"Mansa" season 1 episode 6


He went away right after this, leaving Mansa bleeding profusely. She was a virgin until that night.
Even though she was weak and found it difficult to move, her eyes could not stop the tears that was coming out of it.
Out of no where she has been raped by an unknown person. Within some few minutes ,she began gaining some little strength as the chemical from the handkerchief began to fade away.
She had no idea of what to do and she could hardly endure the pains.
She became very scared all of a sudden and completely lost in her thoughts. It seemed the act was affecting her psychologically.
She gently stood up and with the support of the wall, walked slowly to the bathroom to wash the blood away.
The pain was so severe that, the only thing she could think of was to make it go.
She went and laid back on the bed. She then decided to involve the police. She looked everywhere for her phone but couldn’t find it anywhere. It seemed the rapist had taken care of the phone.
She had no option than to go to the living room and use the land line, but upon reaching there, she found out the lines of the phone have been cut by a sharp object.
Indeed the rapist knew how to cover his tracks.
She had no idea of how to report this issue. The only thing she could think of was to walk down to the police station but she was too weak to do that.
She began feeling dizzy while she was trying to go back to her room. Unfortunately, she fell down and collapsed on the hallway.
No one was there to help her. She was all alone and it was 5:15am by then.
She laid there until about 6am when Chris and his mother got back.
Apparently,they had a change of plan as their outreach was postponed to a latter date.
Kuu was supposed to be with them but had gone to drop off some church elders who had accompanied them to the outreach trip.
Chris and his mother saw Mansa lying on the hallway. Somehow they concluded that she had gotten herself drunk.
“Look at that idiot, look at the shame she is bringing to this family, we left her just for a night and she has resulted in drinking alcohol”. Mrs. Amposah said.
” Mum, this is really becoming too much, we need to stop her” said Chris
“Carry her to her room, I can’t stand her sight” Mrs Amposah said and went straight to her room.
Chris carried her in his arms and took to her to her room. Before she laid her down, his eyes started gazing at her beautiful dark neck and down through her chest.
He placed her down and started gazing at her. Lust set in. Suddenly, he started having lustful thoughts.
Before he knew it, he started unbuttoning her top and took his hand towards his breast and began fondling it.
“Hey Chris, what are you doing?’ Kuu said from Mansa’s entrance. He had returned.
To be continued