"Mansa" season 1 episode 5


“Where is the money?”she asked again looking more furious.
Mrs. Amposah’s constant shouting on Mansa brought Kuu out of his room.
“Mum, what’s going on here?” Kuu asked as he joined them at living room.
“Ask her, my son, let her answer you.” Mrs Amposah said.
“Mansa what is it?” Kuu turned and asked her.
Mansa who was still in tears answered
“Mum’s money is missing and she thinks I’m the one who took it”.
“Mansa, did you take it? kindly tell me” Kuu asked.
“No, Kuu, i didn’t it” She answered.
Her posture and facial expression showed that she knew nothing about the missing money.
Kuu had to intervene on her behalf. Kuu asked her to go to her room so that she sort things out with his mother.
“Mum, how much are we talking about here? Kuu asked his mother in the absence of Mansa.
“Why are you asking me that, i don’t know why you keep standing up for this girl” said Mrs Amposah.
“Come on Mum, just tell me” Kuu asked her again.
“GHC 600” Mrs. Amposah answered.
“GHC 600? Was that not the money you told Chris to take from your purse this morning for the DSTV subscription? Kuu asked.
Mrs. Amposah face dropped as she just remembered that she had already given the money she claimed was missing to Chris that morning.
If she admits it, it will be an embarrassment on her part and as a matter of fact she was too proud to do that.
She then resulted to lying and false accusation. She failed to admit it, and kept on her words that it was a different money she is talking of.
Somehow, Kuu didn’t believe her. He knew his mother so well that he could easily notice if she is hiding something or lying.
However, who was he to tell her mother that he was lying. Already she was furious. The least he couldn’t afford to do was to get her more angry than she already was.
Kuu insisted that he was going to pay the money but irrespective of that he was going to talk to Mansa just to calm his mother down.
Mansa was going through some difficult times both at church and home. Apparently her foster mother has been reporting her to the church Elders that she has been stealing at home.
As innocent as she was, rumour had quickly spread through out the church of Mansa’s supposed behaviour.
She living under the roof of Mrs. Amposah was virtually becoming a hell for her.
A simple smile was becoming like a scarce commodity to come across.
She cried everyday. Its only Kuu that stood by her in this difficult times.
All day and night she kept praying and praying. She was no more comfortable at church as everyone around her kept talking behind her back that she was a thief.
Now there came a time that Mrs. Amposah and her two sons had to travel for a 3 day out reach.
Mansa was left alone at the house when an unfortunate incident happened.
On the very first night of their departure, Mansa before going to bed locked up the whole doors of the house and went to bed.
It was around 2:00 am, when she heard footsteps at the hallway. She came out of her room to find out who it was but to her surprise no one was there.
She was so sure of what she heard, she then went and check if she had really locked the door.
It was locked, nothing had changed. She then went back to her room and within some few minutes she was far asleep.
Suddenly, her door opened slowly and someone who was dressed in all black with a mask on his face entered the room.
Mansa didn’t hear anything as the person slowly went closer to her bed.
The only thing that woke her up was when her nose was suddenly covered with a handkerchief to prevent her from inhaling fresh air.
Within some few seconds she become weak, it appeared that there was some sort of a substance in the handkerchief that made her weak, helpless and vulnerable.
The unknown person then striped her naked and raped her that instant.
He went away right after this, leaving Mansa bleeding profusely. She was a virgin until that night.
To be continued