“Mansa” season 2 episode 8

Kuu had been listening to their conversation all along.
His mother wanted to change the subject but Kuu pushed them to the wall.
“Kuu, you can’t believe what, Riri and i were just wondering who could be behind the food poisoning” Mrs Amposah lied.
Kuu was so sure of what he heard. Indeed he knew his mom was lying about it.
“Anyway, i will be in my room” Kuu said and left them.
Mrs Amposah and Riri didn’t trust Kuu on that. At least they needed to be sure that he does not suspect anything.
“Do you think he heard everything? Riri asked.
” I can’t be too sure about that” answered Mrs Amposah
“But you should have made us meet somewhere than your house, now look at what is happening” Riri said blaming her.
“I thought he was not at home, but don’t worry, leave it to me, he is my son, i know how to deal with him” Mrs Amposah assured her.
“You better do” Riri said.
” That reminds me, we need to be very careful about that Obed guy, he is watching us from a distance ” Mrs Amposah said.
“who is he, he is really weird, i have never felt comfortable around him” Riri said.
“I will try and find out where he lives when Mansa comes” Mrs Amposah said
It was during this time that a knock came from the door, it was one of the church’s elders.
They had to reschedule their meeting to a later date. Riri then departed leaving Mrs Amposah and the church elder.
Mrs Amposah was not pleased about the Elder’s visit.
She knew that, the elder will only pay her visit if it has to do with the church’s money.
She nicely welcomed him, and asked of his mission as is done in Ghanaian custom.
“Well my mission is simple, yet needs to be addressed. Over some few months, we have noticed that, there has been huge withdrawals from the church’s account.
Per our records, those withdrawals were made by you without any concern of the financial secretary. Mrs Amposah, we need to talk about this issue before it comes to the notice of the board.” Said the Elder.
“Elder, so this is why you came here. Anyway its good that you’ve prompted me though. You see, before my husband died, may his soul rest in peace, there was this church project he was building that he kept away from you. He wanted to use it to surprise the congregation at the forth coming 40th anniversary. And as a wife, i need to continue what he couldn’t finish. Those withdrawals were made to support that project Elder” Mrs Amposah explained herself
“But madam, such things should be done at your own expense, as far as i’m concerned the church has finished undertaking all its developmental projects” The Elder said.
“Elder, i just told you that its a surprise thing, at the right time you will know what i’m talking about, would you please excuse me” Mrs Amposah said and went into her room.
After awhile she came back wih a white envelope containing money.
“Elder, i really appreciate your efforts and concern about this issue. Not all men can act in such a manner, kindly take this as a token from me” Mrs Amposah said stretching out the money to him.
” Mrs. Amposah i’m afraid i can’t take this, the board needs to come in on this” The Elder said this.
“Of course the board will know, who said anything about keeping it a secret, this is just not the right time to involve them. You can’t reject GHC 1000 from me that way. Just use for your transportation and up keep. I’m very much aware you need it ” said Mrs Amposah.
The Elder took the money and said
” thank you. I will see what i can do to keep this away from the board for now, i must take my leave. ”
He said and went away. Mrs Amposah knew she had succeeded in shutting him up.
Mansa and Mrs Lokko were still catching up with the old time.
Mansa was in complete shock when she got to know that Mr. Amposah was actually her biological father.
“But Mum, why didn’t he tell me all this, when he adopted me” Mansa asked.
“You still don’t get it my daughter, he was protecting you from his wife, Mansa. You really don’t know what she is capable of” Mrs Lokko said.
“I can’t believe this, its like a dream, you’re actually my mother and i have been under my Father’s care all this while without knowing” Mansa said. She couldn’t control the tears in her eyes. She was now beginning to accept the reality.
“Mansa, i thought, Obed will be with you, Where is he? Mrs Lokko asked.
” I thought i will be meeting him here myself” Mansa said.
“Obed hmmm, he really made a lot of revelation to me, Mansa there is more to your father’s death than you already know ” Said Mrs Lokko.
“What is it that i don’t know mother, tell Me” Mansa desperately asked.
“Who is Riri? She is the main pivot of this” Mrs Lokko said.
To be continued