Mansa season 2 episode 10


Before he could open his mouth to talk, a whole bunch of police men started coming out from their hide out. He was surrounded by the policemen who were all along in ambush.
“Obed, whats the meaning of this? Chris asked.
“The law is just taking its course” Obed said.
Chris was immediately handcuffed right after they had taken the illegal drugs from his possession.
It was now difficult for him to even defend himself, cause this time around he was caught right in the act.
It will only take a very powerful and influential person in the society to come to his aid. But as it stands now, Chris will be put in jail for a long time after he has been found guilty.
They led him away and placed him behind bars with the illegal drugs kept as an evidence.
Mrs Amposah had scheduled a meeting with Riri at a restaurant which was away from their town.
At least, with this location, it was difficult for anyone to find or even trace them.
Riri got there before Mrs Amposah arrived. She was late.
“What took you so long?  Riri asked.
The relationship between Riri and Mrs Amposah had changed over the few months ever since they began engaging in such unscrupulous deeds.
Riri had virtually lost all the respect she had for Mrs Amposah.
“Sorry,  Kuu was a hard nut to crack” Mrs Amposah said.
“Do you think he knows anything? Riri asked.
“I can’t trust him,  but i know what to do. ” Mrs Amposah assured her.
“Ermmm, don’t you think this is the time you have tell him about me? he has not noticed me and he just sees me like any member of the church. ” Riri asked.
“Not yet,  but you know I always keep my promise. Besides i have a plan. He is my son. I know  him so for this reason, don’t worry.” Mrs Amposah said.
Apparently, Mrs Amposah had promised Riri that,  apart from her being paid for her services, She was going to make sure Kuu marry Riri.
Riri was all along in love with Kuu right from when he arrived from the states with Chris.
She had tried  everything in her power to get noticed but Kuu on the other hand Kuu never looked at her direction.
This was actually part of the reasons Riri was helping Mrs Amposah out with her deeds aside the money she was earning.
“Mrs Amposah, can i ask you a question? Riri asked
” Sure,  go ahead” Mrs Amposah  said.
” At least you know why i’m helping you out, you know my intentions and everything. But i don’t understand where you’re coming from,  why are you doing all these things? ” Riri asked.
” Young girl,  don’t forget your boundaries, you do what i ask of you and pay you for that.  I don’t expect such questions….. ” Mrs Amposah said but was interrupted by a phone call from an unknown number.
It was from the police,  they informed her about the arrest of Chris her son.
She had to postpone all other matters that was pending to be discussed with Riri and attend to her son Chris.
It was amazing how Mrs Amposah handled this issue. Kuu was arrested right in front of her however she never took the risk to visit him.  But with Chris, she had to stop whatever she was doing and go to the police station.
Chris has always been her favorite. She has always treated him specially, than Kuu.
Mansa on the other hand was returning from her mother’s place.  Her mother had told Mansa not to reveal whatever she knew about herself and her maternal existence to anyone.
Mansa felt complete. For the very first time she was happy. She was happy that Kuu and Chris are actually her siblings.
What actually got her worried was the fact that Obed was no where to be found. She thought of him and the support  Obed had given her. What would have happened if Obed never came into in her life. She would have still remained in darkness.
She then decided to go to where Obed and herself had been staying before her miscarriage.
She found it very difficult to locate the place,  but after several hours of looking, she was successful.
To her surprise, she found a gate man at the place.
“wow,  Obed has finally decided to get a gate man” She said to herself as she approached the house.
Another thing that amazed her was how the gate man welcomed her too when he saw her, it seems he had known her.
“Madam welcome” Said the gateman.
“Thank you,  i’m looking for your boss” Mansa asked.
“Oh Madam,  you are my boss, i don’t know how to answer you again oo Madam” said the gate man.
” You are very funny, i’m looking for Obed, the one who lives here” She asked.
The gate looked confused and said.
” Madam,  i am the only one that lives here oo,  i have lived here alone for the past three years until you showed up last two weeks” The gate man said.
“How come i didn’t see you when i came? She asked.
“Your mother told me you will be coming,  i was in my quarters when you arrived. That’s why you didn’t  see me. I wanted to introduce myself to you but i later on realized that you had left without me noticing. Forgive me madam, it won’t happen again” The gate man said.
” So you mean,  you were all along in this house and i never set my eyes on you? Mansa asked.
“Yes madam,  myself i was surprised that you stayed indoors  all the time” The gate man said.
” Anyway,  the man i came here with,  he is the one am looking for” Mansa asked again.
“Madam,  you came here with someone?  I didn’t see any one with you oo” The gateman said.
As much as the issue seemed strange to Mansa,  the gateman was smelling of alcohol, so Mansa didn’t take him serious. She thought he was drunk.
To be continued