Make Me A Wife Episode 1


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The room was silent and looked happy with the cheerful paintings and twelve generations pictures plastered on the wall revealing that the lineage all inherited the famous pointed nose from the first man of the family. If only the room could share its cheerful mood with its occupant.

He attacked the meats in his plate like they were still breathing, and he was at the slaughterhouse cutting them into pieces. His manner at the dining room was offensive even to the inanimate objects. The chair he was sitting on could feel his restlessness, as he kept moving and shifting on it. His throat tightened in anger, it became a great task to swallow the unchewed meats in his mouth. He leaned back on his chair, his past and future staring right at him. The meal before him momentarily forgotten and the meats in his mouth was rudely spat into a napkin. He would be thirty years on February 25th. At that age, he was still living a life mapped out by his late father. He was not pleased with that and to be honest, he felt he was someone else creation. A sham. An artificial while the real him was the happy man with a simple life in his dreams.

He could remember the decisions that took place mostly in the dining room right after his father ate a heartily meal, he would belched loudly and turn to his wife

“Look at my boy, he is growing bigger each day”

His mother would reply in affirmative sometimes adding one or two compliment to please her husband. And that would set the tone for his future.

“He would be sixteen years next month. I think he should write JAMB and choose that university in Lagos. At least with 280 and above and a good score in his postUME something above 70 will secure his place at the engineering department or is it faculty?” his father asked turning his gaze on him. But he was too furious to reply. Furious and tired of their selfish attitude.

He knew his reply mattered not. All that was required of him during such conversation was too listen and if possible jot down his father’s “loving”words.

He could remember when he was eight years old, sitting with his small hand tucked under his chin. His mother met him in that ” terrible” position and asked him what he was doing. He told her he was thinking about his new school.

“Thinking?” his mother repeated in a tragic voice

“Why should you do something so stressful as thinking? We are here for you. As our only child we will do everything for you”

Even at a age so young, he knew his parents are wrong with his upbringing. How could thinking be stressful?

And when he showed him his Junior WAEC result, his father beamed with a large spectacle obscuring his small face.

“This is beautiful” he said, the smile splitting his face into halves

“Distinction all through?” he was surprised as if that was not his request

“You must go to a science class” he had told him this a billionth time even before he could spelt the word science.

And the present? He was in his hometown to marry his betrothed. Although the engagement was not a formal one but there’s an understanding between the two families that their children would get married in the future. It was his father’s suggestion. She was the second child of his late father’s friend and three years younger than he was. His father again thought it would be best to marry her when she’s at the right age of 27. According to him, she would have attained the higher qualification; M.s.c and PHD in view.It was quite sad his father was late, he would have been happy to watch his reaction when he realized his plan failed. The said lady got into the university very late, with strike at LAUTECH, she graduated at 25. NYSC added another year to her age. And today she is Olaonipekun Adunni, a Yoruba graduate. Although he had no issue with her course, but he knew his father would thought she was not good enough for him.

When his cousin greeted him with the “news”. At first he thought he was joking. Why, he was the same person who joked on their uncle’s wedding that that his wife-to-be was kidnapped. Being a politician, it was highly believed. The whole family was thrown into panic. Important calls were made to the securities before he stupidly announced that he was jesting.

One would have thought that after the massacre he received that day, he would be sensible enough to know some subjects are not to be joked with. He instead ignored him climbing the stairs in twos and threes eager to eat the meal cook made for him. He was halfway into his food when he saw an invitation card with his betrothed name boldly written on it and the wedding was tomorrow.

He realized he had been deceiving himself living a sham of life mapped out for him. And for twenty nine years, three hundred and fifty four days, he was deceived.

Tomorrow, he has to start living on his own terms.


