POOLEY GIRL ( 18+) episode 01


I woke up with a start unable to recall where I was. The room was familiar but I couldn’t remember how I got there. I looked round and realised it was a hotel room. Then I noticed I was naked and my private region was dripping wet.
Meanwhile, the least I could remember was that I had gone for a night party with my roommate the night before. There was enough to eat and drink and a lot of fun. Then along came this middle-aged wealthy-looking man with Stella my roommate. I was in level 100 while Stella was in her final year.
“Meet Dr. Evans,” Stella introduced pointing at the middle-aged wealthy-looking man.
“Dr Evans please meet my wonderful roommate, Linda.” I stretched out my hand and shook hands with Dr. Evans. He held unto my hand for some seconds before dropping it.
“I wish you guys fun,” Stella said and left immediately. I felt uncomfortable when Stella left. It was my first time in a night party and I never foresaw that I was going to be left alone with a total stranger for any reason.But then Dr.Evans turned out to be a very nice man from the way he treated me.
He lavished me with attention, showered me with compliments and treated me like a queen. Everything went on fine till he handed me a glass of red wine. I drank a mouthful, drank another and yet another and another. I started feeling dizzy then and that was all I could remember.
The bathroom door clicked open and Dr.Evans stepped out from the bathroom completely naked. The picture of what had happened then became clear to me. He must have drugged me, carried me to his hotel room and slept with me without my consent. But then I had no evidence to support my claim. His penis stood erect between his two legs pointing at me like an aggrieved snake.
“What did you do to me?” I asked trembling with fear. He ignored my question and climbed unto the bed.
“My friend, spread your legs!” He ordered, grabbing my knees and yanking them apart. I felt a sharp pain in my lower belly as he forcefully drove his soft timber into my v-hole. Back and forth he moved for some minutes before he began to groan like a bull on heat as I felt warm, sticky fluid hit the mouth of my womb. When he was done, he pushed me aside and threatened to deal with me if I ever revealed what happened to anybody.He dressed up, took his car keys and left without uttering any other word to me.
Watchout for episode 2…