“Mansa” season 2 episode 9


“Who is Riri? She is the main pivot of this” Mrs Lokko said.
” I don’t understand Mum. Riri is an usher at our church and is very committed to her duty,” Mansa said.
” You won’t understand my daughter. Don’t worry, that moment will come. For now it will be very hard for you to take it, I’m just happy my daughter has finally returned to me. Look, let me take you home and show you around” Mrs Lokko said.
They got ready and left the office.
Chris on the other hand had an offer for his drugs to be bought at GHC 80,000. That was higher than usual.
He was up for it. He agreed to meet the person to seal the deal, get his money and eventually pay Asabea off.
Chris then went home from Asabea’s place. He was unaware that Kuu had been released.
As soon as he got home, he had a phone call..
The call was from the police headquarters where Kuu was arrested.
On Phone:
CID: “Mr Chris, Good day. ”
Chris: “Yeah, Good day, how may i help you?”
CID: ” I just called to inform you that Kuu was released this morning.”
Chris: ” What! How could you do such a thing? Who authorized that?”
CID: ” We found no evidence against him. Besides, the victim has not testified that or made any formal report.”
Chris: “No! no! you can’t let such a criminal to be walking around like that. What about the phone lines that were cut off, was that not enough?”
CID: ” We are going to look into it but until then, he is not our primary suspect. I will let you get the updates of whatever happens but until then, bye.”
The CID hangs up on him.
Chris was not happy about the release of Kuu. It was now obvious that he was the one who made the report. .
“I see you are not happy about my release Chris. So you actually made the report for me to be arrested,” Kuu said standing at the door leading to his room. Chris all along didn’t notice that he was there and was actually listening to his conversation.
Chris was surprised to see him there. He didn’t know how to cover up any more.
“What were you thinking of? You were supposed to meet her and tell her your feelings and not to rape her” Chris said.
“How could you? Upon all that I’ve done for you? Tell me, was the handkerchief really from Mansa and who was behind the phone lines being cut off? As far as I’m concerned, I never did that. Chris, did you frame me up or what? Kuu asked.
“You can think of whatever you wanna think. I wonder how Mansa will feel when she finds out you were the one who put her into this mess” Chris said and walked out on him.
Kuu found it very hard to believe. How could his own brother do such a thing looking at what he had done for him in the past.
What he was worried about was how Mansa will take it when he confesses to her.
Mrs Amposah got out of her room when she heard Chris’s voice. It seemed she was going out, looking at how she had dressed.
“I thought I heard Chris’s voice,” Mrs Amposah said.
“He is in his room” Kuu answered with a bitter tone. That was unusual of him. His mother noticed it.
“What is wrong with you boy?” she asked.
“Nothing” Kuu answered straight forward.
“Why are you giving me such straight forward answers? Remember I’m still you mother. I demand some respect” Mrs Amposah said.
Kuu ignored her, he was just mute and kept watching her as she talked.
From his actions, Mrs Amposah knew that Kuu really heard something from the conversation she had with Riri earlier on.
“Anyway, I’m going for a meeting. I will see you when i get back” Mrs Amposah said.
“Should i drive you? Kuu asked since he was the one who usually does that even though they had a family driver.
“No, you need some rest. The driver will drive me” she said and left.
Kuu instantly knew that she was up to something. He however knew what to do.
Mrs Lokko and Mansa had arrived at her house. Mansa was surprised to see that the house was so huge that, you could easily forget the way in trying to locate your room.
The compound was a large area with a lot of cars. Indeed Mrs Lokko was really a wealthy woman.
From the look on Mansa’s face, Mrs Lokko could tell that she was amazed by what she saw.
“Mansa, welcome to your home. This is my house and as matter of fact, your house. All i have belongs to you. God blessed me with all this after i ventured into exportation of our made in Ghana goods. Mansa my daughter, i have been building all this wealth for you to take over some day” Mrs Lokko said
“Mum, I’m just happy to have found you mother. ” Mansa said
“Listen my daughter , no body needs to know who you are or even of my existence. You will go back and anytime you need something, just call me” Mrs Lokko said.
“But why mother?” Mansa said
“The more you know, the more i put you into a very big risk. Trust me, the right time will come” Mrs Lokko said.
Meanwhile Chris was also getting ready to go and do his drug transaction. He had agreed with the buyer to meet him in the next hour.
He dressed up and without telling anyone, he left the house and went to the meeting point .
He got to the place 10 minutes and met no one. It was an uncompleted building in an isolated place. It was secured enough to transact such an illegal business.
He tried calling the buyer’s number but the phone was off. After some few minutes, he head footsteps approaching him.
It was the buyer. He turned around and to his amazement it was Obed.
Before he could open his mouth to talk, a whole bunch of police men started coming out from thier hide out. He was surrounded by the policemen who were all along in ambush.
To be continued


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