"Mansa" season 2, episode 12


By Elton Nana Amoah
Kuu got up and saw Riri. He could smell her perfume all over her. Kuu immediately knew the intention she had. As to whether he will be able to resist that temptation, only time will tell.
Her kiss was very sensual and to be honest Kuu wanted more of it. When Kuu saw her,he said
“Riri, what are you doing here? This is not right” Kuu said.
Riri shushed him by placing her hand on his lips right after which she landed another kiss on his lips.
It was getting intense as they began feeling each other’s breath.
Suddenly, Kuu came to his senses. As difficult as it was,  he pushed Riri away.
Riri tried coming back towards him, but he stood aside and stopped her.
“Kuu, don’t do this to me. I love  you. I have loved you all this while but you have never noticed me. I really love you” Riri said.
Surprisingly, there were  some form of sincerity in her words.
Riri was truly being truthful.  She was really in love with Kuu.
Kuu noticed and went closer to her. He then placed his hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes.
“Riri,  how come you didn’t tell me all these?”, he asked.
“That’s why I’m here now Kuu.  I have never loved any man like this before and I’m willing to do anything to prove this” Riri said.
Kuu was very gentle to her. He then asked her to sit by his side so they could talk.
“I don’t doubt what you’re telling me but I don’t wan’t to take advantage of this moment and have something to do with you, that will hurt you more. I have already done that to someone I really cherish and I’m yet to write up my wrongs.  I don’t want you to go through  the same. Let’s find an appropriate time so we talk about it, please Riri. ” Kuu said.
Riri began feeling bad. She noticed Kuu was a good person. She began feeling bad about herself.
“Thank you Kuu” she said and stood up to go.
Before she stepped foot outside the door, she turned and said to Kuu, “I have something to tell you. Make time for us then we can talk about it,” she said and left the room.
Unfortunately, as soon as she stepped out of Kuu’s room and shut the door behind her, she ran into Mansa who was by then going to the kitchen for some water.
Mansa was surprised to see her come from Kuu’s room. Riri didn’t say anything to her. She just went straight into the guest room.
Somehow Mansa was hurt by what she saw. She didn’t  go to the kitchen again for the water. She initially wanted to confront  Kuu about what she had seen but went into her room and harboured everything.
Early the next morning, Kuu was getting  ready to go and see his brother Chris at the police station.
He still loved his brother though Chris had always paid him back with bitterness.
It was at this moment when he heard a knock on his door,  it was his mother.
She came in and found out that Kuu was getting dressed up.
“Where are you going this early morning? Mrs Amposah asked.
“To see Chris, I want to see if I can get the lawyer to get him out before its too late” Kuu answered
” Don’t worry my son. I got it covered. I will be meeting the lawyer today” Mrs Amposah  said
“I thought you said you were travelling this morning with Riri” Kuu asked.
” Yeah,  that’s the more reason why I’m here. Where is Riri? I went to the guest room but she is not there” Mrs Amposah said
” I haven’t seen her this morning. Can she leave without telling you?” Kuu asked.
“No,  I don’t think so. Let me try reaching her on phone” Mrs Amposah said and walked out of the room.
Before Kuu stepped out of his room, he had a phone call from an unknown private number.
He picked up only to find out it was Obed.
“Hey Obed,  where are you? I  have been looking for you since yesterday” Kuu said.
” I’m sorry Kuu. I had something I needed to take care of. I just want to tell you not to go anywhere within the next hour, someone wants to see you” Obed said.
“Me?  Who is that?  Kuu asked.
“Don’t worry about that. Just don’t go anywhere in the next hour.  By the way  tell Mansa that she will soon hear from me” Obed said and quickly hanged up.
Kuu couldn’t call back because the number was privatised.
Kuu went straight into Mansa’s room. She was reading her bible when he got there.
“Yes, how may I help You” Mansa said in a very hash tone as soon as she saw Kuu enter.
” Wow,  seems you had a bad night” Kuu said when he noticed her tone was very harsh towards him.
That was unusual of her but he ignored it.
“Indeed it was bad. What are you doing in my room?” Mansa asked.
“Cool down sis. What has come over you? I just came to check up on you and I also have a message from Obed” Kuu said.
” Whats the message?” Mansa asked straight away.
” Well, he called me just some few minutes ago. He said you will soon hear from him” Kuu gave her the message.
” Ok. Is that all?  Mansa asked
“Ermmm Yeah. Mansa  why are you….. ” Kuu asked but Mansa didn’t make him finish.
“I’m going to shower so later” Mansa said and walked out on him into the bathroom.
Kuu felt that perhaps Mansa had somehow gotten to know that he was the one behind the rape.
He went out of her room and headed to the living room.
Mrs Amposah  was on her way out when he got there.
Apparently,  she had not heard from Riri ever since she left the house without  her notice that morning.
She was on her way to look for her whereabouts,  then later rush to the police station to see Chris.
About 45 minutes after she left, the gate man came into the living room  where Kuu was seated.
“Sir,  someone is at the gate  looking for you” He said.
” Who is that? Kuu asked.
” Sir, I really don’t know” he said.
“Ok,  bring him in” Kuu instructed him.
The gate man did accordingly as instructed by Kuu.
He came back with  the visitor.  Kuu was so surprised to see such  person in the house because the visitor was not looking familiar in any way.
“Good day sir. I’m looking for Kuu” said the visitor.
“I’m the one madam” Kuu said.
” You are Kuu? Oh my God,  you look exactly like your father” said the visitor.
“Ermm excuse me madam, who are you?  Kuu asked.
“I’m your mother, my son” she said.
To be continued…