It was three o’clock in the morning, Olaonipekun Olaronke Adunni woke up a happy woman. It was her wedding day. She and her best friend Aina had slept late, preparing for her big day at the same time gossiping about their colleagues in the university. Who was married and who was not, who has a job and who was unemployed, who was pregnant and who was not, who was divorced and who was not. It was thrilling to talk about other people or know their secrets. Who would have thought the hairdresser lady in Aina’s department was capable of sleeping with one of their lecturers. She was full of herself and acted like a saint and unknown to the world she was a dirty slut who pretends a lot. Aina said she has a video of her and the lecturer making out in his car. Unknown to them, there was a hidden camera in the car while they were busy making the “hoo, haa” noise. The camera was set by the lecturer’s third wife. The woman was obviously fed up with her husband’s infidelity. And knowing she wouldn’t get a dine by divorcing him, she decided to set him up and blackmail him and his side chick. At first she anonymously requested for the sum of three million naira each from them. The man knowing his job and reputation was at stake quickly paid her while the hairdresser could only come up with a million naira. Their blackmailer fulfilled her promise not to release the video to the public. Fast forward three years after, the said lecturer was aspiring to be the vice chancellor of the school. It was obvious he would be made the vice chancellor, that was how Aina came in. Knowing the lecturer’s little secret, she bought the video at a sum she didn’t disclose to Olaronke who was her boson friend. The video was released to the governing council of the school and that killed his chances of becoming a vice chancellor. Now, Professor Georgina Justice was the VC of the school. Olaronke did not understand the relationship between the woman and her best friend. She said the woman was her mentor and much more. The “much more” was what she would never know. Although she never cared a fig for the lecturer, but she felt bad his career was ruined. And her best friend attitude was baffling, doing all that for her mentor?

She pushed the thought away from her mind, it was her day and she was excited about what it would bring. She got out of bed switching on the light. Her room was illuminated revealing all the careful and well placed decoration. On the left wall was seminude pictures of her which was concealed behind the curtain, she had kept that part of her hidden to her family. Secretly, she longed to be a model but her parent was against that. He hardly allow her to use make up or wear trousers. So she led a double life in school; wearing sultry dresses and partying while at home she wear modest gowns and skirts.

It was on her twenty third birthday, her friend came in with a professional male artist who would draw her nude. At first she was shocked but her friend persuaded her to pose nude for the artist since it has always been her dream to be a model and this was her opportunity. She refused to go totally unclad, with a pink towel covering her essentials, she laid on the couch while the artist painted her. And the second painting was done with her weave on covering her breasts and sexy bum shot was on her. Thinking back on that day, it was a crazy thing to do. And Aina was upset she wouldn’t pose nude, well she was not as crazy nor adventurous as her.

The rest of the room had pink color all over. From her wardrobe, to the reading table, bedside lamp, walls, the teddy bears were brilliant pink.

She opened her large wardrobe, it was filled with designer clothes . She was a lover of fashion and she spent good money looking good. Her newest collection was her wedding dress which was a cream cord lace with pink headtie and nice shoes and jewellery. The one that pleases her most was the one she planned to wear on her wedding night. It was a sheer lingerie  orange in color, almost a rhyme to her skin color.

It was a night she was looking forward to, a night to discover what happens behind doors.


A merry knock on the door woke her up the next morning. She turned on the rug floor she fell asleep on to see her friend parting the curtain window and cheering in the rays of sunlight that almost blinded her.

“Who is there?” Aina asked, quickly drawing the other curtains to cover her friend seminude pictures.

“It should be my stepmother” she replied dragging herself up from the floor. Her relationship was civil to the woman. She never really liked her since that day she came in to her Father’s house as the new wife. She does not need another woman to take her late mother’s place. At first she did not understand the reason for her bitterness towards the woman. Until when she was in her teenage years facing some difficulties. She was left all alone to face them and the best way she could sympathised with her was to tell their neighbors what was supposed to be a secret.

“Aunty Adunni” her stepmother called.

Olaronke opened the door for her, almost colliding with the tray she held.

“What’s that delicious smell?” Aina said beaming. Trust her to perceive a smell a million miles away. She was not one to suffer anosmia. Every delicious aroma awakens her appetite and it was a wonder how she could maintain a trim figure.

