“Mansa” season 2 episode 7


“Oh my God, you have finally brought my daughter to me” the woman said embracing Mansa so tight with tears in her eyes.
Mansa had no idea of what was going on.
“Mansa, look how you’ve grown so big and beautiful. I have always been longing for this day” the lady said.
Mansa looked totally confused and out of place.
“Madam, I don’t understand what you’re saying,” Mansa said.
“I know my daughter, I know it will be hard for you to take it. Sit down Mansa and let’s talk,” the woman said and they both sat down.
“Mansa, you are not an orphan. I’m your biological mother. My name is Mrs Mabel Lokko and I’m the CEO of Lokko farms Ltd,” said Mrs Lokko
“I can’t believe this. I was told back at the orphanage home that you died during my delivery,” Mansa said.
“Yeah i know. That was the only way to keep me away from your forester mother. Your father took me far away from the village to a place where no one knew me. He promised to come back and be with me but he never showed up again. He took you away from me because he wanted to be close to you and besides, you were the only child he had by then so he cherished you so much. I didn’t like how he went about things but i didn’t have the ability to trace him or you until Obed showed up”, Mrs Lokko revealed.
Mansa still looked confused with a lot questions running through her mind. It was difficult for her to pick up the pieces and join them together .
“Where is my father now? And how is my foster mother connected to my father?” Mansa asked.
” Your father is late and Mrs Amposah who happens to be your foster mother is actually your step mother ” She revealed.
“Are you saying that Mr Amposah the pastor is actually my father? “Mansa asked.
“Yeah, he is” Said Mrs Lokko
Meanwhile Chris was still pleading with Asabea. He told her to ask anything that she wanted and he will in return grant it for her.
Asabea knew that this was a good opportunity for her. The moment she had been waiting for.
“How about you marrying me in the next 3 weeks?” Asabea said.
Marriage? That was the last thing Chris evet thought of. He was not ready to settle down with Asabea or anything. As a matter of fact, he had never seen himself as a committed type. Marriage was just a no go area for him. It was just impossible.
“Come on Asabea, you know we both are not ready for this,” Chris said.
” You are not ready, not me,” Asabea retorted.
“Marriage is a life choice decision, please re consider, please” Chris pleaded.
” Look, I’m not in the mood for re consideration. I thought you said I should ask for anything i wanted” Asabea said, reminding Chris of what he had told her earlier.
“I know, but Marriage is out of the picture for now Asabea” Chris said.
Its seems he was not ready to grant that offer for Asabea. She noticed it and remained silent for a while as Chris kept pleading with her.
She finally arrived at something.
“ok, good, seems you are not responsible as i thought but I have another request and I’m not going to change my mind on that” She said.
” What is it? tell me” Chris asked
” I need you to deposit GHC 50,000 into my account by the end of this week. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s the only you can compensate me and pay me off for good,” Asabea said.
That amount was quite huge for Chris but he had no choice than to raise that amount for Asabea.
The only way he could think of was to go back to his old ways that got him arrested at the states, thus selling and buying of drugs. The same job that got him arrested until Kuu and his father came to his aid.
He quickly made a phone call to one of his gangs to get the drug for him to sell.
Mrs Amposah needed to update Riri on Mansa being discharged.
She needed a next plan of action to take against Mansa. Mrs Amposah then called Riri to come over to her house so they could talk about.
Kuu on the other hand was wondering how he was going to confess to Mansa when she comes back. He was walking on the compound of the house when he saw Riri entering.
Riri didn’t see him. She just went straight to the door leading to the living room and entered.
Mrs Amposah quickly started discussing things out with her.
Mrs Amposah : “Look, I’m really sorry about what happened earlier. I was frustrated. I promise I’m going to give you half of the money this evening”
Riri: “thats ok by me”.
Mrs Amposah: ” But hey, you are so unpredictable. How come you didn’t tell me you had it in mind to poison Mansa.”
Riri: ” what are you talking about? I haven’t done anything like that.”
Mrs Amposah:” are you sure?
Riri: ” Yeah, that will be too extreme ”
Mrs Amposah: “Then i guess we are not her only enemies. I really don’t know, it seems our plans failed. Mansa is well and fit again and even walking upon all the injections you gave her. We need to figure out our next plan of action. ”
“Mum! What? You? How could you? Oh my God! I can’t believe my ears. ”
Mrs Amposah panicked as she heard that voice, it came from the back door. She turned around only to find Kuu starring at them.
Kuu had been listening to their conversation all along.
To be continued