I planned on chasing Mwenya to whoever was the real father to her child.

An opportunity came when I was told by my friend at the police about what was happening with Stella and Mike. He told me he worked from a different station but he had witnessed the scene when Stella reported and asked for restraining order for Mike at the station.

After two days of thinking through it I knew i had to play both Mike and Stella to get her back begging for my help and then I would take advantage of her.

I bailed out Mike who clearly was shocked and he pushed me when we were far from the police station..” what the hell do you think you are planning you idiot for you to bail me out. Tell me what this is all about!” He grabbed my neck in the car.

” relax man, we are both looking for the same thing here and I came in peace to help you ”

” I didn’t ask for your help you idiot and I don’t know what you are talking about.” He snapped.

” I know you now hate Stella too. She promised to love you but she left you for me and now she is with another man even after you pushed me to divorce her so that you get her to yourself ” I made my point to him and he sighed letting my shirt go.

” am listening” he responded now paying attention to me. .

” Good!” I smiled.

Lets grab some beers and plan this together. I smiled driving the car to the nearest bar.

We sat and planned on luring Stella away from Lucas. When Mike told me he recorded their love making I suggested he got her out of job with that.

” oh great idea,” Mike exclaimed as I finished telling him what we were to do. ” surely I never saw that kind of person in you” he teased as he drunk the beer in his hands.

So we planned on our moves.

I however didn’t like the idea of him going to sleep with Stella as he assured me he would let me do the same. ” she is for both of us for now and I can assure you the torture of being raped by two men consecutively will drive her crazy she will be so broken” Mike suggested but didn’t like the idea.

My own intention was for her to feel desperate so that she could ran back to me. I planned on remaining in the shadows and would only appear when necessary to look like a hero before her and save her so that she would fall for me.

So when we paid off the guards a thousand more than they were offered to protect Stella we worn them over.

Seeing Lucas made me want to take out my anger on him. He was good looking and from the house I saw he surely was loaded.

The mare fact of him taking my woman made me sick as i knew he seemed to have more to offer her than I had.

Even if i wasn’t going to kill him, I had thought about it, but then I needed to be out of Prison if I had to win over Stella.

” so now, we go as per plan. Since there’s a cop at that mansion we can stall for today and come back tomorrow morning. Am sure he won’t stay there for long” i heard mike’s voice speak as we drove back.

We had left Lucas tied to a chair and the plan was to capture Stella of which I suggested Mike did it so that later on I went to save her ( of course that wasn’t known by Mike).

” yeah you are right. We meet tomorrow morning so that we execute our plan nicely” I sighed looking ahead as I drove.

I was to drop Mike, I wondered why the b****** wasn’t using his car anymore.

He smiled I could see his white teeth in the dim light from the dash board as I drove us.

” you have no idea how I will play you on this one you b****** . You will pay for breaking my marriage!” I thought to myself.

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Seeing Chris making some big contributions to punish Stella was making me feel so good. The idiot was releasing all the money and bringing out ideas. .He had no idea I planned on killing him and Lucas making it seem Stella killed them both so that i saw her pay for her betrayal with her life.

I was feeling a hatred for her as much as I had felt love.

Maybe I had just suppressed the feelings i had for her with hate. She made me loose everything.

My family hated me after my wife told them everything and every time my father called me he would remind me of what a failure I was.

The debt I had failed to pay back with one of the finance companies cost me my car and now I had to walk around.

I lied to Chris I would contribute my part when the deal was off and asked him to pay the guys to kidnap Lucas instead.

I had no problem with him living and taking the fall for the crimes we were both doing.

Him would be an easy target as they would label him as jealous ex husband who killed his ex wife’s lover.and Stella was to be charged for killing her ex husband too and him pay for killing her lover.

” a perfect plot!” I smiled to myself as Chris drove me back to my empty home.

That was the only thing I had remaining to my name. I was just hoping I could use the money I would swindle from Lucas, to pay for the loan so that the bank wouldn’t get my house too.

” so see you tomorrow? Chris spoke up as he drove to the front of my house. ” yeah my man, see you tomorrow for sure!” I sighed patting his shoulder.

” that was a good move today am sure that b****** will regret ever sleeping with your wife. Stella has it coming too” i added as I stepped out of his car.

I went to sit on the small mattress which was the only thing I had left in the house. My wife had taken everything away leaving two pots, two plates stove and a small mattress with a thin blanket for me.

I walked around holding the castle beer in my hands as I thought about what I had gone through since I started my pursuit for Stella.

” all I wanted was for you to love me Stella and you pay me with so much pain” I whispered to myself. ” I swear on my kids I will make you pay for this humiliation and I will find a way of getting my family back.” I snapped kicking the wall.

I wanted to finish it all and get over what I was feeling inside my heart, the pain of being rejected by the only person you have ever loved.

I drunk up some more bottles and by the time I was done with 2 six packs i felt drunk and I went on cursing and shouting out my anger.

It felt better to throw the empty bottles on the wall as each throw felt like i was hitting someone I hated.

I grabbed my phone and called the guard we left with Lucas.

” Mike everything is okey. The guy is dozing his head off in his seat” the guy informed me and I smiled.

” Good, keep the good work and you will get the balance tomorrow! ” I shouted back cheerfully before hanging up.

” you will taste your death soon enough Lucas but you will leave a share of your riches to me!” I shrugged as I lay on the mattress.

The sound of a loud bang on the door woke me up. I struggled to open my eyes as I felt my head cracking, ” the effect of the beer I had drunk” , i thought to myself.

I was still trying to compose myself when the loud bang came again making me sit up instantly.

” oh idiot did we say you come this early? ” I clicked my tongue as I looked at the watch in my hand and saw it was just 30 minutes after 04 am .

I rubbed my eyes and started unlocking the door sighing and shaking my head.

I was almost shouting at Chris who was standing at the door when my mouth went soundless….

” what the hell!” I muttered.

Story continues…