At 5 foot 4, she was a pretty lady with a well shaped moderately sized chest and a skin color mostly referred to as chocolate. Her face was her most prized possession, it look so young and innocent. At 24, she could easily passed for a young girl in her teen years.

” I brought jollof rice, today is a busy day you might not get the chance to eat” she said cheerfully.

Her step mother was a beautiful woman in her late forties. Her manners towards her these days was almost motherly. There were many things age could change, that includes bad behavior. The woman must have realized that it would do her and her two daughters a lot of good to be on her best behavior since her father’s wealth automatically belonged to his children from his first wife. Her mother owned the few properties and she was intelligent enough to will them to her children. Her father had only been a caretaker all these years.

“Thank you ma” Aina said taking the tray from her.

“We will be leaving by 10 o’clock” she reminded as she left the room.

Olaronke removed her nightdress and headed into the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror staring at her stomach. Thank God it was not bulging like in the past when she could hardly see her privates. It had taken her many months of hard work to achieve her beautiful body. Now, she was neither slim nor fat. Her hips was big and beautiful with a tiny waistline to match. Her boobs were not pendulum but standing proudly erect.

She opened the shower sponging her body slowly, till she reached the incision site. Her fiancé was not aware of this. No one knows. Well, Aina and her Dad knew about it. Just two people in the whole world.

She felt lonely again, today on her wedding day. There was a lot to be sad for. Her mother was not here. She died when she was six and her older brother Bolarinwa was just like every other brother who carried awkward silences about them. There was no way to approach him. He was gruff and evasive.

She remembered one evening she impulsively took a taxi to visit him in school. He was in his finals at OOU. She was pretty crushed when it hit her she had no idea where his Hall was. Not even the name of the hall. Armed with only his name and phone number, she called him praying it would ring. It rang. The first thing she heard was “Who is this?”

She was silent for several moments. Unlike her other friends who called their siblings multiple times in a day, they had never exchanged phone calls not even on birthdays.

She blamed him for that. He was her older brother, it was his duty to reach out to her and care for her.

“Who the hell is this?” he asked with impatience

“It’s Olaronke Adunni, your sister” she was sobbing.

Why can’t anyone care genuinely for her?. She was the one who forged relationship with others. She was always the crowd in a company of two. Her friends were never really hers. She had to share them. Her father was not hers alone, he was also someone else’s father.

“I came to visit you in school” she said again

“Why?” the other voice asked

Why did I come to see my own brother? That send another torrent of tears and before she knew it she was gasping for breathe.

“Don’t worry I will be gone” she said, throwing the phone into her backpack. She had brought some clothes with her thinking she would spend some days with him.

She kept on walking with tears blinding her. She knew she could passed out, her breaths was uneven with the emotional strain she had been through.

She felt herself colliding with something solid, was it a wall?

She wondered until she drifted into oblivion.

That was the day she met her fiancé.

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How best can one revenge a betrayal? It was barely twenty hours to his wedding and he was load up with evidences that his fiancee was feeding him with lies for the three years they have dated. From the first day they met she lied to him, appearing all vulnerable. A damsel in distress. And he felt like a knight in shining armor. But he was only a side guy. No, side guy was a nice phrase. He was a “stupid maga” believing all that ish that she was a virgin waiting for that magical night. He swallowed that whole lies forcing himself to be faithful to a slut. Being celibate for a whole 3 years? He felt incredulous. He felt betrayed. He felt something he was not used to feeling: Brainless.

He brought out the pictures he printed out from his email. It was her. He would recognised the towel anywhere in the world. The birthmark on her shoulder could never have been a photoshop. She was almost Unclad lying on a couch. The second picture was of her lying beneath a duvet, her eyes closed in ecstasy from whatever the guy was doing to her beneath the sheet.

How did she plan to handle their wedding night? Did she plan to tell him some rooster and bull stories like she fell on a prick? Or she had an accident down there? Or was she planning to use some tightening cream? She must have been high on spirit.

