"Mansa" season 2, episode 11


By Elton Nana Amoah
As much as what the gateman was saying seemed strange to Mansa, he was smelling of alcohol, so Mansa didn’t take him serious. She thought he was drunk.
“You know what, I will be back some other time. Take this and use it for something” Mansa said and gave out some amount  of money to him as a token and left.
Asabea on the other hand was trying as much as she could to reach Chris but to no avail.
She even thought Chris was trying to pull a fast one on her and that got her upset.
She thought of doing her worst if she didn’t hear from him by the close of the day, little did she know that Chris had been arrested.
She also planned to expose Chris and hurt Mansa in return if she didn’t hear from him.  Already, she had tried to eliminate Mansa but Mansa survived that.
Asabea was solely responsible for poisoning Mansa at the hospital all because she felt Chris was having something to do with her.
She came to that conclusion when she met Mansa and Chris in the living room at the time she visited Chris. She read meanings into it when she saw that Mansa had placed her head comfortably on Chris’s lap.
It wasn’t her fault though, she had always noticed Chris cheating on her, and to her this was no different.
It was left with only a matter of time for her next action to be known.
Meanwhile,  Elder Asare the church’s financial secretary had also noticed the tremendous withdrawals from the church’s account made by Mrs Amposah.
He had called the attention of the elder that visited Mrs Amposah earlier on and arranged a meeting with him.
Elder Asare had been waiting for long at his office but the other elder was not showing up.
It was a little after an hour had passed the scheduled time, that he arrived.
“Sorry Elder Asare for my lateness” he apologized as soon as he arrived.  Without wasting much time, they began with what they had in mind.
“Elder, I called you not for any reason but lately I have noticed some huge withdrawals made by Mrs Amposah without my approval. Its even obvious  that the entire board is not aware of this. I think we should call for a board meeting immediately and bring it to their notice” said Elder Asare.
“Elder Asare, there is something you need to know. Mrs Amposah is up to something. I must admit that I know about the withdrawals.  I went to her place the other time to inquire but the answer she gave was not to my satisfaction. We need to get to the bottom of this matter,” the elder said.
” Are you sure of what you’re telling me?” asked Elder Asare.
“Absolutely Elder,” he answered
“What do we do then?” Asked Elder Asare.
“Lets call for a meeting with the board members without her notice then we can decide from there,” he suggested.
” That’s a good idea. I will do that as soon as possible” Elder Asare said.
Mansa had gotten home around the same time.  She met Kuu alone at home, specifically, in the living room and they hugged each other.
Honestly, they had missed each other. However, Kuu felt it was the right moment for him to confess to Mansa what he had really done to her.
“Mansa, there is something I need to tell you, kindly sit down” Kuu said.
As soon as Mansa sat down, Mrs Amposah came in.
Kuu saw that his mother looked very disturbed and worried. She had been crying ever since she heard that Chris had been arrested.
“Mum, what is it?  Are you ok?  Kuu asked.
“I’m just coming from the police station. Your brother has been arrested.” Mrs Amposah said.
“What! For what?” Kuu asked
“He was caught in possession of illegal drugs” she said.
“Not again!” Kuu said feeling pity for Chris. He wanted to help even after all what Chris has done to him.
“I just want to be in my room now, I’m not feeling well. Riri will be spending the night with us today. Kuu, show her the guest room when she comes. I will be traveling with her tomorrow morning,” Mrs Amposah said.
“Let me take you to your room,” Mansa said and helped Mrs Amposah to her room.
Kuu didn’t like the idea of Riri spending the night there but Chris’s issue worried him more than anything.
He had no option than to wait in the living room till she comes.
It was getting late and Mansa had already gone to bed except Kuu.
Riri arrived after 11pm with the excuse  of being stuck in traffic.
Her outfit perfectly fitted her exposing her beautiful curvy body.  She was honestly looking stunning.
For the first time, Kuu saw how curved her body was.  Indeed, it was very difficult for any man to ignore such a nice body figure.
Kuu showed her the guest room and went back into his room to sleep.
Around 1:30am, Riri sneaked into Kuu’s room. She was in a silk nightie.
She got closer to Kuu who was far asleep by then and kissed him on the lips gently, waking him up.
Kuu got up and saw Riri. Her perfume smelled all over her.  Kuu immediately knew the intention she had. As to whether he would be able to resist that temptation, only time would tell.
To be continued.