And there was that message in the mail claming that her tubes were damage from series of abortion and her chances of becoming pregnant was almost zero percent.

No wonder she was googling IVF with his phone. The sign were all over and he had been stupid all along..

Violence coursed through him in flowing waves and his shoulders quaked in anger and disgust with himself for being stupid. .How should he handle this insult to his intelligence? He knew the marriage was off. He cant tie himself to a deceitful woman. But there was a need to teach her a lesson she would never forget.

Should he assasinate her? No, that was helping her exit this cruel world.

How about kidnap her and rape three years of his monk life out of her?

Forcing acid down her lying throat wouldn’t be a bad idea.

He was tired of deceitful women. How can she turn bad after years of carefully searching? He didn’t know when raindrops of tears kept falling from his eyes staining the leather couch. He sobbed hard cursing women all through the flood of tears.


He stood outside his compound his facial expression composed and controlled. Never let it be known that Lawyer Oluwaniyi cried like a neonate over a lady. He was a public figure known in the secret and legal world. At a young age of 28, he had broken boundaries no one in record has. He dealt with big cases: criminal cases and his method against his opponents was; Elimination.

He would use that on her. With a match stick and petrol in hand, he set ablaze her personal items she had left in his home. He watched in satisfaction as the burnt items turned into a mound of ashes..

Earlier on, he had deleted all their pictures from social media. Including the ones from his phones and system..

“Oluwaniyi” his friend called running towards him with a young lady trailing behind.

“I saw that pictures you sent me. Are you serious its not some joke?” Dare asked, breathing hard from the short exercise.

“It’s not. I am cancelling the wedding” he replied.

“You cant be serious” the young lady gasped in stricken horror.

Why was the heart so stupid? How could he have fallen in love with a slut when there was another lady who clearly worships him.

Bonuade was his sister’s school daughter. she had loved him all her teenage years and made it known to him. He had chalked it up as a school girl crush thinking she would outgrow it. Here she was at 23, she must know her own mind. He remembered her crying her eyes out when she heard he was engaged.

He remembered Adunni’s lying lips telling him she loved him. Had she ever loved him? Or his wealth?. He recalled she has expensive taste in fashion that outran her monthly income.

He was the “maga” fulfilling her every whims and desires.

How could he have known so little about a woman he dated for three years? She was a con artist out to ensnare a wealthy husband for her IVF.

“How did you come to be here?” he asked her.

“I was with brother Dare helping him to arrange for tomorrow” she explained to him.

Even though her heart was breaking, she was still willing to help out on his big day.

How was he to explain the whole fiasco to his family? Especially his mother who had warned him and wanted Bonuade as her daughter in-law.

He had loved and really wanted to marry Adunni. If he had not seen the pictures he would have built his life with a liar.

He could not have been wrong if he agreed to an arranged marriage. He might as well asked a total stranger. Why not ask…………

She was more beautiful than Adunni, light-skinned although slimmer than her. It would be best to have a Pharmacist as a wife compared to that block head just like his mother pointed out.

“Will you marry me?” he asked her

“Me?” she was shocked beyond words

“But you don’t love me” she whispered

“I will with time. But I assure you I will give you the respect a wife deserves. I won’t shame you in anyway. You will be the mother of my children and there won’t be another woman” he promised her.

She was overwhelmed with joy and threw her arms around him almost weeping.

“How quick can you get ready for a registry marriage? We will do it in a local court. I am sure I can arrange that” he said

“Yes, yes, yes” she was squealing with excitement.

“Afterwards, we will take a flight to Abuja for the traditional marriage. It would be easier since our parents live there” he informed her smiling his first real smile.

He couldn’t wait to take some pictures and send it to Adunni. Revenge is best served a cold dish. Once he is back from the planned honeymoon, he will make her life miserable.

Dare stared at him like he was a lunatic.

“You are marrying another woman in less than fifteen hours. Did you ever love her?”

” I never did” he sneered.

…to be continued